Monday, October 31, 2005

A Grab Bag: Three-Day's Worth

So it's now Monday night - it's Halloween. The last time I posted was Friday night. It's been three days and a lot has happened. Instead of the good ol' paragraph form, I'm gonna list all these fun events (and not-so-fun times). Sound good? Ok, good, here it goes: (and this is NOT in any chronological order whatsoever - enjoy :)

- Watched the following movies: THE BIG LEBOWSKI (A), THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE (B-), SAW II (B), THE WEATHER MAN (A-) - grades given follow each film's title. The first three I watched today actually. The first two were for class. My paper on a director is due Friday and I picked Joel Coen. I couldn't use the great O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? as one of the "three minimum" films because we did that one for one of our weekly films. So I had to pick two Coen movies that I hadn't seen in addition to the near-flawless FARGO, which I was certainly going to use. LEBOWSKI was funny, original, and quite entertaining; it was a Coen brothers movie. SAW II was disappointing until the final 20 minutes or so when it redeemed itself. It, as did the first movie, threw me for several loops and drove me crazy cuz I couldn't figure it out. Overall, the first one stunned me SO much that it gets the nod, but the second one is defintely a keeper, not an ultimate letdown. Bring on SAW III! And if you are a fan of the dark comedy/dramedy kinda thing, go see THE WEATHER MAN with Nicolas Cage. This man is a brilliant actor! I will see anything that he comes out with in the future. Even if it looks crappy, I'll be there. He has my $5.

- I really like THE EXIT, a new band that Chelsea showed me. They describe themselves as "punk with catchy pop hooks played by guys who hate pop bands with catchy hooks". This description alone makes me like their music. But, I like the music anyway. Check em out:

- Because the NBA season is about to start again, ESPN CLASSIC has been showing great classic NBA games. I've been catching bits and pieces of games with the greats: Bird, Magic, Jordan. It's been awesome. I really like watching these guys play, cuz they are so much better than players today, despite the media's best efforts to get us to forget the greats. Yes, Lebron, Dwayne Wade, and Kobe are good players, but they are no Jordan. There will never be another "His Royal Airness". Ever.

- Had an AMAZING Saturday with my baby girl. We met at the Howard Hughes Promenade off the 405 Freeway (amazingly enough, we got there at the same time) and had just a great time! I knew that she was gonna wear this new skirt that she had gotten, so I came in nice black slacks and a long-sleeved blue collared shirt. I also got to wear my wing-tipped shoes (you know the "swing" shoes - black with the white on the sides) for the first time. Man, those things are awesome looking! I relished in the looks of others. I guess they really weren't looking at me though :) We went to that Putting Edge place (glow-in-the-dark mini golf) and it was pretty neat. Too many little kids running around for my liking, but the experience was well worth it. Afterwards, we went to a chicken place that I thought would be like Boston Market. It wasn't. It sucked. Then we saw the aforementioned THE WEATHER MAN. Heather liked it too, which was cool. I like the experience of a movie more when I know she's enjoying herself. We were able to have some time at her apartment for Egyptian War, Family Guy, and laughing as that is always a must. An outstanding day altogether.

- I won this week's football pool! I correctly predicted 11 out of 14 games and had the closest points to the Monday night game (I said 47, there was 39) so I won almost $90. Sweet!

- Went to work on Sunday. It was actually pretty sweetness. I ran the board (Desk Coordinator) and it went really well. Imagine my surprise when Sunday ran smoothly and didn't require a manager's assistance. Imagine no surprise and you'll be about where I am. Now, I'm not arrogant. I'm just confident that I know what I'm doing at the Host stand.

- Got an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night. Wait, you did too! O I thought I was special or something. Dangit.

- Went to church on Sunday. Pastor Dave was back from a two-week conference in Australia. He spoke really well, and again I wish I was a better Christian. Then Monday comes and I seem to forget everything he says. Some call it not really listening, but I call it my human nature. Cuz, get this, the human nature sucks. Check out the world people. Need I say more?

- Witnessed the following oddities:
1. A black woman (maybe mid-twenties) who was clearly intoxicated was yelling at this group of white guys in the Movie Theatre parking lot, asking if they wanted "a treat". I think she was implying herself. This woman was no treat.
2. Trick-or-treating on Saturday. That's right. There were kids at the Promenade who were going from store to store getting candy. We were just plain flabbergasted. One girl didn't even have a costume. Come on! Both Heather and I decided it has to not only be Halloween to trick-or-treat, but a costume is pretty mandatory. We would have turned away that one girl. Sorry, but we just had to. She wasn't prepared!
3. I miss my buddy Cy. I didn't witness this. I just really realized it tonight. He's my scary movie buddy - he likes that crap and he got me kinda into it. It kinda sucked seeing SAW II tonight without that wuss sittin next to me. I missed his yelp for help like when we saw the first SAW. Ha I will never forget that one bud - -

- I'm gonna add a couple things to the blog beginning tomorrow, November 1. Every post on the first of the month will include a list of the 3 most anticipated movies/music/DVD's and whatnot that are coming that month. Yes, that's right. A new feature. Also, maybe 3-4 times a week (which of course means only twice) I'm gonna try to have a sports-dedicated section in preparation of my future. Gotta start somewheres. Thanks Tom for the idea. You get credit.

- I was gonna post this on Saturday night when I got home, but I was beyond tired, and could barely walk up my stairs, let alone wait for this page to load and type it, so: I am SO in love with Heather Lynn Acuff! It's not that high school "Tee hee, he/she is cute" love. It's not that "O, so-and-so makes me happy, so I guess I love em" love. It's that "God, let the time between now and our wedding day fly by so that I can spend every night next to her and every day working so she can have whatever she wants and at the same time making her happy just by being there and did I mention how much better looking she is than me and I am the luckiest bastard on the planet right now" kind of love. It's real. You can be jealous. You can be skeptical. I could not care less. I am the happiest I ever been, thanks to this lovely young woman. Today was 21 months for us, and as I put it "It must be for real if she's hung around this long". Thanks for everything baby. I hope I make you as happy as you make me. Always.

- Another week begins. This is week 11 of 16 in my first semster of college. Holy crap!

So that's been me the last few days. This could be a book, sheesh! So, yeah, hope y'all had a Happy Halloween, and that your November rocks! But, remember, I'm here for you (I guess). And start dieting now for the holiday run. It'll be here o so fast. Yes. It's true.

- - - "You know, strikes and gutters. Ups and downs"
- - - The Dude (Jeff Bridges) in THE BIG LEBOWSKI in response to the "How've you been?" question. Picture perfect line. O and bowling rocks.

Night world,


Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gotta Go Through Today to Get to Tomorrow

I knew going into today that tomorrow would be the more desireable day to get to. It's true. Today kinda sucked as a whole. But, to get to tomorrow, I had to do today. This happens everyday I guess. . .

So I woke up today around 1000ish I think but didn't get out of bed til almost 1100. I ate lunch a little later, showered, and wasted away my morning. I played a couple games of CHUTES AND LADDERS with the brother - this was fun - which brought back memories of my little childhood. Man, what a time!

I got to work at 1630 and entered into a world that I wish I could have avoided. Tonight was crazy. It was so busy, at one point we had an HOUR AND A HALF wait!!! It was just ridiculous. Well most of these people left cuz of the long wait and it shrunk by about 2100. I got out of there around 2230 with a 6 hour night on the books.

Now I wanna sleep to get to tomorrow, which will be mine and Heather's first date in over a month. I don't work a Saturday for the first time since I have worked at Johnny Carino's and I'm heading down to see her. Sure, we've seen each other since last month, but we haven't gone out in forever. We're going to the Howard Hughes Promenade, which is around LAX airport. I'm gonna treat her to a dinner, movie (either KISS KISS, BANG BANG or THE WEATHER MAN I think), and some miniature golf at this place that is all GLOW-IN-THE-FREAKIN-DARK!!! O no, I am not lying to you. Here's the link:

So I can't wait!!!

I might not post tomorrow night, cuz I might get in late. But maybe I'll throw y'all a bone. . . Maybe.

- - - Currently listening to:
- The Killers - Hot Fuss
- The Exit - Home for an Island
- "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West (I just like it cuz of its use in the JARHEAD trailer. . . check "The Suck" out - - - Hoo-ra!



Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Future on the Horizon

I had school today. I didn't want to wake up, well, at all. I was able to pop 3 Eggo's in the toaster and grab em and pour myself a small cup of apple juice for the road. Mmmmm (how's that Tom?)

PHILOSOPHY - Mrs. Hogan was kinda random today. Like even more random than usual. So at least we had some good laughs - mostly at her expense. It's what we do to entertain ourselves. It's SO Boring!!!

HISTORY - Jaffe dressed up as Dracula. High comedy. He had an authentic cape and a red vest over a shirt that looked eerily similar to the pirate shirt that Jerry wears in that one episode of SEINFELD. He also had some fake plastic teeth that he put in occasionally and talked all Transylvanian. It was great! Everytime someone came in late, he would be all "Good. Now the whole family is here. I want to suck your blood." (of course in a not-too-shabby accent). This is what is great about Jaffe. No shame. And he's awesome!

MATH - Meh. No words here. I'm just too fed up. (I had a bag of pretzels that I bought at the little vending machine at break - good stuff)

After class I headed to the Credit Union to deposit my paycheck. This was very nice. I then headed home and called the school to set up an appointment with a Counselor to set up my classes and such for the next semester. I ended up going right back to school for a first come/first serve meeting. My next 3 semesters are now ready for me. Or I am ready for them! My major is going to be JOURNALISM with an emphasis in BROADCAST JOURNALISM. This means that I'm gonna be in front of a camera (hopefully) and that could definitely be cool.

I came home and made myself a turkey sandwich and had Wheat Thins and a couple Fruit Roll-Ups. Mmmmm. . .

Next up for me was the film of the week: The Limey. It's a 1999 Steven Soderbergh film (he also directed Out of Sight, Erin Brokovich, and both Ocean's movies - that would be 11 and 12). It wasn't all that entertaining, but I did get through it. I answered the questions on the discussion board and it's already graded - a 95 out of 100. That puts me at exactly a 90 in the class. I wish it would stop right now!

After homework it was dinner time - Steak, Twice-Baked Potatoes, Corn - and it was great. First time we've had dinner as a family in a long time actually. Sad times. But not tonight. Happy times!

I've been on the computer most of the night. I've been on ticketmaster looking for Heather's birthday present (her bday is 2 days after Christmas - groan for me please - ha ha). I won't say anymore. Don't be tellin her people - - -

I'm tired now. Gotta get some sleep. I'm workin tomorrow at 1630.

- - - "Words are the currency by which knowledge is traded."
- - - Sir Francis Bacon (see, I listen in Philosophy. . .)

Night round planet,


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Westwood, Wishing, and White Sox

So it's been a couple days - Hey I told you it would be. Don't be mad. There's lots that's been happening the last 2 days. That, mixed with with my tired self right now, may lead to an interesting post. We'll see how it goes. . .

So yesterday (wait, that would be Tuesday then right?) I had school. Here's the recap:

PHILOSOPHY: I honestly can't remember much about it. It was as slow as Shaq in the fourth quarter and as boring as one of those high school English Literature books (you like the analogies - expect many more). Not much to report from ancient Greece.

HISTORY: Got my test back from last week: 98. I was pretty happy to say the least. Just gotta keep it up.

MATH: Lessons were not bad, lecture was boring yet entertaining thanks to George and me making fun of Tran every 10 seconds, and we got a take-home test that's due Thursday (now tomorrow). Again, not a whole lot happenin.

So I left here and headed home to my leftover Johnny Carino's lasagna. It tastes just as good, if not better than the first time. So after I ate I hung around for a little bit and then was off to Los Angeles, specifically Westwood for a fun thing! After I got gas I was on my way. I finally arrived (not without making a couple wrong turns) around 1645. The book signing that I was going to (Bill Simmons) didn't start til 1800 so I was just early. I was among maybe 10 guys that were there and the geekiness in the room just radiated from us. Once The Sports Guy got there, we formed a line (of which I was about 5th) and waited our turn. He was really laid back and took his time with each person which was quite cool. My turn came and I was just so stoked! I shook his hand and had him sign both books that I had (one for me and one for my cousin Travis who lives in Maryland - he's a Red Sox fan and his birthday is this weekend) as well as the box of CRACKER JACKS that they had given us as a snack but that I had not opened. I figured I would just have him sign that too! So I had to decide on what he was gonna write in my book because that was something he was saying to do. I had a list of possible quote-things and finally decided on "Not only is it ok to hate the Lakers, it's right. Stand firm." He laughed and actually kept my list. For Travis' book, he wrote "You have the coolest cousin ever", which he also found funny. I thought that was kinda cool. I walked away feeling quite satisfied yet wishing that I could have hung out and chatted about sports with him. Maybe someday. Who knows?

So I hit the freeway and was soon in Long Beach with my baby. We chatted about her day at school and randomness like that and watched some Family Guy that I had brought. After a couple of episodes we only had a little bit of time to cuddle (hey, cmon, it's ok to do that). I left at 2245 and began the long trek home. I actually got to listen to the last two innings of the game (that would be Game 3 of the World Series for those 2 people on the planet who don't know it's going on right now) because it was in the 13th inning when I got in the car. I got home at 0015 this morning very exhausted. I wish I didn't have to leave her. I can't wait til Saturday! I don't have to work and so we get to go on a date which will be nice.

I woke up at 1030 this morning and was soon again on the computer. My dad brought me some IN-N-OUT which was definitely much appreciated. Thanks Dad. I watched some TV (the usual sports stuff) and also e-mailed The Sports Guy in regards to WNBA player Sheryl Swoopes and her "coming out" party (for those of you who don't know, she is apparently a lesbian - SHOCKER!). I won't say much of what I wrote, but I wasn't very excited about the whole idea. Seriously, I figure she's just one of half the players in the league who agree with her sexual orientation. Whatever.

I worked on my Math test for a little bit and then I had to get ready for the ol' work. I did and was ready and at work at 1630. We weren't busy at all tonight and we actually got off of our wait by about 2000. I was able to watch the last inning of Game 4 of the World Series which proved to be the last inning of baseball til the spring. Congratulations Chicago White Sox on your first championship since 1917! It was much deserved.

I hung out for a little bit and chatted with Chelsea and then headed home. I called and chatted with my baby girl for a little while which was absolutely GREAT! I love hearing her voice. That's just a side note - -

I finished up my test with the help of George via the ol' cell phone (don't worry it's allowed) and am now again on the computer. Now I'm actually VERY tired and ready for school (but not really). So sleep well all.

- - - "Sure I'll hang on to it. You know, I actually do tend to run out of things to write."
- - - Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy) after taking my list. Cut me some slack - he's my favorite writer!

Night world,


Monday, October 24, 2005

A Day Marked by Anticipation

Today was boring, slow, and had few great moments.

Tomorrow will be busy, fast, and has the potential of having some out-of-this-world excitement over the course of 24 hours.

So that's all that you really need to know. I slept in again today and completed a math lesson in about 2 hours (I hate MATH). I had dinner with the fam (minus the at-dance-practice sister) at Johnny Carino's. That was weird. Dinner was good, especially the dessert (I had spamoni, a kick-your-ass ice cream dessert that is like neapolitan, only instead of vanilla it's pistachio. Extraordinary!).

Tomorrow is going to be great. It has to be. I have school (the down part) and then I'm off too Los Angeles, specifically Westwood, for a book signing. Bill Simmons, AKA The Sports Guy, is gonna be at the Borders there and signing his new book. I'm stoked!

Afterwards, I'm heading to Heather's for a few hours and then it will be home again home again jiggity jig. I may not post tomorrow. But that's what is gonna happen.

Have a great Tuesday. It probably won't be as good as mine :)

- - - "He keeps things running smoothly on the weekends. I'm serious. It wouldn't work as well if he weren't up there on the weekends."

- - - Tim McBride, the Head Chef and a Manager of Johnny Carino's. Spoken to my parents at dinner tonight of me as a Host. Kinda made me proud. And my parents. Thanks Tim.


Bittersweet Symphony

You pop-culture buffs might remember this great 90's hit by The Verve. It was truly one of those one-hit wonder kind of things. It's that song that plays at the end of CRUEL INTENTIONS when (spoilers ahead) Ryan Philippe has just been hit by the car and Reese Witherspoon is crying over him as he dies. Yep, that's the end of the movie, which contrary to many people that I know, I quite enjoy. But that song. Great song. And I'm liking it more on a day like today, which saw my two best friends up and leave me, if only for a short period of time.

I woke up this morning a little before 1000. My lovely Heather came over around 1100 to see me before she had to leave at 1230. This was the nicest yet hardest hour and a half I've been a part of in recent memory. We sat in my recliner and she fell asleep for a little while I watched some football. It's just so comfortable to have her near me. So she left to head back to Long Beach and that was number 1 on the bad list of the day.

After she left I moped around for a little while I watched the end of the morning football games. After they finished I got myself together and I took a shower and stuff. After that I got ready for work and headed out around 1500. I stopped by Cy's house to drop off our portable DVD player so he could use it on the plane today. He was all packed and ready to leave for the most part, but was still not heading to the airport for another 2 hours. I hugged him goodbye (in a macho way of course ha ha) and said "See ya in 5 months". It sucks. That's number 2.

I went to work and was there a bit early. I went in and watched some football in the bar til it was my time to clock in. I did and another fun night at Johnny Carino's had begun. It wasn't too bad tonight. It got a little crazy, but not so bad. A buddy of mine named Paul came in tonight with his family and that was cool. I haven't seen him in awhile, so that was nice. My loneliness took a step to the next level when I heard that the guy at Table 71 was proposing to his girlfriend at our restaurant. I mean, it's exciting for him sure (especially since she said yes) but I'm not gonna excited unless it's finally my turn to do it. I can't wait, but I know I have to, so that's how that is. It was kinda cool how he did it though. He had the server bring a big plate (our "grandioso" plate) with the words "Marry me" written in caramel on it. The ring was nearby in the case and that is that. She cried. They kissed. Everyone was happy. Pity party at the host stand! And the only one invited is me. Cuz that's all that wants to come :( Aw sad times

I came home and watched some TV/played on the computer for most of the night. I had a late night snack around 1130 (cold fried chicken and cole slaw) while I caught up on the new season of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (thanks TIVO). Funny stuff.

Now I'm tired. Free day tomorrow. Gonna catch up on some schoolwork. I hope.

- - - "Cuz it's a bittersweet symphony this life.
Trying to make ends meet,
You're a slave to the money,
Then you die.

- - - "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve

Nighty night,


Saturday, October 22, 2005

So Long. Farewell. Bye Bye

Words of wisdom from the great BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY. It's ringing true for me this weekend. My best friend (of the guys of course) Cy - you know him from prior posts - is leaving for the Phillipines tomorrow night for 5 months. Sad times.

So Friday was ok I guess. I slept in and didn't do much of anything until I had to leave for work. I went to Heather's (she's home this weekend) for a half hour before work and then had to go to work. I hate that. So I went to work and it was fine. Nothing crazy really happened.

After work I headed to Heather's again. I was there for only 3 hours of Raymond, story-telling, and chatting. It was nice to be back curled up on her couch with the most beautiful girl ever! O yes!

I got home at 145 this morning and went to sleep around 230. I woke up at 1100 this morning. I hate waking up late! So I showered, got ready, and played on the computer for awhile. I got a call back from Cy, as I wanted to have lunch with him. So at 1330, me and him and nuestras madres (that's "our moms" for those single-lingual people) went to Primo Cafe.

We ate and chatted for a little over an hour. It was fun. It's gonna suck with him gone I decided. So after we ate I went home and got ready for work. I had to be there at 1630 and was there then. See. That's me not being fired.

Tonight I spent about an hour working the board/giving out wait times to people/seating people. After that they sent me outside to hold the door. I know it sounds lame but it was actually quite enjoyable. I was able to chat with people that were nice and I had a good time, although I was outside for about 2 hours. Then I had the pleasure to roll silverware. Woohoo!!! Yeah not that exciting of a night. So Cy, Heather, and three other of my friends came in tonight cuz it's Cy's last night in town. This sucked to have friends in the restaurnant and not be able to see them or eat with them. They left and headed back to Cy's house.

I got off work a little before 2200 and headed to Cy's as well. We hung out (and actually still are - I'm typing this on his computer) and enjoyed the company of each other for the last time in Cy's house. So, yeah, that's what's going down as of now.

I'll be here for a little bit longer - I don't know when I'm heading home.

Sleep well all and I'll blog tomorrow - I promise.

- - - "So long my friends, farewell goodbye
I'd love to stay an play and sing for awhile,
But it's time to hit the road and say goodbye
So long farewell goodbye
Goodbye to my friends i'm glad you were here
It's time for us to go and get another beer
Well i like to see your smiling faces again
So goodbye my friends bye-bye

Thank you for the open invitation
Your kind applause and adulation,
But look at the time lord we got to fly
So long farewell baby bye-bye

Hey there now friends, it's time to go,
But we'll return and do another show
When we come back drop in and say hi
So long farewell bye-bye

So long farewell baby bye-bye,
And now we're leaving with tears in our eyes
We'll be back soon so don't you cry
So long farewell bye-bye"

- - - "So Long. Farewell. Bye bye." by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Night world,


Thursday, October 20, 2005

Just a Little Late

Hey all. I just now am able to get on this site. I was ready to blog an hour ago! Dangit. I'm tired.

I went to school today. It was ok:

PHILOSOPHY - Started dozing off again and then realized that I had a history test the next class. I busted out the notes and studied for the last 30 minutes of class.

HISTORY - Took the aforementioned test. Tore it up! Not literally, of course, cuz that would be silly. But I think I definitely got an A, and maybe another 100!

Got out of class at 1000, so with my hour break, I headed to the ol' stomping grounds - that's right! DCHS. So it was cool to see some people, teachers and such. I saw my boy Rico which was cool. I haven't seen him in a long time, and unfortunately he's moving to Ventura in the next week. That sucks.

MATH - Today was ok. I have some funny stories, but at this juncture I don't feel like telling them. You wouldn't laugh anyway. So tonight there's gonna be this lecture by a NASA guy at 1730. Only an hour. 20 points EXTRA CREDIT! I wanna go. I gotta go. Well, you'll see.

So I left school and headed home. Got in the door, got some lunch, and popped in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK which came today in the mail (thanks NETFLIX). J&SB is funny, but again, CLERKS remains my favorite Kevin Smith film. After this I started working on my film homework. This week's was confusing. No movie. All it was was these short films on the internet. They were Soviet Montages and such. I don't know. So I was struggling through the questions and finally finished and looked at the clock. It said 1745. I was thinking, "What do I have going on?" and then realized what I had forgotten. This really sucked.

Later it was dinner time and then I worked on some homework. I only have one more math lesson to finish before next Thursday (I'm ahead!) and I also got to browse the net a bit tonight. So, now I'm exhausted thanks to stupid not being up and ready or something. Dang internet!!!

O well.

Tomorrow is Friday - Heather is coming home. I have to work though. Welcome to the Suck.

- - - "I'm in a hurry to get things done all right.
Rush and rush until life's no fun.
All I really got to do is live and die,
But I'm in a hurry and don't know why.
- - - "I'm in a Hurry" by ALABAMA



Wednesday, October 19, 2005


This is the name of the restaurant in the new movie WAITING. . . I saw it today with the guys (Cy and Justin). Funny stuff. Dane Cook should have had a bigger role. But I'll get to the movie later. . .

So I woke up around 1030 or so and watched some TV as I came to my senses. I took a shower and got myself ready. Justin came over a little before noon and then we headed to Cy's house. We knocked on the door and lo and behold Cy came to the door about half asleep. This is something we anticipated. We actually wagered between the two of us what time he had gone to sleep. We guessed 400 in the morning. We were a half hour early (it was 430). So the two of us headed to CAMPOS, which is a Mexican restaurant kinda like CASITA LOPEZ. So we ordered food and then waited forever as they prepared it. It took them almost a half hour to make 6 tacos and a burrito. I normally don't complain (and I didn't) but it was kinda ridiculous. So anyway, we got our food and picked up Cy and went to the movies.

So we get to the theater (that would be our grand CINEMARK 22, which freakin raised their prices a quarter!) at 1250, which was when the movie began. We walked into the theater with our bag holding three styrofoam boxes with our lunch. Surprisingly enough to me and Cy, they let us in without stopping us or taking our food. So we get in the theater during the trailers and take a seat. The movie was pretty funny. There were funny moments and somewhat funny moments and then stupid moments, but as a whole it was good enough to receive a B- grade. Dane Cook has the funniest lines and he has less than 10 actually, so that kinda sucks. A must see if you have ever worked in a restaurant.

Afterwards, we went back to Cy's for a little bit. We just hung out. It's probably the last time that the three of us will hang out. Cy is heading to the Philippines on Sunday for 5 months. It kinda sucks. I would always be able to go to Cy's at like 2300 or some odd time for a game of poker or stupid Comedy Central shows, or internet browsing of weird crap. Cy's a cool guy and we're gonna miss him around here. Aww touching I know, but seriously, it's true.

So I headed home and got ready for work. I got there at 1630 and worked til 2200. Tonight was actually pretty good. No complaints by me. More nights could be like tonight. That would be just fine with me.

Now I'm home and ready for bed. I'll probably go read my book for a bit and then go to sleep. I have school tomorrow (boo to that) and then I 'm not sure. I gotta do my film homework sometime tomorrow though. Dangit, I just remembered. O well.

Sleep good all -

- - - "The difference between "ordinary" and "extraordinary" is just that little "extra".
- - - Line from WAITING. . .


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Satan is a Parabola

Or a Hyperbola. Or an Ellipse. . .

Cy and I had a song entitled the above when we took Trigonometry our Junior year. Now, I'm right back in the middle of the world of conics thanks to college Algebra. On to the last couple days. . .

So yesterday I went to Long Beach. Once I got down there (1400ish thanks to the torrential downpour that made me feel like freakin Noah for awhile) we went to BORDERS to get my first fun reading book since probably middle school. Now I Can Die in Peace : How ESPN's Sports Guy Found Salvation, with a Little Help from Nomar, Pedro, Shawshank, and the 2004 Red Sox by Bill Simmons is a book that I have been looking forward to reading for many a day. I have been reading the SPORTS GUY's column for a few months now and really enjoy his style of reading. His book is a collection of his columns from the past seven years or so that he has edited and commented on. He includes footnotes all along the sides of the pages adding his commentary on what he wrote way-back-when. I bought 2 copies, one for me and one for my cousin Travis. He lives in Maryland and is a huge Boston Red Sox fan. Coincidentally enough, Bill Simmons is going on a West Coast Book Signing Tour this next week, and I'm gonna go meet him a week from today in Westwood and get both books signed. I'm stoked!

So after BORDERS, we headed to her dad's house in San Clemente. We sat around and chatted while dinner was prepared and then enjoyed a top-notch meal of Filet Mignon, Twice-Baked Potatoes, and Asparagus. It was crazy good and I was sufficiently stuffed afterwards. We stayed til a little after 2100 and then headed back to her apartment. Once there, we had barely enough time to snuggle up in a blanket and get warm before I had to head home. This is always the worst possible thing. Maybe ever.

I made it home around 1230 this morning and fell asleep around 200. Needless to say, when 700 came around for school, I didn't want to get up. I reluctantly did and proceeded to get ready for school. Today was. . .

PHILOSOPHY - Pretty boring again. I learned that it's REALLY hard to stay awake in this class on 5 hours of sleep. My head did that whiplash thing about 11 times or so. I think I actually dozed off a couple of times, but o well. I got my midterm back and I got a B+ on it, giving me a 92 in the class. Yay for an A!

HISTORY - Kept awake by taking good notes. Next test is Thursday. Hope I do just as good.

MATH - Grrrr! As stated before, we're getting into conics, which are hyperbolas, parabolas, and ellipses. It's getting hard and confusing, so we'll see how it all goes.

The rest of the day was veging. I read my book (it's great so far!), watched some TV, did some computer stuff, ate dinner with the family, watched some more TV (TIVO'd episodes of tonight's THE OFFICE and MY NAME IS EARL were both high comedy!) and am now blogging.

I'm really tired and am gonna go to bed here really soon. Tomorrow I work, so expect another Johnny Carino's update tomorrow night.

Sleep good -

- - - "Remember my running joke about all the ways to spell "Antoine" in sports? Well, I think the name "Caitlin" is the white/female version of that -- there's Caitlin, Katelyn, Katelinn, Kate Lynn, Catelyn ... I kept waiting for someone to ask me to sign for a "Kate'lin." All the Caitlins need to get together and decide on one spelling. And while we're at it, same goes for Jennie/Jenny, Shaun/Sean/Shawn, Kelly/Kellie and Kristin/Kristen. Strangely, the Kristins/Kristens had the biggest attitude -- when I asked them how to spell it, each side would say "With the e!" or "With the I!" like they were completely incredulous that I had to ask."
- - - Bill Simmons on his East Coast Book Signing Tour


Sunday, October 16, 2005


The following is true of the title of this post:

- Mine and Heather's time. Everytime it hits this we say "Make a wish". She introduced this to me cuz it's the number 11 twice in a row. It could work with 10:10 or 12:12 or anything under 6, but we chose 11. Get over it.

- What is engraved on the inside of the promise ring (I hate that term - I personally call it a pre-engagement ring, but whatever - it's a "promise" that she'll get a bigger one in a few years :D) is 4-EVER 11:11. This derives from the above statement about making a wish. She is my wish. (Awwww)

- My "number" twice. I see the number 11 everywhere. Some see 47 (ha ha). Others 13. Me, I see 11.

- The title of the best song on The All-American Rejects' new cd "Move Along". I just listened to it actually. I really like it. Good song. Great song, actually. Sure, it's no "Desperado" or "Free Bird", but it's a catchy tune that's cool to listen to. Stop judging me! (I'm in a weird mood!)

- The time I began blogging tonight.

So, with all that said, I really just had no idea what to title it tonight. Thus, that. So here was my day. . .

I woke up at 1030 after sleeping past the "We're leaving for church in 20 minutes" alarm. I got out of bed and worked on some more Math homework while watching the ol' pigskin on TV. After quite a bit of time doing this, I got on the computer and did some lookin' around. I got caught up to date on the life of director Kevin Smith on his blog. I think it's so cool that a guy of his status does something like that for his fans. This actually took awhile.

I showered and got ready for work while still watching more of the action on the gridiron (I'm avoiding the word "football" for kicks and gigg- Dangit! Just said it!). I left for work around 1540 and was there by 1600 for another night of work. Tonight wasn't bad at all. We hit a busy streak around 1730 or 1800 but were off our wait by 1930 and began sitting people as they came in the door by 2000. So, since there were again 6 hosts on, they cut 3 of them at 2015. I should have gone, but I was nice and let one of the girls leave instead. I got out of there at 2100. I don't work again til Wednesday!

I came home and ate some Johnny Carino's Chicken Fettucine Alfredo that my mom had gotten via our Curbside option tonight. It's good stuff. Cy would (and does) like it. I ate that while catching up on all the sports action of the night and am again on the computer.

I'm going to Long Beach tomorrow!!! Monday is my free day. No work. No school. No Heather? No way! So I'll be there around 1400 when she gets out of class and then we're gonna visit her dad in San Clemente. Should be fun. I always enjoy our time together and our visits down there are always good times.

Now I'm tired, but I probably won't go to sleep til after midnight just cuz I gotta keep a rhythm - ha ha - can't throw my body off. I can't remember the last time I went to sleep before midnight. Ah, the life of a college student that works and has a girlfriend. This is what happens. . . It's worth every minute.

Goodnight all, talk to ya when I talk to ya -

- - - "Being awake makes me tired."
- - - One of my manager's (Jennifer - she's super cool) said this tonight. Thought it was funny.


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting)

Title of one of the few good Elton John songs. I think he is an amazing pianist, but I just don't like his type of music. This song however, I find to be very catchy and it gets stuck in your head real good. Plus, today is Saturday. And tonight was alright. For fighting though???

So I woke up around 1045 and stayed in bed til 1130 or so. My friend Tom (hey Tom) called and said that he was home for the weekend. He goes to Biola University in La Mirada and was home for another one of his friend's birthday. Tom was my first friend at Desert Christian and was a constant influence in my life from grade five through the hell of middle school and the awkwardness of high school. Good friend. One of those you know will always be there no matter how long it's been since you talked. We actually worked together all of the summer of 2004. We got a job together at Healthsouth Antelope Valley Surgery Center (thanks Mrs. Serrano) and worked countless mind-numbing hours in the filing area of a Surgery Center laughing at the oddest names and the colonoscopy photos (quite possibly the grossest thing ever). Good times. So, anywho, we had talked about getting some lunch since he was in town and did just that. I picked up some In-n-Out and brought it back to my house where he met up with me. We ate our double-doubles and talked about old times, new times, and well, times in general. It was nice and he left around 1415 or so.

I was able to get one math lesson done before I had to get ready for work. I really really really really really didn't feel like working today. O well. So I go in and from the second I get in there it's crazy. Within 10 minutes of clocking in I was already hit with a table of 12 and a table of 10. We sat them and then were hit with another two parties of 10. From there, it went beyond crazy. Within the next 45 minutes, we had the following large parties: 7, 6, 8, 10, 7, 10, and 8. So I was trying to figure out where all these were going and I still had the small parties to seat. So the general manager comes up and sees that there's all 6 hosts standing there and says "There's too many hosts on. Who's going home?" What he meant was just for tonight, as he was cutting 2 hosts for the night. One of the hosts who works really well with me volunteered much to my chagrin and she was gone for the night. So I raised my hand, much to the chagrin (isn't that a cool word?) of the other hosts who actually like me. Well one of em that doesn't like me was like "It's ok. I can be desk coordinator. I'm cool like that." She said this very snooty and I was like "Peace out!" I was gone o so fast, you have no idea. I am partially hoping that it didn't go well tonight so that they appreciate me a little more. We'll see. But, heck yes! Freakin A! A Saturday night off!

So I had only worked an hour and a half and it was 545 or so. I went over to Heather's house (although she is not there) and relayed said story to Chelsea and Barbara (that's her sister and mom). After hanging out for almost 45 minutes or so, I headed home and in the rain no less. I was home and then got to play a great joke on my mom. As I came in the house I said "It's a good thing Famous Dave's is hiring" referring to the new barbecue joint going up next to Johnny Carino's. She was bummed immediately, saying "You have GOT to be kidding me". I said yeah and told her what happened. It was a good laugh to say the least.

So I was able to eat dinner with the family (minus the hard-working father) for the first time in a long time and just chill after that. I watched the Angels lose again and then watched DOGMA, my third Kevin Smith film in as many weeks. It is good and seems to be more philosophical than comedic, but it's good nonetheless. I put it under CLERKS and MALLRATS though. Both of those were funnier.

I got another math lesson done and have been browsing on the internet while watching JERSEY GIRL (also a Kevin Smith movie, albeit a way different Kevin Smith movie then the norm) on TV. I like this movie actually. Now I'm tired and ready for bed. Tomorrow I have church and work at 1600. I can't contain my excitement about work. Actually I can. And I am.

So goodnight then world,

- - - "It's the humans - it's always the humans. They were given paradise; they threw it away. They were given this planet; they destroyed it. They were favored best among all His endeavors; and some of them don't even believe He exists. Their ego-mania corroded Hell and made it dark and crimson."
- - - Bartleby (Ben Affleck) in DOGMA (seriously, some of it is very profound)


Friday, October 14, 2005

Obby, Optimus Prime, and Overwhelmation

So what if that last one isn't a word! I needed an "O" word for the cool alliteration. The first two are the titles of bits in the act of the great comedian Dane Cook. This guy is hilarious. I listened to both of his cd's this morning and I was laughing so hard, and out loud, to myself. Great stuff.

So yesterday, Thursday, I had one of the longest days of my life. Not bad. Long. So I got up at 0700 and headed to school:

PHILOSOPHY - Turned in my midterm. Hope I do well. I was frustrated in class. My teacher continued her boring turn as a Greek history teacher as she explained the origins of groups like the Cynics and the Sceptics (now spelled skeptics), two groups that I follow along with quite well. I am an extemely skeptical person and am, although not to the full of the definition, cynical in many ways. I wanted to discuss the roles of these ideas in today's world but instead, she just pushed forward into the Greek world. Boring!

HISTORY - Today was ok. Nothing special. Jaffe is a great teacher. Best one I have, hands down.

MATH - My teacher is insane. He went over all of chapter 4 (that would be 5 lessons!) and to be caught up in class, I would have to do all 5 lessons by Tuesday. Meh, I don't think that's gonna happen. We'll see. I was frustrated. Not anymore though ha ha, I have kinda put that on the back burner. That is truly where Math belongs.

I left ASAP from class and high-tailed it to the Credit Union to deposit my checks from work. I got some money out as well for the night ahead and proceeded home. I walked in, got a drink, and popped in THE LITTLE FOXES, this 1941 movie that I had to watch for film class. It was slow, boring, and not so great in my eyes. I didn't really watch the last 45 minutes or so as I was working on answering the questions as best as I could.

Justin was here shortly after I finished and I got my stuff together and we were off. (Remember: we're meeting some friends at Knott's???) Ok, so we head to Emily's (his girlfriend, my friend) to pick her up. I got to see her apartment. It's cool. So we left there and went to a Subway that was nearby. Holy crap this was the coolest thing ever! I ordered my sandwich via a computer touch screen. It was sweet! You can even pick how much of a condiment you want (light, normal, heavy) and I was just so jazzed about the whole thing. Simple things entertain simple minds, I guess.

So we finally got to Knott's Scary Farm and met up with Heather, Cy, Mallory, and her friend Mike. We went in (after paying $12 to park!) and waited in line to get in the Park. We finally got through and it was into the scariness! We did the mazes, rode Ghostrider (the second best wood roller coaster I've ever ridden - The Wildcat at HersheyPark in Pennsylvania is number one!), watched the Hanging, a comedy show that spoofs everything in popular culture and really had just a fun time. We were exhausted though by 0100 in the morning when it closed and we were ready to head home. I was stone silent (does that make sense?) for a good 45 minutes til I knew that my Heather was back in her apartment. We had to drop Emily off at her aparment and then wait for her to get her car. We headed home and I was not in my bed until 0330 in the morning. That's both too early and too late, depending on what you're doing.

I woke up this morning around 1030 and spent some time on the computer. I didn't feel like doing absolutely anything and I really didn't. I listened to the Dane Cook cd's (but I told you that already) and ate some lunch (fried chicken) and watched my afternoon sports shows. I finally had to go to work at 1630 and that was interesting. You know what, it's too hectic and too late to tell you about, but you know, work was work. It was crazy, frustrating, overwhelming in a few moments, and shorter, as I got off work at 2200, a 5.5 hour night.

I got home (but not before stopping at In-n-Out for an order of fries and a shake for my sister and dad) and ate a Mom's Steak Quesadilla (2 actually) and vented about my night to my mom and sister. Now I'm blogging and watching GARDEN STATE with the audio commentary on featuring writer/actor/director Zach Braff (the man!) and actress Natalie Portman.

But now I'm tired and it's really 112 in the morning on Saturday, but I set the time for Friday night so it looks like i posted on Friday night. So good night all and have a nice Saturday.

- - - "Good luck exploring the infinite abyss."
- - - Line in GARDEN STATE, my generation's THE GRADUATE. Thank you Zach!



Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Big and Rich

So I like (oddly enough) the sound of the country group Big & Rich. "Save a Horse, (Ride a Cowboy)" is an amazingly catchy tune and is quite good at that. Just heard a new song of theirs on ESPN. Good stuff. Plus I got paid today, but I'm not quite rich. . .

So I woke up around 1000 and fiddle faddled around. Did some computer stuff, ate some lunch, did more computer stuff, procrastinated on homework, did even more computer stuff (maybe it was a mistake to get a computer in my room - ha ha yeah right!), watched my sports shows from 1400-1500 (AROUND THE HORN, PARDON THE INTERRUPTION) and then had to get ready for work.

I left for work at 1600 - I had to work at 1630. I stopped by BEST BUY on the way and picked up both of comedian Dane Cook's cd's. This guy is so freakin hilarious! I've liked his comedy for about a year now and now that he's big (he's on a comedy tour with the sleazy Dave Attell and in the new raunchy restaurant film WAITING. . which I've heard is great comedy) I figured I'd go get his cd's. Great buys. They were both $12 and contain 2 cd's of material and a DVD of his performances and stuff. Coolness!

So I went to work. It was pretty good tonight. Consistently busy til about 2000. Got off work a little after 2200. I got paid! I won't disclose the amount, but I'm excited about the prospect of having some green in the ol' bank account.

Now I'm home and have some work to do. Since I'm going to KNOTT'S SCARY FARM tomorrow night, I either have to watch my film and do the homework tonight or tomorrow between 1300 and 1600. Meh. I guess I'll stay up tonight.

Sleep well - I'll talk to ya on Friday all about tomorrow's scary night!

- - - "And I wouldn't trade ol' Leroy
Or my Chevrolet
For your Escalade
Or your freak parade
I'm the only John Wayne left in this town."
- - - "Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)" by Big and Rich



Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Breakfast Schmeakfast

So today was interesting, but not all that out of the ordinary. I didn't have breakfast (like usual) but that's not where I got the title. I'll get to that later. . .

So I went to school today:

PHILOSOPHY - Boring. Took a quiz and didn't do well but turned in an extra credit quiz that kinda evened me out. Who knows what I have in there!

HISTORY - Good laughs. Good lecture. Good class.

MATH - Meh. I got my homework done in class today which was cool. This class has the potential of getting very difficult. I hope that doesn't happen.

I left school and headed to McDonalds cuz it was Tuesday, which meant .99 Nugget Tuesday! Or so I thought. I get into the drive thru and it turns out that they're not doing it anymore. Dangit. I had a craving for cheap Golden Arches chicken. O well.

Headed home and heated up some leftovers while watching my regular afternoon sports stuff. I watch SPORTSCENTER, AROUND THE HORN (the show of competitive banter), and PARDON THE INTERRUPTION (my favorite non-sitcom on TV besides THE DAILY SHOW). I really like these shows and secretly wish that one day I could be on one of them.

I browsed the computer and finally decided that I should start work on my Philosophy Midterm. I had to write a 3-5 page essay on Plato and Aristotle. Not hard, but not desireable. It essentially took me all day to write it. I would work on it and then take a break and would continue this process throughout the night. I eventually finished it. It's a complete load of B.S. but that's my best stuff. We'll see how I do.

I watched the first game of the American League Championship Series (Angels/White Sox) kinda sorta while I was working on homework shtuff. I also watched MY NAME IS EARL (starring the very funny Jason Lee) and THE OFFICE (starring the extremely funny Steve Carell). Eventually I put in MALLRATS (my second Kevin Smith movie in a week) cuz I just wasn't tired. It was really funny! The title is a quote from the movie and there's a bunch of quotes below that I found just hilarious. I'm not sure which one I like better (CLERKS or MALLRATS) but they're both brilliant for what it's worth.

So I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. I have to work tomorrow night. Boo to that.

Sleep well all,

- - - "Hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn for Sega."
- - - "O ye of little faith. Wanna cookie?"
- - - "Noochie noochie!"
- - - "Your maleness amazes me sometimes."
- - - "Understanding is only reached through confrontation."
- - - "Snoochie Boochie Noochies!"
- - - "Adventure. Excitement. A jedi craves not these things."

- - - Random quotes from MALLRATS (funny stuff!)



Monday, October 10, 2005

A Rippin' Good Time

So today was my first day in several weeks where I had neither work nor school. A woohoo!

So I got outta bed around 1000 or so and kinda fuddled about. I didn't know what to do with myself. I spent a lot of my day on the computer "ripping" all of my cd's onto my computer. This just means that I won't have to put my cd's into my computer to listen to them. I can listen to any song from and cd that I have at anytime. O technology, how you baffle me!

I did get my math lesson done, putting me right on track with the class at long last. I am no longer behind! I spent some time playing with the brother, and I also watched most of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/New York Yankees game. It was a decisive game 5 with the winner going to the American League Championship Series to face the Chicago White Sox. Sorry. Sports Talk. Ok, so the Angels won (yay) and that was a good thing around here. We hate the Yankees around here. They're like the Lakers, who we also hate around here. We're from Phoenix originally, thus we are Phoenix Suns fans. Yes we are the few and the proud.

Not much else happened today. I have school tomorrow. Dangit. I'm going to Knott's Scary Farm (aka Halloween Haunt) on Thursday. Yay! It's gonna be myself, Heather, Cy, Justin, Emily, and maybe our friends Becky and Mallory. It's yet to be determined for them. We'll see. It's gonna be fun!

So that's all folks, that is, for tonight. I'm ready for sleepy time. I'm tired (and lonely) and the only cure is looking at the back of my eyelids for an extended period of time. It's off to sleep for me.

- - - "Money doesn't buy success."
- - - Anonymous

Night round world,


Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Peanuts Moment

Y'all know Peanuts, right? The Charlie Brown/Snoopy comic strip? Yeah you do. I'll get to it later. But I felt like I was in the middle of one today. It wasn't so much funny, though. . .

So I woke up and went to church with the family. Pastor Dave spoke really well today. "Living right is a fight of faith and action." It was good. I'm a shmuck. This is what I learn at church. I am no good. And I realize this anew every week. I think that's good, but I don't know.

So we came home (after picking up Casita Lopez to go) and I ate upstairs watching football while everyone else ate in the living room while watching NASCAR (I'm the only one who doesn't like it). I spent some time on the computer, helped my sister with her math homework, wrestled with the brother, and watched some baseball. I began watching Game 4 of the Atlanta Braves (my team) and Houston Astros around the 7th inning. The game went all the way into the 16th (stupid Braves' bullpen gave up a 6-1 lead by the end of the 9th inning) before I had to leave for work. I listened to the game on the radio on the way and it was entering the 18th inning (making it the longest game in postseason history) when I had to go and clock in. Unfortunately, none of our bar TV's had the game on so I couldn't know who won or whatnot. Until later. . .

So work tonight: it was crazy again! At one point we had a parties of 15, 10, 9, 8, and 7 and boy was that fun to try and organize! Being the desk coordinator (no one else will do it) is where I prefer but I get a lot of crap from one of the girls. Loud crap. Annoying crap. She freakin makes scenes in front of customers! It's ridiculous. Seriously, except for the ones I know and like, white girls (as a whole) suck. They really do. Especially the spoiled, whiny ones. Those ones really suck. So this girl is just driving me up a tree. She is ridiculous. Let's put it this way: I will never name my daughter Tiffany, ok? When she talks to me, at this point, it all sounds like the teacher from Peanuts: "Wah wah wah" (you know what I mean). I got off early though. 2100. That was nice.

So I got home and found out that the Braves lost on a home run in the 18th inning. Bah humbug says I! That leaves the Angels as the only rooting-worthy team remaining. We'll see if they can hang in there. I really wanna get into sports broadcasting, and I realize that more everyday. I'd be perfect for it. We'll see what my future has in store for me.

So I just finished watching the last 45 minutes or so of SHAUN OF THE DEAD. Great movie. Funny. Gory. British. What else can you ask for? If you like movies like DAWN OF THE DEAD, 28 DAYS LATER, or any George Romero film then you'll think this movie is funny and well worth your time. Rent it today!

Ok world, nighty night. I'm tired. No work or school tomorrow, but I will be trying to catch up a bit on my work. We'll see how that goes. . .

- - - "You've gotta deal with those types of things or you're not gonna be around this league too long."
- - Steve Grogan (I know he's talking about the NFL, but I found it relevant to my co-worker challenges)



Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's Post 47!

Just an inside joke that I have with some friends. It's not important.

So the last two days combined I worked for 12 hours. Basically I've spent my weekend at JOHNNY CARINO'S. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for another 6. I get payed Monday. Can't wait. Last night a guy gave me $100 to seat him right away. I did. I had to split it with 2 girls who saw it happen to keep em quiet. Meh. $40 is worth putting a guy in a table quicker than was likely. No one saw so I guess it was ok . . . ha ha I felt like I was in a movie! So tonight was crazy! We had an hour wait for most of the night and cuz it was cold and windy outside, everyone was waiting in our very small foyer in front of the host stand. There were so many people! We had crying babies, yelling man, and women. O the joys of working with the public! O well. We got through it. Now tonight is over. On to other things. . .

So Heather is in town. I've seen her for a just a couple hours though. It's tough for her to be here but feel like she is so far away. Grr!

So I'm tired from work and stuff and I have church tomorrow. Goodnight to you world. Sleep well and long and see you tomorrow night.

Go Braves (they can still do it!)!!!!!!!!!!

- - - "Children are like TV sets. When they start acting weird, whack them across the head with a big rubber basketball shoe."
- - - Hunter S. Thompson



Thursday, October 06, 2005

O Clerks, Where Art Thou Dodgeball?

Well that's just the combination of 3 titles of movies that I watched some of today. But I'll get to that in a bit. . .

I woke up at 0715 not wanting to get up at all and headed to school:

PHILOSOPHY - It was boring for awhile and I think I actually caught a few Z's but then we had a group discussion. This simply made the class go by faster. It was ok. My midterm essay is due next Thursday. It's a compare/contrast of Plato and Aristotle and their philosophies and such. Not that hard, but the difficulty is in actually doing it.

HISTORY - Got our tests back and I got a 95! It was cool to get another A. I'm happy with that. The way the class works is that we have 5 tests and 1 gets dropped (our lowest grade). So, if I continue to get A's then I would theoretically not have to take the final test. That would be cool. We'll see.

MATH - Today was actually good because we didn't have a new lesson. We had to present our group projects, which went really well. We laughed and joked and it was pretty fun, that is, for me and George, cuz we made fun of the brown-nosers and such. Great comedy.

I got home and got right to work on my film homework. The movie this week was O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? which is one of my favorite films of all-time. As I read the lesson plan and began the questions I had the movie going on in the background. I ended up sitting down and watching the last hour of it just because it draws me in so well. I really love this movie!!!

After this I didn't do a whole lot actually. A little bit later I put in CLERKS. It's funny, but not as groundbreaking as I had expected from all the hubbub around it. After this, I went downstairs and ate some CASITA LOPEZ that my parents had brought home. We ate while watching the Atlanta Braves/Houston Astros playoff game. I love October for the baseball playoffs. It's just such a great time fo the year! Go Braves (they're my team) and go Red Sox (I hate the Yankees, so. .) says I!

After dinner I came upstairs and worked on the computer for a bit and then watched DODGEBALL: A TRUE UNDERDOG STORY on HBO. It's funny for anyone who thinks people getting knocked around by dodgeballs is funny. I dig it. Maybe you will too.

I gotta get some sleep. Heather's comin home tomorrow and I also have to work at 1600. Boo to that! Sleep well world. I'm sure you will.

- - - "It's a fool that looks for logic in the chambers of the human heart."
- - - Ulysses Everett McGill (George Clooney) in O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU?



Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Tale of Two Nights

So it's been a couple of days since I've posted. I'm sorry. I don't necessarily feel sorrow about it, but I do apologize. What do you care if I post or not? Your lives don't require a post by yours truly, right? I sure hope not. . .

So yesterday I woke up and went to school:

PHILOSOPHY - More boringness. I was on less than 5 hours of sleep so I used my time in class to study more for my history test which was after this. I'm hoping for some excitement here soon. I have also been hoping for this for about 4 weeks now. Here's hoping. . .

HISTORY - Took the test. I'm pretty sure I got an A on it. There were less than 4 questions that I was unsure about. I like tests like this. They make me feel much better about myself. Yay for self-esteem boosters!

MATH - Got my test back from last week: 79. Boo for self-esteem knocker-downers. Not sure what happened, but I guess when each question is worth 10 points, you don't have much leeway. Here's more hoping that the next test goes better. I have an 89 in the class right now. Talk about hangin around!

So I left school and went to work to talk to one of my managers to see if I could switch over to Table Tender (that's Busser for those who don't understand) cuz I was fed up with my fellow hosts. I ended up talking to Charlie (the general manager) for almost 15 minutes and decided to give it a little more time. He said that a lot of our issues might be coming from the amount (at times up to 7) of hosts on at one time. Plus, Table Tender is not a move up, but a move across theoretically. There's nowhere to go from there. With a host, I can move up to Server at some point. I just gotta be patient.

I met my friend Justin at BAJA FRESH so that I could eat something, and then we went to BEST BUY. I bought the new FRANZ FERDINAND cd (which rocks - they're my guilty pleasure music - I have liked them since before they were really popular) and a new STRAYLIGHT RUN ep. It's only 6 songs, but it's almost a half hour long! It's pretty good; it's a lot like their full-length album.

We met up with Cy at the Mall and went to RED ROBIN so that he could eat (funny how most of our activities deal with food) and we could hang out. He is leaving for the Phillipines on the 23rd for about 6 months, so we're trying to hang out as much as we can before he goes. Justin and I are trying to get our parents to agree on letting us go over there his last week (around Spring Break) and then flying home with him. We'll see how that goes. . ha ha ha

So we ate some bottomless fries and then we headed our separate ways. I went upstairs and browsed the internet, trying to not focus on my work I had to do. I wounded up going downstairs at the tail end of dinner, and eating some pineapple - I was still full from my burrito. Around 1930 I laid on the couch to watch the baseball game and within 5 minutes - I kid you not - I was asleep. My brother woke up me up once very briefly, but I slept solidly til 1230 AM (that I guess would be 0030). I found my way to bed at that point. This was not a waste of a night. Just an early night. Those are okay occasionally.

So this morning I slept til almost 1000. Lots of sleep. Yay! I dilly-dallied for awhile and finally decided to work on some math homework after I ate some lunch. I got almost 2 lessons done and then I had to get ready for work. I thought I had to work at 1600 and I needed to run by STAPLES first, so I wanted to leave around 1520 or so. I did and I was at the STAPLES in Palmdale around 1530. I looked and could not find what I was looking for - overhead projector transparencies for math tomorrow - so I called my mom. She got them for me at a Teacher's Help Store (aren't mom's the greatest?) while I was at work.

Well, turns out I didn't work til 1630 so I had a half hour to kill. I headed to JAMBA JUICE to get my "Dinner". I drank that while sitting in the parking lot of my work listening to some FRANZ. I really like the CD. Then it was work time. I didn't feel like going, but I had to. Boo to that. But yay for money!

Tonight went really well. There were only 3 hosts on tonight, and we officially tore it up! I was stoked about how tonight went. We worked as a team and there was no bickering or anything. A Woohoo!!! I had to close, so I didn't get outta there til 2230. I came home and watched a TIVO'd episode of THE OFFICE from last night while eating a bowl of FRUIT LOOPS. The episode was funny and the cereal hit the spot.

So now I'm tired and I have to go to bed soon. I have to tie up a few loose ends in the math department, but that shouldn't take me too long. Sleep well all.

It's Thursday now. Almost Friday. Get to see Heather tomorrow! I'm stoked again - Restoked :D

- - - "Being a professional means doing your job on the days you don't feel like doing it."
- - - David Halberstam



Monday, October 03, 2005

If Only I Knew how to Edit

So I had a kinda normal day today.

I got some math homework done as well as got some computer time in. I picked up a shift tonight for another host, so I worked from 1600-2130 or so. I'm fed up with hosting. The girls are just so ridiculous that I can't stand it anymore. Apparently, I'm always wrong and always offending them. I truly believe with all of me that I am not doing these things. O well. I actually bussed tables for the last hour and a half. I'm gonna ask my manager if I can switch over to Table Tender as a matter of fact. It'll just work out better for me I think.

So I have school tomorrow. I don't wanna go, but eh, I guess I have to.

I've been on the computer a bit recently, and I've come across some really cool stuff. Do the following. Seriously.

Ok, so if you like movie trailers and think that editing is an art, you should follow the following directions:

Go to

Go to the post on Friday, September 30, 2005

Click on the following links on that page:

Rob's Shining

Tom's West Side Virus

Dustin's Hit that Ship

So these are trailers set up to make movies look completely different then they really are. The first is a trailer for THE SHINING made to look like a romantic comedy. The second one is a trailer for WEST SIDE STORY made to look like a zombie horror film. The final one is TITANIC made to look like a horror thriller. It may sound corny, but it's crazy awesome. These guys can really edit. That, or they have a lot of free time. A lot of free time. . .

I'm going to bed now. Sleep o so well all.

- - - "Everything ends badly ... otherwise it wouldn't end."
- - - Koglan the Bartender (from the Tom Cruise movie COCKTAIL)



Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Little Rub Rub

Ah but this is not a good thing. I mean by this "a little rub rub" the wrong way. That's me. Always rubbing people the wrong way. I don't know how to fix this. Meh. . .

So the last two days have been pretty ok at best. An overall 5 out of 10.

I don't really feel like going into it, though. I worked both yesterday and today and got in a little bit of trouble both nights. Nothin big, but it's just people not understanding where I'm coming from. I'm probably not cut out to work with the public, just because the public as a whole is not a fan of me. O well. All I can do is persevere.

Went to church today. It was really good today. I have a lot to evaluate in mine own life.

Heather was home this weekend, but because of work, I saw not so much of her. She's back in Long Beach now. Sad times.

Might go to Knott's Scary Farm on Thursday. Tryin to work it all out.

Pickin up another host's shift tomorrow, so I now work tomorrow, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Mucho hours, but minor-o life. O well. The things we do for money.

O and I'm happy cuz the Boston Red Sox got the Wild Card for the American League playoffs. Those of you who understand this word-use know what I'm talkin bout. Go Red Sox!

I'm tired. Sleep well world. See ya on Monday (O how I hate Mondays!)

- - - "My aim is simply to give a rough account of what bulls--- is and how it differs from what it is not"
- - - Thesis of the book ON BULLS---, which I just purchased this weekend. It's written by Harry G. Frankfurt and it's about just that: bulls--- in our culture (Aren't censors fun?)