Monday, October 29, 2007

The 2007-2008 NBA Season Preview
The Eastern Conference

The following fact is all that is important to me right now at this moment (over school, especially!):

The NBA season began yesterday! (Update: This was written before the season actually began and was completed after the second day of the season, but all of the predictions were made before the season began. . . I promise.)

The World Series is now over (Congrats to the Boston Red Sox!). The NFL is in the midst of a great season (and one that I am picking very well) that will be highlighted on Sunday with the massive Patriots/Colts throwdown in Indy. But besides that, it is ALL ABOUT the NBA!!!

And just like last year, I am previewing the upcoming season with full predictions for each team. This is just one man's opinion, but it is as always one FAN'S opinion and you know what that means! But just wait: there's real reasons for everything!

So the format of this bad boy is as follows: I have ranked the teams 1-15 in their respective conferences. I will be starting in the East and showing each division separately in the order I think they will finish. In parentheses will be their overall rank in their conference. Got it?

Then on to the West discussion (but that will come tomorrow night. . . I'm tired).

Casual sports fans, get ready to have your world rocked! Because here comes my second annual NBA SEASON PREVIEW!

And away we go. . .


Atlantic Division

Boston Celtics (2)

The team with probably the biggest expectations going into this season because of their additions of Kevin Garnett (yes, I still resent the fact that the SUNS couldn't get him) and Ray Allen to go along with the already-there star power of Paul Pierce. The biggest question mark for this team is the supporting cast, which includes second year guard Rajon Rondo (a potentially very good point guard) and rookie Glen "Big Baby" Davis, who will be a factor for this team. Also, the potential to pick up some veterans at the trade deadline (look for Juwan Howard and Sam Cassell to be putting on the green and white at some point this year) is much more likely because of the Big Three. They will be good. It's true. However, they are not the best team in the East and unless Rondo and starting center Kendrick Perkins have improved substantially, they won't win the title like many believe they will.

Toronto Raptors (5)

The Raptors surprised a lot of people last year, including yours truly, when they took over the terrible Atlantic Division but fell to the New Jersey Nets in the first round of the playoffs. They will be in the thick of things in the East this year because of the star power of Chris Bosh (an absolute beast that no one knows about) and free agent signee Jason Kapono (a pure three-point shooter). They still have T.J. Ford at the point and the much improved Anthony Parker at the shooting guard position. Second year center Andrea Bargnani will be better and they also picked up Carlos Delfino from the Pistons, who played relatively unnoticed in the Motor City, but look for him to contribute off the bench. I still don't think they are as good as the top 4 teams in the East and are most likely looking at another first round exit.

New Jersey Nets (7)

I'm not sure how this team is not better. They should have been in the Finals at least once since they have trotted out J-Kidd, Richard Jefferson, and Vince Carter every night. But injuries have plagued this team and you can almost guarantee that one of those three (or forward/center Nenad Kristic) will go down for a month or two with some sort of leg injury. It's bound to happen, and as long as they make the playoffs (which they always seem to do) the lottery will escape them as a helpful tool. The only way to benefit this team is to trade one of the main three guys (most likely Jefferson) and some bench players for a big name that can stay healthy. They couldn't get Kobe or anything, but I think they should try harder to get Jermaine O'Neal (Jefferson, Kristic, and a future draft pick would be plenty to get it done in February when Indiana is in the East cellar). They'll be outed in the first round and left to wonder why they gave Carter so much money this summer.

New York Knicks (9)

I'm not sure if a sleeper pick has to make the playoffs, but I think the Knicks are gonna be better than everyone thinks this year. They showed signs of life last year in parts, and the acquisition of Zach Randolph will give them some wins. I like the combo of Randolph and Eddy Curry and David Lee, who I wish was on the SUNS, but I don't think that they have enough to crack the top 8, even in the abysmal (although improved) East.

Philadelphia 76ers (13)

It's sad that this team had to drop off the map after finally trading Allen Iverson last year. At the beginning of the year last year, they had both AI and Chris Webber, both of which helped teams make the playoffs that were not the 76ers. How nice. Andre Miller is still okay and Andre Iguodala has to improve as a go-to-guy. They have little-to-no post game as well. Watch for Kyle Korver to get recognition and become one of the elite behind-the-arc scorers in the game.

Southeast Division

Washington Wizards (4)

My cousin Josh, who lives in Maryland and is as big of a fan of the Wizards as I am of the SUNS (well, maybe not. . . I'm pretty crazy!) had this to say of the upcoming season:

"You seen how low in the east all the analysts are pickin the wiz??? It's ridiculous, we were the #1 team in the east before all the injuries in the 2nd half of last season and now we are supposed to suck? It's like their bosses pay them to promote the Celtics because they're marketable. Well none of the big 3 in boston have ever been passed the 2nd round of the playoffs, and they have zero supporting cast. Why should i be scared of them? I'm sure theyll be good, but don't sleep on the Wiz!"

I won't! (Although sorry Josh, your facts are a little wrong: Both Garnett (2004) and Pierce (2002) have made it to the Conference Finals)

The Wizards are the best team in their division with a healthy Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison, who was phenomenal when both of the guards were out at the end of the year. Here's the thing: in the East, if the Celtics can be favored to practically win it all with their three, then why not the Wizards? Arenas is just as prolific scorer as Pierce (and maybe moreso), Butler drives to the hole a lot more than Allen but doesn't shoot nearly as well (but is younger), and Jamison doesn't really match up to KG, but he is still a good player. They have no bench (neither does Boston - yet) but that could change by February's trade deadline. Watch for Nick Young, the rookie out of USC, to make a run for Rookie of the Year (Besides the shoe-in for the award, Kevin Durant).

Orlando Magic (6)

They gave Rashard Lewis $118 million to score 20-some points a game. That should help. . . The team is better (Jameer Nelson is another in the long line of competent, but not quite great, point guards) and this year will only prove that Dwight Howard is THE dominant big man of the future (that is, except for Amare. . .). They will be good, win more than half of their games, and make the playoffs, but their season will most likely end after one round and they won't have anyone to blame but themselves, because all they did this off-season was overpay a small forward who is replaceable by most of the other same exact players in the NBA. . . What a shame.

Miami Heat (11)

I have been saying this last season ended: the Heat WILL NOT make the playoffs this season. The best thing that they could do in the off-season was sign Smush Parker, the SUNS 6th man from the last few playoff series (you see, the former Lakers point guard was SO BAD when it came to defending Steve Nash that I considered him to be our sixth man. . .), and then trade Antoine Walker to the helpless T'Wolves for Ricky Davis (who apparently is supposed to turn everything around for the team) and o yeah, they signed, wait for it, Anfernee Hardaway. That's right. . . Penny Hardaway. From forever ago. . . No word yet whether or not the Heat also get the rights to Lil' Penny. This team is old. And they aren't healthy. And they just are not good anymore (except for D-Wade, but the way he plays, well, let's just say that he might want to change that slogan about getting up all the time. . .).

Charlotte Bobcats (12)

This was going to be my sleeper team of the year (I changed my mind, though. . . I'll get to them in the West) but injuries to both Adam Morrison (terrible facial hair and all) and Sean May (this was the killer) mean that Jason Richardson (their off-season pick-up from Golden State) will have even more pressure on his shoulders. Raymond Felton is good, Gerald Wallace can score, but without those two young guys, I just don't think that Emeka Okafor and company can put it all together this year. . . I guess the only hope is that they get a good draft pick and put it all together next year!

Atlanta Hawks (14)

. . . and the Hawks. Some people think they are going to win this year. However, they are the Hawks and the Hawks always suck. I know that is not a good reason, but I guess I just really want them to be terrible because the SUNS get their draft pick next year no matter what it is and I really want a high pick! Something good has to happen for my team! Either way, Joe Johnson is still the same scoring shooting guard and Josh Smith is athletic and all, but they are not going to do better than they usually do. I love their draft pick (Acie Law IV) and truly wish the SUNS had him instead, but I don't think that he improves them that much. He's good, but he's not THAT good! Come on now people! These are the same old Hawks!

Central Division

Detroit Pistons (1)

This is still the best team in the East. They have been for several years now (they have averaged 54 wins a year over the last six years and have never finished below 2nd place in the East since 2001) and don't expect anything to change this year. They still have a starting five that includes the names of Billups, Hamilton, Prince, and Wallace (that would be 'Sheed) and then any other bum in Detroit. This team is still good and still will be in the hunt at the end of the year. It's that simple.

Chicago Bulls (3)

This pick is odd, because the Bulls may or may not end up with Kobe and that would throw a wrench into everything. But I don't know if that would make them better or not. . . I still cant decide. But before any Bulls trade happens, they still have Hinrich, Gordon, Nocioni, and the defense (plus terrible free throw shooting) of Big Ben. The extra help of youngins Tyrus Thomas (coming into his own) and Joakim Noah (a younger, shorter Big Ben) will put this team ahead of most of the East and may even get them into a Conference Finals matchup with the Pistons. But no finals for them this year. . . Unless they get Kobe. Then all bets are off.

Cleveland Cavaliers (8)

And that is a very nice position for them. Lebron got no help and there are still contract disputes between the Cavs and key players Sasha Pavlovic and Anderson Varejao (although apparently Pavlovic has re-signed). I just don't think that the NBA and its wonderful referees could allow THE Lebron James to miss the playoffs so they'll fit in the last position just to potentially make a run (if they got past Detroit, they could potentially do some damage) because of all the help Lebron gets. But don't count on it. The off-season for them next year will be filled with questions about who they should get to help out King James, and who knows what they come up with. . .

Milwaukee Bucks (11)

Another forgettable year for a truly forgettable team. Michael Redd would be a household name if he played for a team not located in Wisconsin but he is again left to his own devices and will fail again to make the playoffs. Yi Jianlian was a terrible draft pick and won't be anything except an extra in all the new dunk posters that come out (he will be the guy being posterized by the likes of Vince Carter and Josh Smith). Tough time for the Bucks right now. . . maybe they can get a good draft pick next year! What a horrible future, huh?

Indiana Pacers (15)

Wow. Not only do I think that Jermaine O'Neal will be gone by the trade deadline (finally!) to either New Jersey or Chicago (if they don't make a push for Kobe) but this team might not even win 25 games. They are terrible and if it wasn't for a few really bad teams in the West (more on that tomorrow) I would say they would have the best chance to get next year's number one pick. . . Go figure that the last team on here would be the worst (I really didn't plan it that way!). . . It's just sad really. . .



(1) Detroit over (8) Cleveland (4-2)
(2) Boston over (7) New Jersey (4-3)
(3) Chicago over (3) Orlando (4-1)
(4) Washington over (5) Toronto (4-1)



(1) Detroit over (4) Washington (4-1)
(3) Chicago over (2) Boston (4-3)



(1) Detroit over (3) Chicago (4-2)

The Detroit Pistons will represent the East in the Finals! They will lose (I predict) but to who???

Come back tomorrow to find out :)

Until then,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slow Down Speedy

So I got a speeding ticket today. . .

It's kind of a long story, but the end result was me getting a ticket when I was a mere mile from school this afternoon. I was pissed, but I kinda had it coming, so I guess I can't be too mad. . .

I was in a rush because I had to get to class to present my MEDIA DECONSTRUCTION project on the role of women sportscasters in the media. Left to my own devices, I turned to what I do best: ramble! So, without further ado, here is another installment of A RAMBLER'S RAMBLING:

A RAMBLER’S RAMBLING – The Women Sportscasters Version

- Women Sportscasters

- Some would argue that is an oxymoron

- Like “jumbo shrimp”

- Or “awfully beautiful”

- And speaking of beauty

- It’s the number one attention-grabber

- For women sportscasters

- Or is it their sports I.Q.

- Either way, women have come a great distance

- Kind of like pioneers

- That is, if pioneers had microphones

- And make-up

- Formerly referred to as “Barbie-on-the-air”

- She now has a much better nickname:

- A Google search reveals the improved pseudonym

- “Women Sportscasters I would bang”

- What progress!

- But I do recall

- When I was a mere shell of a sports fan

- Way back in the day

- The NBA on NBC broadcast

- With Hannah Storm

- Or ESPN’s SportsCenter

- With Robin Roberts

- Or Linda Cohn

- And the MLB Playoffs on FOX

- With Jeanne Zelasko

- These were the more recent pioneers

- But what of the classic “first women”?

- Jane Chastain did play-by-play for CBS in the 60’s

- Jeannie Morris was not allowed into the press box in the 70’s

- Not to report a Vikings/Bears game in Minnesota

- In the winter

- So she reported anyway

- Outside; in a blizzard

- Gayle Gardner, Suzyn Waldman, Gayle Sierens

- They all paved the way

- Some women were hired for their looks

- Others for their knowledge of the game

- Broadcasting companies worked hard at toeing the line

- Who knows their thought processes?

- It’s a man’s game!

- Women don’t even watch!

- There aren’t even any TVs in the kitchen!

- But lo and behold

- The men were wrong. . .

- You see, more women are getting out there

- Onto the sidelines and into the locker rooms

- Keep the towels on, boys!

- And that is all fine and dandy

- If only so they can have an equal opportunity

- You see, sports fans

- The real die-hard ones that actually watch every broadcast

- Yeah we don’t like most of the male commentators

- Because of their ignorance

- And often pointless anecdotes

- “When we spoke with Jimmy last night in the hotel. . .”

- Yeah we get it

- You have tremendous access to the players

- Stop rubbing it in our faces

- And start speaking intelligently

- And that female sideline reporter

- The one who tracked down the coach at halftime

- The coach whose team is down by three touchdowns already

- If you can contribute to the broadcast

- In an absolutely sports related way

- You can wear a burlap bag and report

- It really makes no never-mind to us fans

- We’re really just watching the game only

- Well, and the cheerleaders

- But that’s for another time

- And where are they now?

- What chance do women have nowadays?

- To sit alongside the ex-athletes and “expert analysts”

- Well my advice is this:

- Pick up a mic

- Learn as much as you can about sports

- Know the terminology

- And if you’ve got it, flaunt it

- Because there’s two things right there that I can’t contribute

- And might get you on air before me

- Because what can I possibly flaunt?

- That’s certainly an advantage

- And isn’t that what we are all really looking for

- An edge

- Anything to get us a step ahead of the opposition

- And to where we want to be

- And if that edge is all that fledgling women sportscasters want

- Then we are all in the same boat

- And isn’t that the definition of equality?

Any thoughts???

Hit me up with comments on this one please :)

Thanks and good night!

Sunday, October 21, 2007


So here's the thing:

It's now just past midnight and it is officially Monday.

I have a book report due in a class I have at 1900 today (seeing that it is Monday) on a book that I not only haven't read, but don't even own! It's for my MARRIAGE AND FAMILY RELATIONS class, so I know I can masterfully B.S. my way through a two page reaction and response report, but that is beside the point. I haven't started. I guess that's the point. . .

You see, I'm in a major rut. Or a funk. Or a whatsitdoesit. . .

Either way, you catch my drift. Not only do I have that report due at 7, but I have a so-called Media Deconstruction on the role of women sportscasters in the media world (which contains a five minute presentation about what we have learned, a one page Abstract describing my position, an annotated bibliography with five legitimate sources, and a Talk Back Letter, which I really don't understand at all) on Tuesday. O and what about the 500-word newspaper article about the in-class guest speaker that is due on Wednesday by noon. . .

This is week 9 of my semester right now. Weeks 13 and 14 just might kill me and I certainly wont kill you via the details of those weeks until they get closer, but let me just say that I have my metaphorical plate filled.

So then my friends Mallory and Cy decided to blog tonight after at-least-month-long absences from the blogging world and I felt like I had to as well. . . But again, I didn't feel like it, because that would completely take away from my severe procrastination.

You see, these are just a few things that I would rather be doing than the homework that I am supposed to be doing, (didn't you know that studying the role of women in the sideline reporting business will get me a really great job one day. . .)

- Finishing the season of STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP which I bought last week (o wait, I've been doing that anyway - I'm done with disc four of six to be exact). I am so saddened by the fact that I will never see a new episode of this fantastic show that I completely fell in love with last year. The characters, the writing, and the chemistry are just three reasons why you need to go rent (or buy, for that matter - you will like it!) the entire series (only one season, unfortunately) today!

- Reading any of my books that I am enjoying immensely but seem to have no time to continue (including INTO THE WILD, the book that the new Sean Penn-helmed film is based on, and Stephen Colbert's I AM AMERICA AND SO CAN YOU).

- Putting my thoughts together on either a nice film review of MICHAEL CLAYTON, the first film I have seen in theaters in forever (hint: it's really good!) or the NBA Preview that I have still yet to complete. . . and thank God the season actually begins in less than two weeks! Something else I can distract myself with instead of doing homework!

- Cleaning my room. Sounds silly, I know, but my room looked great about two weeks ago and it has slowly turned into the pigsty that it has grown used to being.

- Get a haircut. Although that would definitely be more difficult at 0100 in the morning, which it is now.

- Be at a Halloween party with Heather and her friends. Which, by the way, I will be doing next Tuesday night and yes, I will be wearing this:

- Receiving and adoring my brand new Phoenix Suns gear that I purchased through the NBA store online. Yes, I could have waited for Christmas. But I figured I would just ask for one of the other sweatshirts. . . I bought these and I could not be more excited!

- How about doing anything with Heather? Whether it is talking to her online (which we do a lot of since we both are on our computers so much) or cuddling with her on a couch (which we can't do nearly enough of) all I want is to spend time with my better half. She is the best!

- Watching videos like this:

And this (it's Heather's fave song right now):

And. . . THIS:

- Or. . . going to sleep. Which I am going to do now at 0130. . .

Wow, I'm screwed.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Just Me and My Pam

Before I get all sorts of comments or e-mails about some blatant infidelity, allow me to say don't. As I was driving out of the Antelope Valley on Saturday night, I texted Aimee to tell her to enjoy her weekend with Jim and Pam (the finally together couple on THE OFFICE, which she is catching up on - actually has finished catching up on) since I knew she would be watching my seasons non-stop. She replied by telling me to enjoy time with "My Pam" since I was heading out to spend some time in Pomona with my Heather :)

So, in conclusion: Heather = my Pam. Problem solved.

I was able to come down on Saturday night because I had off from work at the FL on Sunday, which was nice. We were able to be lazy most of the day (Watched some football for the first time all season which was fantastic - although, I did not get a chance to watch the much-anticipated Patriots-Cowboys throwdown because of the non-local nature of the contest; I was stuck with the Chargers-Raiders borefest. . . score!) and then decided on a dinner destination in the afternoon:

! It was our first visit to the Japanese restaurant, and my first visit to ANY JAPANESE RESTAURANT!!! I was sorta scared actually, because I am not a fan of food from the Orient. However. . .

We had a blast! It is one of those places where they sit you around an oven with other people (there were 8 of us at our table/oven thing) and they take your order and then the chefs come out and make your food for you right there. They interact with you as much as they can and they also do some food tricks that are quite entertaining. I tried their Japanese Onion Soup (or, as Heather so clarified: the broth only!), fried rice (which is just steamed rice combined with a veggie mix, several eggs, soy sauce, and garlic butter, which makes an appearance in EVERYTHING else that they serve), Hibachi Chicken (what I ordered - it was very good!) and some of Heather's Hibachi Shrimp (which I know my dad would like - another guy at our table got lobster and scallops which also made me think of my dad. . .). They really pile on the food and you leave completely stuffed. . . yes, it was a bit pricey, but with the amount of food and all, it was well worth it.

You see, you might remember a little while back when I said that I had been recruited by the Men's Wearhouse. . . well here is the whole story, for the last time. . .

I was working at the FL on a Wednesday night and it was incredibly slow. These two ladies came in and they were both dressed in women's suits - they looked very nice. I usually go out of my way to assist customers who are better dressed, because I feel like I can maybe sell them a little more. I approached them, provided my usual dose of charm and wit (of course), and once I was told they were just looking, I told them that I would be there in case they needed any help. My parents then came in with some food for me (I was working one of those shifts that does not allow for a break of any kind) so I chatted with them for about a minute. As I was walking my food back to the back room, I saw the two ladies looking at the toddler shoes and decided to say something. I asked if anything was "jumping out at them" and they approached me and asked me if I worked on commission. This was an odd question, but not an entirely new one. Mostly people just assume that we do work on commission when, in fact, we do not. I told them I didn't and they followed that up by asking what my incentive to sell was. I told them that we have to run numbers (8.5% accessories and 52% multiples - - if you are really interested, ask me) and that my incentive was originally to get promoted, which I had done.

They continued to ask some questions about work and all that and I finally requested to know why they were curious. The one that had done most of the questioning responded by saying that she was the District Manager of Men's Wearhouse and the other lady was the Store Manager of the one across the street from the Mall. They asked how much I made and I told them and Kim (the DM) told me they could give me more. They gave me business cards and asked me to call them if I was looking for another opportunity. . .

So I did. I called the following Wednesday and was told to come in on Thursday for an interview of sorts. So I did. I talked to them for about 45 minutes and I was really impressed. They offered me more money overall (I'll be making far less an hour but I will be getting commission as high as 10% on items I sell) and that's exciting, because we can always take more money!

But I was extremely torn. I am very comfortable at the FL, and only getting moreso as I learn more about the world of management. Here's the thing though: the MW (which it will now be referred to as) also offered me full benefits if I work over 32 hours a week (for the FL it was over 35 hours a week, which I did not do). So not only would I be getting more money, but a chance to have benefits for the future. My exact title would be Wardrobe Consultant, and I would actually be second on the ladder, just under management, and ahead of three other positions.

Not that that matters. . .

So what did I do?

I took it. I had to. It's not every day that you get offered a job at an upstanding, highly revered company (according to the website, it was voted to the Fortune Top 100 Best Companies to Work For. . .). It's a once in a time thing (not lifetime, exactly, but close). I had to take it.

SO. . .

I put in my two weeks notice at the FL and my last day will be Saturday, October 27 and I assume my first day at the MW will be the next Sunday, the 28th.


But I'm ready and excited and nervous and excited and scared and excited!!!

So, yeah.

I'm actually writing this from Heather's apartment as I am still down in Pomona until tomorrow when I head to school and then home from there. It has been a great couple days with her and I can't wait until I get to come home from work (or school) every night to see her on the couch and curl up with her, or snuggle in bed as we drift off to dream. It's just wonderful. . .

And now as LOVE ACTUALLY winds down (the movie that has now risen into the ranks of my top 25 of All-Time), I'm going to retire for the evening. . .

- - - - - - - - - - - - -


- NBA Preview
- The Road to Nowhere: Parts VI and VII (I promise. . .)
- The first ever guest blogger: I'll give you a hint: it will be called A RAMBLERETTE'S RAMBLING. . . O, and another hint: it's Heather :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Have a happy Tuesday ladies and gents (and avoid the 14/5 interchange at all costs - trust me on this one!!!) - - -

Goodnight, and peace for now. . .

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Um. . . My Bad

Sorry for not blogging this week - - it's been a busy one. . . or two. . . or every single one! God I'm always busy!!!

I had planned on blogging quite a bit tonight, but I put it off for a bit, then watched some television (the nightly dose of DAILY SHOW and COLBERT REPORT) and now am getting a little too tired to divulge my week that was - - -

So I'm sorry, but I will give you a preview of what is to come:

- Had a great weekend with Heather. She came home. Good stuff.

- Decided today that I will not be buying shoes for a long time, thanks to my horoscope, actually. It's a long story, but I'm not jumping into the world of the zodiac. Just trust me.

- Bought four books today for $40 - good deal all around.

- The countdown to my SUNS beginning their season is down to just 21 days!!!

- I hate school and have had a recurring thought of dropping out. . . I'm not going to, but I really despise my scholastic endeavor right now!

- I got recruited by Men's Wearhouse!

- And I am no longer tied for first in the football pool. . .

All that and more in the next edition. . . which will be very very soon. It has to be!!!

Until then, my friends - - -

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

2007 MLB Playoff Predictions

The MLB Playoffs start today (already did, actually - - I have to be honest) and I have to give out my predictions sure to be wrong -

Last year, I predicted that the Twins would beat the Mets in the World Series - - well, what actually happened was that the Twins were bounced in the first round and the Mets lost in the NLCS. So I was very wrong. . .

But that doesn't mean that I don't have any info about this playoff run, and here are those predictions that will undoubtedly be incorrect by the time November hits:


Diamondbacks over Cubs in 5

Simply because of the home-field advantage (and if I had a team, it would be my hometown team, so I have to make the homer pick!) - - Brandon Webb will win two games and the D-Backs will pull it out in the end!

Rockies over Phillies in 5

I made this prediction in my head before this afternoon's game began - it's true. You will have to trust me on this one (at this exact moment, it is 4-2 Rockies in the top of the 9th) - - Even though everyone thinks the Phils are gonna go all the way in the NL, I truly think the way that the Rockies made it to the playoffs will carry them through the first round. . . and further??


Diamondbacks over Rockies in 6

Don't ask why. I can't even name five guys on either team - it's true. Call it a hunch on this one.


Red Sox over Angels in 4

The Angels are injured and the Red Sox own the Angels over the last few years. This is the best chance for a sweep in the first round.

Indians over Yankees in 5

It's all about pitching and the Indians have two of the best pitchers in the entire league (so I read) and as far as I know, the Yankees are trotting out old fogies like Andy Pettite, Roger Clemens, and Mike Mussina. Yes, their offense is superior to the Indians, but I like the Cleveland team to take out the perennial favorites.


Red Sox over Indians in 6

As much as I want to pick the upset, I have a feeling the Sox are gonna make it back to the World Series after a three year absence.

World Series:

Diamondbacks over Red Sox in 7

I have to go biased and homer with this pick. Think about it though. . . the last time we all counted out the National League (last year) we ended up with a terrible Cardinals team winning it all! I also know that the last time the D-Backs made it this far, they were victorious and took the baseball world by storm when Luis Gonzalez blooped that single off of Mariano Rivera to beat down the Yanks. So it will come again - -

The World Series MVP will be ace Brandon Webb in the same way that Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling did it all that year they won. And that's just the way it will happen!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Been Awhile, So. . . A Smörgåsbord!!!

I'm sitting here and it's 2230 on a Tuesday night - I'm alone in my room and at the moment it is Jon Stewart who is keeping me company (although it will be Stephen Colbert here in just a minute). Heather is at her apartment having fun with her new friends. I have literally no friends that live near me anymore, and it is beginning to take its toll on me. But I will get to that here in just a second. Until then, just enjoy the Swedish-inspired fun that follows : )

I have been getting some questions from some of you about THE ROAD TO NOWHERE, and yes, it will be finished soon. I have two parts remaining to write and they are already done in my head - I just have to type them out. How about this: Part VI will be written by next Tuesday and Part VII (the last Part - I figure if I go out like Harry Potter then good things will happen haha!) will be posted by the end of October. So you can expect that much!

Also, the main reason that my blogging has been sparse is the immense amount of stuff that is on my life's plate (not unlike a Smörgåsbord. . .). I have continued my 30+ hours a week at the FL and have been learning more every week about managerial-type stuff. I have also worked it out so that I can have every other Sunday off (starting the 14th) so that I can spend some time with Heather, giving us a guaranteed day that we can spend together a week (she will come home the other weekends that I work since we can spend more time together this way - she has every Sunday off from her new job). That is nice and I will be looking forward to every Sunday now :) Just call it Heatherday!!!

The only other thing that is making me happy is the fact that the 2007-2008 NBA season is less than 30 days away! I already put together my Season Preview (which will be posted before the season begins) and I'll let you know this much: My bias has not (and will never!!!) change!!! More to come on that in the coming weeks, of course, but I do want to address my good ol' friend Shawn Marion, the resident whining S.O.B. on my beloved Phoenix Suns. You sir will not be traded this season. No one is willing to pay you $20 million a season because, wait for it, you aren't worth that much!!! If you did receive that raise, you would be among the top 5 in the NBA in salaries. . . You would make more than Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Tracy McGrady! This just in, sir: You are none of those players. Your job this year is to play like you have these last eight years as a Sun and see if you get an extension at the end of the year. We tried to trade you this summer for KG (which would have been PERFECT - I was willing to do a Marion/Diaw/Banks plus a pick for KG and a pick and it seemed that Minnesota was as well, but we all know how that ended up) and you vetoed it cuz Minnesota was not where you wanted to go! Thanks buddy. Now you owe us another Marion-like year with as little pouting as possible, por favor. That would be great for once!

Now that I'm off my soap box, I have to mention my complete disdain for my schoolwork. I am a procrastinator at heart and my laziness is taking over. When I get home from school (after that hour drive home!) the last thing that I want to do is homework - think about it, though! I spend upwards of 6 hours in class which is surrounded by an hour of driving both ways and when I arrive home all I want to do is relax. I'm putting very little effort into my schoolwork so far and it is sad, but I have yet to be motivated by anything but my Journalism 210 class and that is just because I respect my teacher, know that she thinks I'm smart (rightfully so. . .), and realize that she has connections in the business - I'm just trying to play my cards right! But other than that, I could not care less. Apathy is slowly taking me over like that black suit took over Peter Parker and Eddie Brock in SPIDER-MAN 3 (which comes out on DVD on 10/30 and I don't think I'm gonna get it actually. . . I haven't decided on that one just yet).

What else have I been burning on??? Well I'm loving that the Fall TV season has hit! I mentioned a few shows last time but since then, THE OFFICE has had its premiere (which was awesome!) and HOUSE has had two episodes, and I'm stoked to see where this season is headed! I will be watching the season premiere of 30 ROCK to see Jerry Seinfeld and also to see if the show can reel me in, which it did not do last year. . . a second chance, if you will!

I have not seen a movie since 3:10 TO YUMA, which was really good by the way. I'm sad because as of Friday there will be no movies that I really want to see at our local Cinemark 22 (save for a repeat viewing of YUMA). . . but once all the limited released stuff starts being expanded, I'll be making some trips to the movies

. . . Probably by myself. . .

So now it's time for that discussion. . . I'm having a major pity party about this, so just deal with it. I'm busy. Too busy. But that time when I'm not is usually filled with homework or internet perusing/TV watching. All of those activities take place with me, myself, and I being the only people involved. I'm so unbelievably happy for Heather and the fact that she has found some presumably cool friends to hang out and chill with through the week. But it also pains me to think about since I am completely alone. I have been remarking to Aimee that she is my best friend besides Heather, simply because we enjoy hanging around each other and we are around each other quite a bit (well, more than other people I know). I have no problems with that notion, but a guy needs more friends than his girl and his sister, no matter how great each of them are. The list can go on: George is in Georgia as I may have mentioned before and we communicate simply through texting and Myspace messages. Romique moved to Woodland Hills, now works at the Topanga Canyon FL, and we saw each other on Friday for the first time in about a month. I rarely talk to Cy since he moved down to Los Angeles and started his extra-Antelope Valley life down at USC. And Justin and Manny? Yeah, um, they're still in my phone book, but I'm not expecting a call anytime soon. Part of that is because I have been kind of a bad friend. I don't attend get-together events (thanks, school) and don't enthusiastically respond to the offers when they come around. I guess I would rather bitch about the fact that I have no friends and sit quietly in my room, blog, and listen to music.

Whatever - it is what it is.

. . .

I cleaned my room last weekend and it looks really good! So good, in fact, that I would welcome any one of you over to see just how clean it is (just don't open up that closet door haha!). I'm somewhat preparing to move (I just took a ten minute break to call up Chelsea about our apartment hunting situation actually. . .) and I still am hoping for the end of the year, but we'll see what happens. I really like this complex here, with this floor plan here, specifically. Look for things to start happening here in the next month!

I did have some INSIGHTFUL INSIGHTS to throw in here too, but I can't remember them right now. . . so I guess I'll just conclude with that.

Thanks for reading and come back soon because I will be trying to post at least twice a week during the rest of the semester.

(O, and I'm tied for first in my football pool - - just gotta keep it up like always!!!)

Thanks again and I'll talk to ya when I talk to ya

Until then,