Friday, December 30, 2005

What Can I Say?

But I'm sorry. . .

It has been a week that has been filled with coughing, working, and business. Since that is the case, I will give you a so-called WEEK GRAB-BAG, though brief, cuz I will be taking second breaks to cough about every other second. It sucks being sick. But you'll see. . .

I will go in a chronological way, as that is gonna be easiest for me. And that's what I consider important :D

- This was the day after Christmas. I slept in a bit, but not too late (I woke up at 0915 or so) and then went to see MUNICH with my dad and uncle. It was a great film with great performances and was quite powerful. Grade: B+. After that, we went to IN-N-OUT and then headed home. After that, I really can't remember what happened. Remember, this was four days ago. Give me a break.

- Heather's birthday. I went and played basketball in the morning with the guys over at the high school. This was from 0800 to 1115. I then went home and got all of my stuff together (including maps, clothes, and dinner plans) for the night ahead. Heather came over in the afternoon and then we did her birthday with my family (gifts for Heather). I got showered and dressed (real cool looking - blue shirt, black pants, my fave tie, and my wingitps) and then took Heather to her house. She got ready and we were off for Los Angeles. We got a hold of Chelsea who was down at ARCLIGHT with a friend and planned to meet up for dinner. Well, the place I had picked out for dinner (off the internet) turned out to be closed til the New Year, so that didn't work out. We ended up parking by the PANTAGES (much earlier than I'd wanted) and walking to a New York-style Pizza place for dinner. After that, we separated and Heather and I went in to the beautiful (probably the second most beautiful thing that night - you figure out the number one thing . .) PANTAGES Theatre for the performance of IRVING BERLIN'S WHITE CHRISTMAS. It was fun, fantastic, and actually quite funny. I loved it, but more importantly, Heather totally dug it and had a great time. We got home pretty late and then I headed home for the night, happy with the present that I got her. Happy 19th my Heather!

- Slept in quite late and then I don't really remember what I did til work at 1630. Work was okay I guess. I fear that it's gradually getting worse. I'm gonna start looking for a new job after the New Year and then look for an opportunity to quit at a time when I need to be there. This would be perfect: I'm working alone in the morning at the host stand and Charlie is the manager on duty. Once it starts to get busy, peace out! That would be sweet! O man, how I would love that. We'll see though. After work, I went to Heather's and stayed the night on their couch, as my family had gone to Ventura for a couple days. They had off of work and wanted a vacation and I couldn't get my work off. Bummer. I didn't feel like sleeping in an empty house, so I stayed at Heather's. It was just better that way.

- Woke up pretty early and hung out at Heather's house til after 1200 while she did chores and such. She even washed/cleaned my car for me! Her and Chelsea were doing their respective cars and they did mine too. Thanks! I went home, showered, and made some Mac and Cheese. I watched AN EVENING WITH KEVIN SMITH, or at least the first 2 hours of it (it's 3.5 hours long!) and laughed so much, which was followed by much coughing. I went to work at 1700 and got off at 2200. I went to Heather's til 2330 and then headed home to sleep. Quiet house. It's kinda nice, but definitely lonely.

- Today. I woke up around 1030 and stayed in bed til after 1100. I showered, had breakfast, browsed the Net, watched some TV, had lunch, and then put on more of the KEVIN SMITH thing. Heather came over around 1400 and we began a HOUSE marathon, watching 2 full episodes that we had TIVO'd. We have 2 more to watch. We're almost caught up. Well, I have been coughing SO much, despite the "help" of Robitussin and Dayquil so I called in sick. I didn't think I could work tonight, especially since I would have had to close. That would not have been a good night. Instead, Heather and I welcomed my family home, ordered pizza from NICK'S, watched JEOPARDY and WHEEL OF FORTUNE with the fam, and then watched CASABLANCA together. Fantastic film. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and sit down with it. Humphrey Bogart is quite possibly the most awesome man in the history of movies.

Well that was my week. It's been just crazy! Now I'm going to bed and staring a New Year (2006 folks. Believe it!) in the face. More on this in the WEEKEND GRAB-BAG, hitting the World Wide Web on Sunday night. That post will also be the 100th issue of A RAMBLER'S RAMBLING and I'm very impressed with myself for holding on this long. Let's hope for another 100. Right??? Thanks to all who keep up on my life - I truly appreciate it folks - -

Goodnight all,

- - - "Here's looking at you kid."
- - - Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) in CASABLANCA


Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Top 10 (and Feliz Navidad) Version

Merry Christmas internet friends. And no, I will not wish you a Happy Kwanzaa. Sorry. I am not a Kwanzaan. This I know. So friends, I was realizing today how much better Christmas is than Thanksgiving. And Halloween for that matter. It's simply the greatest holiday on the calendar. Thus, I give you the very first TOP 10 list in the WEEKEND GRAB-BAG's history (and in A RAMBLER'S RAMBLING's history too) and the criterion is as follows: The Top 10 Reasons Why Christmas is the Best Holiday (and remember folks, it's all unchronological - is that a word?). . .

10. PRESENTS - Come on, you knew it would be on here. Seriously though, I truly enjoy giving my family the present I got for them then receiving presents. Although that is nice too. This year I was blessed with not one, but TWO Steve Nash jerseys (home and away - thanks EBAY) as well as a SUNS long sleeved warm-up thing. I will be in full support mode for the second half of the season! I have now also completed my FRIENDS collection with the addition of seasons 5, 6, and 10. If you wanna watch a certain episode, I have it! I got some slippers (my first pair ever!) from my sweetie and a Batman steering wheel cover from Chels. Add all that up with money, certificates, and lots of socks (yes, socks) and I am very blessed indeed. I was happy to not get as much "stuff" this year - my pile at the end was much smaller than in the past. This actually makes me happy. Thanks to all who purchased for me this year - I am very grateful.

09. VACATION - Christmas is the only holiday where we get a real "time off". Now, the only reason I got out of work is cuz I got the last few days covered (thanks to Jacque, Desiree, and Stacy). For example, though, my dad is out of work for the last week and still has another week and a half. He's so giddy cuz he's home, and we're happy to have him around. My mom has off next week too. I'm out of school which is nice (even though I go back on the 9th or something like that - dangit) and it's just really laid back around here cuz everyone is on vacation. This is a plus.

08. NO TRYPTOPHAN - That's the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy. No turkey at Christmas. No sleepy. Tonight we had ham, steak (I think it was prime rib - yes that's right) as well as the usual mashed potatoes, corn, and such. That's good eating. Also, lots and lots of cookies! Thanks Mom-mom!

07. MOVIES - Now, I'm aware that movies come out at Thanksgiving and the 4th of July and such, but it just seems like the motherload comes out at Christmas. Right now, there are no less than 3 movies that I want to see, (including MUNICH, FUN WITH DICK AND JANE, and THE PRODUCERS) 2 big movies that I've already seen, (CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, KING KONG - Which I'll review a bit later) and tons of movies that could be seen, either in the theatres or on recently released DVD. Plus, as the movie buff that I am, I want to stop at nothing to get in all of them. There's still some older movies that I haven't seen that I could catch at the good ol' Dollar Theatre. And because there's nowhere else to talk about it, here's my mini review of KING KONG: Incredible. Great CGI. Real. Breathtaking. Long. Not too long like some will tell you. Great performances. Jack Black. Dinosaurs. Sweet. Crazy. Kong rocked (the actual character). Top-notch. All-in-all, just a fun flick. Go see it! KING KONG - (A)

06. GREAT SPORTS - This is why: Football season is ending, giving us tense playoff races with exciting, meaningful games. Basketball season is heating up, which is my favorite sport of all. Christmas also gives us the highly-hyped games of the year, and this year was no different. We were treated to a Finals rematch (Spurs/Pistons) that was low-scoring and intense as well as a drama-filled matchup (Heat/Lakers) that truly lived up to expectations. I love sports! Pool note: I went 9-6 with Monday night's game to be played. It's ok, and I'll probably get my 10th win (almost for sure on that). I'll probably be in 4th or 5th going into the last week. I have slim chances on getting into that top 3, but I'll certainly do my best.

05. DESSERT - I love cookies, hot chocolate, cakes, and ice cream, all of which go with the season. I don't like pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving. It's just not me.

04. LIGHTS - We went out the other night to look at lights, specifically that street off of J-8 by AVC. Every house on the block has crazy cool lights up and there's always a line that moves along at a snail's pace. It's cool to look at though and usually does the trick at putting people in the Christmas mood. Christmas lights are just plain cool period.

03. COLDS - Now, this may seem like a bad thing. It is, but it wouldn't be Christmas without something that pisses you off, and in my case it's a cold. I have one this year, as does Pop and Caleb. Our house is so completely full (2 grandparents, an aunt and uncle, a total of 3 cousins, plus the 5 of us already here) that someone else is bound to wind up with it. Sorry in advance family. My grandparents and one cousin are heading home tomorrow, but 2 more grandparents arrive in the afternoon! It's crazy, but it wouldn't be Christmas without lots of family, and lots of chances to pass along germs, which we do. Ah-choo indeed.

02. HEATHER'S BIRTHDAY - This is Tuesday. Although I'm sure it's a pain for her, or at least has been in the past, I am excited about a lifetime of making sure I get separate gift things and showing how different the two occasions are. Man, I can't wait for Christmas when it's just the two of us! This is her favorite holiday too. She's so giddy this time of year it's hilarious. That girl just consistently makes me smile. So, I'm taking her out on Tuesday night to something that she doesn't know what it is. She says she knows I have tickets to something. What she doesn't know is that she has NO IDEA and that I have her so completely off course that she won't know what hit her come Tuesday night. Yes! High-five for being incognito and sneaky!

01. FAMILY STORIES - What I've noticed the last few days is how different Christmas is from the other holidays. After Thanksgiving, you normally clean up after dinner and then hit the couch, half-sedated and ready to do lots of nothing for a long period of time. Well, after Christmas dinner (and all the other times we were sitting around) we would chat. Take, for instance, Christmas Eve. Being sick, I fell asleep on the LOVE SAC around 1900 and woke up at 2100. I wandered into the living room, joining right in on the conversation, which was just reminiscing about old stories. We laughed, heard good jokes (mostly courtesy of Pop) and told great stories. This was my highlight of the Christmas-time with mi familia.

- After-Christmas Sales: This is such a brilliant idea. That's all that needs to be said.
- New Year's Approaches: Yep, it's next week. Wow. 2006. That's nuts.

Well folks, that's my Christmas. I hope you and yours had a pleasant time this weekend and that you took some time to love each other and pay attention to those around you. Tell someone you love em. It's neat. And not in a queer way people (this isn't BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - Sidenote: I'm curious about this movie. I wanna see it, but then I don't. Maybe a rental). Love up the family folks. It's only right. And it's only Christmas once a year, so cherish it. Yep. That's good enough - - -

- - - "God bless us. Every One."
- - - Good ol' Tiny Tim from A CHRISTMAS CAROL

Ho Ho Ho,


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas is in the Air

Catch it.

Well I have pretty bad stomach cramps right now, so I'm going to bed, but I'll try to provide a bit of commentary tomorrow night of my big day. Heather and I are going to ARCLIGHT THEATRE tomorrow morning to see KING KONG. I'm excited.

Sleep well all - Hope your Christmas shopping is all done (cuz mine is!).



Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Two Words with Two L's

HELL and MALL. . .

Need I say more?

Well I got my shopping almost all of the way done (all that is left is a gift for Chelsea which I will be getting tomorrow) and am going to wrap it all tomorrow as well.

Work went ok - it was really slow tonight. I got my shift covered for tomorrow so I'm off til probably next Wednesday. This is a GREAT thing! I'm so sick of that place and I need a break.

But now I'm moving on with my night, but I just felt like giving a small update. Hope all is well and that all of your shopping flows just as smoothly as mine did. Just maybe without all those pesky people involved. . .

Night all

- - - "Well you already did."
- - - My response to one of those kiosk people in the Mall when she said "Can I ask you a question?" (Aren't I witty???)

Running out of cashola,


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Lowering of the Ears

Anyone ever heard this comment in regards to a certain action? I had it done today. Try to figure it out til I tell you. And yes, you will be quizzed later. . .

So I woke up this morning at 0900 when my mom called me to wake me up. I proceeded to fall back asleep til 0945 when I sprung (anyone else thing of SIR MIX-A-LOT when I said sprung?) out of bed. I got dressed rapidly and got to the place of mouth Hell by 1000 where my mom was already waiting. We were in the waiting room for bout a half hour and then went to another room and waited for about 10 more minutes. Waiting isn't fun, but I did get to chat with my mom, something I haven't done in a while. The Oral Surgeon guy came in and checked my craters and said that my mouth looked good and that I was free to go. Thanks bub. 45 minutes of waiting for not even 45 seconds of payoff. I understand though. Not like I was doing anything else at that time.

After that I went to the BARBER SHOP to get my hair cut (or ears lowered, as some have been known to call it). While I waited my turn I went over to BLOCKBUSTER and did some brief Christmas shopping, picking out some entertainment gifts for a couple people (I will be VERY vague when it comes to Christmas gifts and their purchases - no hints!) as well as two movies for myself: CRASH (Finally!) and BATMAN BEGINS. They were having a sale again of 3 DVD's for $25 so I got a total of six movies. You do the math. Good thing I bussed those tables. .

After my haircut (a number 5 blade all the way around) I went home and showered. This is the only natural thing to do following a haircut. Then I got ready for work and headed to Palmdale. I met Justin, Emily, and Mallory at BAJA FRESH and we hung out and chatted for awhile. Mal left and then it was just me and the couple, and we ended up catching up all the way til I had to go to work. It was nice to talk and I am grateful for that time we spent talking. Thanks guys!

I got to work at 1500 and was set for a busy night. It didn't start getting busy (ha I laughed when I typed that) til about 1730 and Erin (manager who doesn't like me) came up and assisted me and the other host. She really didn't need to do so, but another body certainly made everything quicker. We stayed busy til I left at 2100 after my 6 hours of work.

I was hungry and had been craving ol IN-N-OUT ever since I had gotten my wisdom taken (this is how I refer to my oral surgery) so I went to the Palmdale IN-N-OUT to get a burger before heading to Heather's. Well it just so happens that Justin works there and was just going on his half-hour break when I pulled up. Thus, I ate my 3 x 3 (yes that is self-explanatory) with him during his break. This was pretty fun as we just related work and stupid manager stories. I left him and got to Heather's at 2130 or so. The remainder of the night was spent catching up with my lovely girl who I have not really seen since Sunday morning. She told me all about her last two days (very eventful) and then we discussed Christmas and our plans for the next week (also VERY eventful). I just got home about 15 minutes ago and hopped on the computer and am now doing this.

But now I'm tired so no more blogging tonight. I'll leave you with a completely irrelevant quote from Conan O'Brien, but a hysterical one at that. Thank you and goodnight. . .

- - - ''Good news: It’s been reported that Mary-Kate Olsen has gained 20 pounds. The bad news: Ashley Olsen is missing.'

NiGhT aLl,


Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Itsy-Bitsy-Kinda-Sorta Tardy Version

Welcome my kiddies to the latest installment of THE WEEKEND GRAB-BAG. Yes, I am aware that it is Monday and again, sorry for the truancy. It's been an interesting several days and you are all welcome to join me in reliving them. And, as always my faithful readers, this is not chronological. . .

- Ok, so I'm gonna begin it all tonight with the Hellhole that is JOHNNY CARINO'S. To begin, the restaurant is great, the food is really good, and I completely recommend coming in and trying it out if you haven't already. Now, that being said, I swear that the GM is only concerned with the "proper" treatment of the customer and not the employee. And I KNOW that this is how the "real world" works and all that jazz but it still sucks. So I'm gonna rant. Again. Actually, no I'm not. You see, I've been ranting pretty much every night that I come home so I'm growing tired of doing so. BUT, I will give you a brief fly-by howsabout? Ok so I worked Saturday, Sunday, and today (dang, that's three days straight - o man and I work tomorrow and Wednesday! - you can't get too much more involved in work than that). Saturday was a quick day - only 4 1/2 hours. Not bad either. . .

I'm unable to blog right now - I'm watching THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (my most recent DVD purchase - great film with a sweet ending but an extremely crude first half; if you can get past the first half (for those who are easily offended) then you will be happy at the end. Trust me on this one.) and I am muy distracted. I'll come back to this in a bit. . .

- Ok I'm back. It's 2330 and I'm ready to finish this darned thing. So then Sunday I go in at 1600 ready for a brief night, hopefully ending around 2030 or 2100. Well, apparently they just recently let go two more Table Tenders (I don't know why) and there was only one scheduled for last night. Well that was seriously not enough (it's really really not) so Tim asked me to Table Tend for the night. There were 3 total hosts, so this was a fine exchange. I said of course and went to work. It was tiring and very hard work. But, it was well worth it. I ended up staying til past closing with Agustine (the other TT) like a regular TT and closed with him. I got outta there at 2330 with not only 7 hours of work under my belt but $100 in my wallet as I got tipped out! At JC, the TTs get two percent of the total sales and we split it, giving me one percent of the JC profit for the evening. This was exciting. I want to do this every night! Well I talked it over with the padre and I went in today and was set to ask to switch over to TT, as there were obvious slots to fill. I was the opening host today and it was SO BUSY!!! About an hour after we opened and the first set of guests began to leave, I realized that we had no TT working. This was going to be a problem! When the other host came on at 1230, I offered to Charlie, the big bad GM, that I would bus (is it buss?) tables since there were two hosts and no TT. He agreed (he really needed me to, but is too arrogant to ask, I swear) and I bussed (I think that's the right spelling) all morning by myself. Sure, Charlie helped a bit and the servers did do some pre-bussing (taking some of the larger items before I get to the table) but it was really only me out there cleaning, wiping down, and setting the tables. I had asked Charlie earlier for a second to talk something over with him (the aforementioned transition) and he said later and I agreed. Well when it died down for a bit, I went looking for him and found him interviewing a younger Mexican guy. Flash back about a month or two ago: I asked to move to TT and Charlie said there were no openings but would quote COME TO ME FIRST WHEN THERE WAS AN OPENING endquote. Now we're back in the present and I'm steaming cuz his word officially means shit now cuz he hired TTs when there was an opening and didn't come to me. After I enquired about moving over, he came up with an idea that might work out, but certainly does not give him any respect in my book. Despite their hiring of 2 new TTs (that's the young Mexican guy for those slow ones out there) he said he could maybe give me a mixed schedule during the week (like, for instance, 2 Host shifts and 2 TT shifts - I'll take it!). This of course is all "his word" which, like I said, means absolutely nothing to me. So I don't know where I stand. Patience come quick to me! More to come in the coming weeks. And you know there will be!

- Ok, well that was about as short as I could make that - that's how frustrated I am. Sorry. If you're still with me, I'll continue with other things :D

- The following is all I recall and the specifics from the WISDOM TEETH thing I did on Tuesday, for those of you wondering how I took to the anesthesia (spelling?) and such: I DID NOT have laughing gas. I think I was put under via an IV. Upon waking, I told my mom I could beat her in a one-on-one basketball game, despite not being able to stand. I played a lot of MADDEN and watched a few movies. I am officially caught up on THE OC. I slept a lot. I still maintain a rather specific diet until tomorrow's follow-up where the last stitches will be removed (next stop: IN-N-OUT! - I love you Heather! I swear I'm not addicted! :). I am beginning to bruise yellow on my right cheek. I am glad it's almost over. I don't feel as wise. My mouth feels lighter.

- The other thing that was true about me was that I didn't leave my house from Tuesday until Saturday when I went to work. That's a long time to be in one place. After work on Saturday, I went to CIRCUIT CITY and bought THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN for myself and a Christmas present for Barbara (Heather's mom) which I will not divulge here. After that, I went home and changed and then went to Desert Christian High School for the Alumni Basketball Game (it's just called that because it takes place the day after Alumni Chapel - Alumni did not play) between DC and Vasquez. I hung out mostly with my boy Rico (Ok, quick bio about Rico: Junior in HS, played Varsity basketball with me for 2 years, just moved to Ventura with his mom, the black influence on my life - no joke - a great kid, and a friend that I will have no matter how long we are not teammates on the court) and it was a lot of fun, although difficult to watch the guys play and not be able to help. I miss basketball. DC won an UGLY game that featured multiple Technical Fouls, 2 ejections (both Vasquez guys) and a couple almost fights. I talked with a few people who I hadn't seen in awhile, but was certainly not interested in hanging out after cuz I then went over to Heather's and hung out for the remainder of the night. We were watching THE GRADUATE when Chelsea got home from work around 2330 and paused it to chat. We ended up talking til flippin 0400 in the morning! We talked about pretty much everything going on in our lives and shared random (and hilarious) stories. We didn't even realize what time it was til my dad texted me at 0200 and then I decided to just stay there. Don't worry folks, I slept on the downstairs couch :D . . . Saturday was a good day

- Still no school. This is a good thing.

- Still with me? Hang in there people! It'll be worth it! (Well, probably not, but if you've read this far then you might as well finish!)

- On Sunday, Heather and I (do you like the good English there) met my family (which included my grandfather, Pop-Pop (Pop for short), who was in town for the weekend - he drives a tour bus based in Arizona in his retirement and had brought a group to THE LB for a cruise or something and had the weekend free so he came to see us) at CASITA LOPEZ for lunch. After that we headed home and watched the end of the AM football games (No more undefeated COLTS - Bummer) and then the lady and I finished up THE GRADUATE. Then it was time for work and you already know how that turned out.

- I went 13-3 this week in the Pool. I'm still in the hunt. 2 weeks left. Crunch time.

- The aforementioned gift for Barbara is the only Christmas gift I have bought. Period. I'm screwed.

- Well folks, that's that. This week should be interesting for me as I have two more days of work, mucho family coming into town, (so many people I've lost track) and what else? O YEAH! CHRISTMAS is SUNDAY!!! Wow the time flies! Thanks for stopping by (I hope you grabbed some water from the guys handing out cups of it halfway through this marathon) and please come back, as there will be a new blog tomorrow night. This I also promise. And my word does not mean shit, unlike someone else I know. . .

- - - "I don't wanna cram pimpage"
- - - My favorite line from THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. Deja vu anyone??? (Note: the reason for the comment there is that I used this quote in one of my earliest blogs after seeing the above movie in the theatre - It's just that funny!)

Extemely winded and uncertain of everything,


Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Preface to Much More

Ok I see by ALL of the comments left on my last two blogs (that would be ZERO) that everyone is very worried about me and wants to hear about what's been going down with me.

Well not tonight.

I know that this would be the spot of the next installment of THE WEEKEND GRAB-BAG, but I had a really late night at work (I will explain that Hellhole later) and am very tired and have to work at 1030 tomorrow morning.

So. . .

Nothing til tomorrow night when I will, I promise, blog up an El Nino-type storm and give you what you all have been waiting o so long for.

Thanks and good night!


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not Much to Report

My days have been spent mostly in my room playing MADDEN or, well, no that's about it. I am up through week 12 in my PRO level season and am sitting at 9-2. My stats aren't nearly as high, but at least I'm winning ball games. Wait a minute! It doesn't matter cuz it's just Video Games! Now I remember. But seriously, it's been fun to play a bit and I do enjoy it very much. I got almost caught up on "THE O.C." this afternoon, and now I am only 2 episodes behind.

I still can't eat a whole lot. Today I ate soup, scrambled eggs, penne noodles with some marinara sauce and chopped up chicken. That's right folks, chopped up chicken.

Heather comes home tomorrow for her break! I'm so excited! Tomorrow is also ALUMNI Chapel at Desert Christian High School, but I don't think I'll be attending. I don't really feel like being gone for a half of a year is long enough to attend said chapel. Plus, I really didn't have THAT many friends, so it would be mostly small talk with people I have no interest in talking to. I'm totally fine with not going. Plus, my mouth still hurts a little bit, so that'll be my other excuse besides simply not wanting to go. So sue me. I've only graduated this year! I don't need to be there, so I won't be there.

Some sad news: A DCHS graduate (2004) died on Monday in a car accident involving only his car and a power pole. Mike Bowers was a nice guy who I did know, and did have a few conversations with. He always did lighting and/or sound for Mrs. Sparks in the Drama Department and "Butch" (as he was called by his friends) had great potential. There was an article in today's paper about his death and I just get pissed off when I read stuff like this. Yes, it's very sad. My mom said something about God's plan for Mike and how Satan was messing with the plan thru his death or something like that. It seems to me like Mike's life was only supposed to be nineteen years long, and you know what? That sucks. It's not right. This guy had the promise of a great future and now it doesn't matter what his future was looking like because he is dead. To me, it seems like God's plan for Mike was to bless his friends and family through his first almost-twenty years and then leave them to mourn over what could've been. Seems like a raw deal to me. Death just confuses me, especially the death of people who are young of age. I just hope that his family is able to pull through this ok (they usually do in these situations) and that his friends are able to cope with the loss. Rest in Peace Mike - -

All of a sudden, my mouth doesn't hurt so much. . .



Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In A Nutshell

Just a recap on the last two days:

- 4 Wisdom Teeth out

- Only soft foods into the mouth (scrambled eggs, yogurt, applesauce, milkshakes, mac and cheese, soup)

- Lots of fluids

- Lots of rest

- Pain Pills and Penicillin

- I'm tired



Monday, December 12, 2005

Mr. Chew

The title this evening is for my beloved Heather. If you've seen the bonus short film on the MADAGASCAR DVD starring the hilarious penguins, then you'll get the joke. If not, I don't care cuz it's for her and that's what matters :D - Also, I will not be able to do said action for a few days. But you already know about that. . .

Well I was awoken (that's right, right?) by a phone call from a mysterious number. I didn't get it cuz I didn't know who it was. I figured if it was important enough, they'd leave a message. They did. It was my co-host Jacque, pleading for me to take her 1600 shift today. I did not want to do so, but because she asked nicely I did. Ha, well actually I figured "you reap what you sow" so maybe she'll get a shift for me one of these days. . .

So I knew I had to go to work at 1600 so I got my one MAJOR chore done as early as possible: The Recycleables! It was long overdue because of the lack of time I had with school ending and work continuing and such. So, it was quite a project. It took me about an hour altogether and was o so well worth it. I made $38.95 on all of the bottles, cans, and other assorted recycleables. I know, that's incredible. And that's what I thought.

Afterwards I took a shower and ate some lunch and then watched ATH and PTI. Then I had to get ready for work and I was there at 1600. It was only me at the Host Stand til 1700 when the other host came on (I'm on an "ok" basis with this particular one). Tonight was pretty busy for a Monday night. We were fine at the Stand, but the kitchen was backed up quite a bit apparently. At one point, Erin came up and told us not to seat ANYONE for 10 minutes. Well, this set us back just a wee bit, but we survived and were off our wait around 2000. I got outta there at 2045 with a "Good job tonight" from Erin, which was much to my relief. Fingers remain crossed.

On my way home I called Heather and asked her o so nicely (and sweetly ha ha) to come home tomorrow to take care of me after my Wisdom Teeth surgery thingy. Her finals don't start til Thursday, so I figured she could study whilst I sleep and take care of me while I am conscious. She said, and I quote: "Ok honey. I'd do anything you asked." Yay! I have foundeth my partner. That's that. It's over. The quest has been completed :D . . . She ended up driving home tonight and will be by my side in the afternoon after going snowboarding in the morning with Chelsea and Jacque (not the host, remember - I know, it's complicated). That was just a perk for her to come home :D I'm the real reason!

On a quick MADDEN note, I did end up playing the Super Bowl last night and was quite easily victorious. I forget the score, but it was basically A LOT to A LITTLE. So I took care of some pesky off-season stuff and then got it ready for season 2. This one will be played on the PRO level, which is next on the ladder. I played the first game of the season tonight and won 45-21 over the not-so-good RAIDERS. This bodes well. The ROOKIE season helped my skill much. This was a good plan. Nice one Justin.

Well I better retire to my bed and covers as my appointment is at 0815 tomorrow morning. I'm nervous kinda. I'm more anxious about "going under" than anything else. Hopefully it goes okay. I think it will. Tomorrow is sitting at 3:1 odds that I'll blog. Don't expect it, but if it comes, then you can rejoice. And that's that.

- - - "When the pants come off, it's serious."
- - - My Dad, in regards to a relationship of one of my co-workers. I was sharing with them some information about someone. And after hearing him say this, I said "That's gonna be my quote on tonight's blog." They laughed. I was serious :D

Sleeping towards surgery,


Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Freedom Version

Yep, you guessed it: SCHOOL'S OUT!!! But I do apologize as I did last week for not blogging on a Thursday night. It's just more work for me, as I have to remember 4, count them, 4 days of thoughts, events, and memories. That's why I do this for a liv- o wait - this is for fun. Shoot. O well. And remember folks, this is not chronological, so don't ask! . .

- Ok, so work. Last time we talked I was getting into more trouble with the one manager and starting to test the patience of the General Manager, although trust me, I was not trying to do so. Well I worked yesterday (I didn't work one of those over-extended hours days) and tonight and overall had a good weekend at work. It's better when a certain two managers are there, as they like me, and for some strange reason, I don't get into any trouble with guests and such. Isn't that amazing! Well tonight, we had two, count them, two parties of 20 and one party of 28 as well as the usual three or four parties of 8 and 10 and such. So me and Jennifer (the nice manager) worked side-by-side to get together these tables and she actually listened to me and went with my idea for the seating. This was cool. We'll see what happens this week. I don't work again til Saturday (I'll get to that later) and the axe was supposed to come out some time around now, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. O yeah, I got paid on Saturday! Yes! Christmas money!!! Now, that's a whole other story.

- Tonight is the first night since Wednesday night that I've been alone. On Thursday, George came over as we had wanted another night of working on the ol' script. Well we did accomplish some stuff (the entire opening credits is mapped out - it's cool when I visualize it in movie form) but the best part was introducing him to DANE COOK. For those of you who don't know DANE COOK, he is quite possibly the most popular stand-up comedian right now. His latest CD was something like number four on the BILLBOARD charts its first week and has since gone platinum. He is also the first stand-up to host SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and not have another medium that he was supporting (movies, TV, etc) and is one of my favorite stand-ups out there. Check out or just go out and buy RETALIATION right now. Caution: the man can get rude and crude, but it's very worth it. High comedy. . . O yeah, so me and George (I know, I know - it's "George and I" - leave me alone) listened to him for about an hour on my computer and we were laughing hysterically the entire time. Good stuff. Friday was Long Beach day (also more on that later) and Saturday night I hung out with my bud Kevin. He was bored and gave me a call and so we hung out at my house for a few hours. We played some MADDEN (he tried at least, which was cool) and chatted a bit about what was going on in our respective lives. We made an IN-N-OUT trip around 2300 and he headed home at 0100, making it another late night. Good catching up, though. So now I'm alone tonight, which is something I more or less prefer. I am not a person who minds being by himself. O yes, it's true.

- That was a long ramble

- I get my Wisdom Teeth pulled out on Tuesday. Dangit. I was kinda growing attached to them (ba-dum-chuh). You know, I think I already made this joke in a previous blog. O well, it's funny. I'm sticking with it!

- As I said before, I went to Long Beach on Friday (from now on, it will be called THE LB - yeah, it's kind of a nudge towards THE OC, but not entirely) and had just a wonderful day. I got there about 1300 as there was mucho traffic on the 405. We had a movie planned for 1615 so we decided to kick back and ended up taking a nap. You know, I always sleep better when Heather's curled up with me. This bodes well for my future sleep patterns. Anyway, we woke up and headed to the Howard Hughes Promenade, which is about 20 minutes from her apartment. It's where we saw THE WEATHER MAN last month. Anyway, we went to go see (take a breath, it's lengthy) THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. I have never read the books, but I do know a bit about C.S. Lewis since I went to Desert Christian High School and read one of his books (The Screwtape Letters) for Bible class. I was marginally to partially interested in the movie going in. I was pleasantly surprised. I would put it right up there with those pesky LORD OF THE RINGS movies, maybe just under RETURN OF THE KING, but better than those first two. I like the fantastical worlds that men like Lewis and Tolkien create. This is a true escapist movie. Go to the world of NARNIA and you won't be disappointed.


- After the movie we went to CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN and got our favorite Margherita Pizza. We ate the whole thing and then headed back to her apartment and watched IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and for me it was my first time viewing it. I know, that's gotta be sacreligious or something, but it's true. Overall it was pretty good and I can see why it's revered as a classic. I would be okay never seeing it again, but I also wouldn't mind if I saw it every Christmas or something you know? I had to return home shortly after the movie and this sucked more than ever before. Why? Well, Heather and I are just growing closer together every extra day we're a couple and it's harder each time we say goodbye. At least she's done with school after this week. And speaking of school. . .

- IT'S OVER! Well, at least the Fall semester of this year 2005 is finished. On Thursday, I took my only final of the day (MATH) and that was that. We had a group final (Thanks Tran) and our group finished first and correctly, or so we expect. I'm excited, cuz I think I got an A in that class, which would give me a 3.75 GPA for this semester. That's cool. School resumes on January 9, 2006 and that means this is gonna be a good month. No school! Yes!

- So I finished the regular season of my FRANCHISE mode on MADDEN. I went 16-0 (remember: Rookie level) and am now in the Super Bowl. I might do that tonight or tomorrow, I haven't decided. I know you don't care, but Peyton Manning threw 81 touchdown passes for me! That's incredible! Bring it Seattle! And in other sports news, I went a respectable 11-4 in the football pool this week with Monday night's game remaining. I went into this week tied for sixth place and I'm so close, yet so far away. Story of my life. .

- I was just thinking that this was a shorter Weekend Grab-Bag, but then I scrolled up and found that not to be the case. And this makes it longer. Yes!

- I need to do Christmas shopping. Bleh! What do I get!!!???!!!

- Well. . . I can't think of any fun thoughts for right now, but if you ask me of my opinion on something, I would be more than happy to share my opinion with all of you. Comment please. Anyone can do it! Yes, even you Grandma! And no, I don't think that this is a desperate plea. I find it endearing. But, again, that's probably just me. Tired, wisdom-less (at least after Tuesday) me. And that's that.

- - - Sentry Centaur: "Numbers do not win a battle."
Peter Pevensie: "No... but I bet they help."

Laughing maniacally,


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Like a Snowball Rolling Down a Hill

I'm tired again tonight. I'm tired a lot, turns out. One more day of school. Yes! So, today. . .

Well I was startled awake at 0700 by my evil alarm. I must have reset it on Tuesday morning and just forgotten. Dangit. I turned it off angrily (I surprisingly didn't throw anything) and hopped back underneath the warm covers. I woke up again a bit after 1100 and decided to get outta bed. I hopped on the world wide web for a little bit and then ate some lunch a little after noon. After that it was Math homework time and I worked on that til 1530. I have 1 1/2 lessons left and I'm done with Math lessons FOREVER!

O, interesting note: I was watching some of the good ol' ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD today on STARZ and was amazed at who is in it. Along with Danny Glover, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (the THIRD ROCK kid) Christopher Lloyd, Dermot Mulroney, and Tony Danza, a young Adrien Brody (The Pianist) and a clean-shaven Matthew McConaughey make appearances as players for the team. Incredible!

Got ready for work and headed out. I was there at 1630 and was prepared to put Monday night behind me and just work my tush off like always. It was going good until evil occurred! Actually, it was just awful timing. Every host does this and I just got "caught" so to speak, but it is logical! We had a bunch of 2's and 3's on the waiting list, with the occasional 4. When this happens, we often have at least three six-top tables open. Thus, when a party of 5 or 6 comes in, we seat them right away. Ok? Ok. Well it just makes sense. Why have them wait and seat a party of 2 awkwardly at a six-top table. The other night when Heather, Aimee, and I went in we sat at a six-top, and it was just weird. I wouldn't want this again. Well, tonight marked the first time that somone complained. This awful woman comes up and says snottily, "Why are THEY getting sat before us when we were here first?" Well Erin decided to walk up right then (of course) and I got it. After that, it was a brief moment of unnecessary comments by her, and I just took it in stride.


It just seems like I can do nothing right. I guess Erin asked Jacque (this is the host, not Chelsea's friend) if I was being bossy and a problem and Jacque (thanks Jacque!) told her that we work well together and that I'm good at hosting. Erin apparently appeared disappointed. I think she's looking for a reason to get me outta there. A little birdy told me that she's leaving soon (YES!) so she might try to get me out first. Let's hope not.

But now I'm ready for bed and gonna try to head there shortly. Hope all is well for all of you and yours. Remember: 17 Shopping Days til Christmas. . . Holy Crap! When am I gonna do that?!?!

(Enter title of tonight's blog here)

Nothing comes in ones. It's all in groups. Hang on folks. This is just the beginning!

- - - "You can't go through life thinking everyone you need will one day let you down. "
- - - Danny Glover in ANGELS IN THE OUTFIELD

Cold and Uncertain,


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just Scraping By

I'm exhausted right now. All I can get out is the following:

- School has come to a close: I am right now officially done with 3 of my 4 classes. All that I have left at AVC this Fall semester of 2005 is 4 math lessons and the final for that class which I will be taking on Thursday. Everything else is done. O how good that feels!

- I watched a ridiculously awful film today for class. It was called ELEPHANT. It's just so odd I can't explain it. There were periods of several minutes where the camera would just track behind someone walking. That's it! Walking!

- I saw THE ICE HARVEST, a dark comedy starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton tonight with Justin and George. I liked it the most among the three of us. I liked the fact that people died in the movie. It was not lighthearted. It was not happy. It was DARK! And very noir in tone, which I adore in films. Good stuff.


- And yes folks, as I promised, here are this months entertainment recommendations:


- - - KING KONG (12/14) The Peter Jackson-helmed remake just looks incredible! I am so incredibly stoked for this movie, I get anxious just talking about it. I know there are doubters out there, but you know what, I don't think there is any more that you can ask from a film. I can't wait! Trailer:

- - - FUN WITH DICK AND JANE (12/21) The Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni remake looks very funny and looks to return Carrey to his hilarious form of old. The rumors of reshot endings and cast fights doesn't phase me. I'm excited to see how it turns out! Trailer:

- - - THE PRODUCERS (12/16 limited) The remake of the original movie that turned into a play all about a bad play. Did you follow that? The combination of the successful Broadway guys (Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane) with Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell should make this the funnest movie of the holiday season. Again, I wouldn't be recommending it if I wasn't interested, so I am stoked! Trailer:

- - - MUNICH (12/23) Steven Spielberg's newest film looks gritty and tough to watch. In the trailer, when Eric Bana says "Don't forget my voice" to his infant child on the phone, I actually get choked up cuz there is so much passion and drama there. It's all about assassins sent to Israel to get rid of Palestinian terrorists in 1972. Good, gritty stuff from Spielberg. Yes! Trailer:


- - - CINDERELLA MAN (12/06) The great film from this past summer that will unfortunately get overlooked come Oscar time. Russell Crowe, Renee Zellwegger, and the outstanding Paul Giamatti all put forth great performances in this boxing movie about Jim Braddock. As Heather says, it's a bad title (I like it, but she didn't get it - thought it sounded girly ha ha) but the film is great and it's powerful. Go rent it today actually!

- - - THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN: UNRATED EDITION (12/13) Very funny, very crude film from this past summer. As predicted on my myspace of old, I said that Steve Carell would become the funniest man in America. This is a huge step towards proving me right. I'm definitely picking this one up, if only for the "You know how I know you're gay?" scene. Classic!

- - - FRANK MILLER'S SIN CITY: Recut - Extended - Uncut (12/13) The complete package that I was hoping for in August when the film was released the first time on DVD. That was a bare-bones edition though, and this is exactly what I want! This is where it's at!

Well folks, that about does it. I'm tired and ready for beddy bye. Aw how cute. . .

Sleep well folkages - later gators

- - - "As Wichita Falls, so falls Witchita Falls."
- - - Recurring thought in THE ICE HARVEST

Nodding off,


Monday, December 05, 2005

Your Perception is Your Reality

Well today was just plain odd and, overall, it sucked. I had a lame night. Here is why my internet readers. . .

Well I woke up at 1100 despite truly wanting to wake up earlier. In a few short hours I was able to complete my take-home, open-book final for Philosophy (no, it could not get any easier) and the philosopher study for my oral presentation tomorrow (on existentialist Jean-Paul Sartre). I had lunch while watching AROUND THE HORN and PARDON THE INTERRUPTION (from now on they will be referred to as ATH and PTI k?) on ESPN. Afterwards, I had a choice: Video games for an hour or begin my last Philosophy paper. I made the right decision, getting about a third of the way thru my paper.

Then it was time to get ready for work. I usually don't work on Mondays, but I was covering for someone, as I am desperate for hours. This is where my day turned sour. We were not all that busy, per se'. We just had A LOT of big parties. I counted up to six parties of EIGHT, three parties of TEN OR MORE, and another half dozen or more SIXES and SEVENS. It was kinda crazy but nothing me and my co-host Jacque couldn't handle (she is the second best host on staff, behind another girl, Lacey - I am a close third for humility's sake). Early on in the evening, a server came up complaining about something I won't get into. Either way, I was at the center of the controversy. I told her bluntly to calm down, as I didn't want a scene at the host stand. She left disgruntled and apparently told our manager that I was being a big bad host and hurt her feelings. SO, they called me in and decided to discuss with me for twenty minutes or so my pros and cons. They told me I'm effective and efficient, but that is also my weakness. Apparently, in my race to be a good host, I'm becoming a bad host. My general manager compared me to a cattle driver in relation to how I deal with guests. Well, from my vantage point, that is the only way to be productive when you have no less than 30 people in a cramped foyer. With the impending winter causing very cold evenings, more and more people are entering our lobby to wait. This is a problem folks. Straight up. My GM is gonna have to choose between "efficiency" and "niceity"

Well we ended up laughing by the end of our discussion and I was left with this pearl of wisdom from the big GM: "Your perception is your reality". Thanks, but no thanks. But this is the issue. You see, I am apparently the most misunderstood person out there on the planet, I swear. People just don't get me. If I truly am the way people perceive me then I am going to Hell in a handbasket. I considered this on my way home. If I veered off the freeway and freefalled to eternity, where would I go and who would really care? NOW, please hear me! I am not suicidal or any of that bullshit (suicide is THE most selfish action ever). I was just taking in the words of those around me and applying their apparent meanings. This is my perception.

You see, about 15 minutes before we closed and I was free to go home, I was again called back to the office. Surprised, I ventured back there, curious about the topic of discussion. Turns out, I didn't have to use my imagination. Apparently, a woman had called our managers and complained about my rudeness AFTER she got home. People only complain to managers about hosts. We never get complimented. It's a lose-lose situation. Well since we had just gone over my issues a few hours prior to the incident, I had to be written up. The woman claimed that I huffed at them (they were maybe the sixth party of eight in less than an hour) and said that they just had to wait. Well what actually happened was that I claimed that I was unaware of any tables available. I would go check for them real quickly and then get back to them on their wait. THEY huffed at ME and asked how long they would have to wait. I again told them to give me a second to check, maybe a little frustrated at their peevishness. I checked and I was able to get them to a table in just under 5 minutes. A miracle! No, they were just fortunate that it was a relatively slow Monday night. Who has the cajones to act huffy with a party of 8 at 1900 when told they may have to wait a whole 20 minutes??!!?? This was ridiculous. Well, I am perceived incorrectly, because I was as nice as I could have been. I was tingly (I kid you not) after the meeting with the 2 managers cuz I was so conscious about my every word and action. Well the woman claimed that I was rude and that this was the third such incident that they've had with me. I don't even remember having three issues period! So, they had to write me up cuz they had just talked to me. This time they were not laughing.

As I held the door for one of the last people to leave, I noticed that the outside door kept slamming shut like it usually does. I could not miss the figurative metaphor at my fingertips. The door to my promotion to CURBSIDE was slamming shut as I stood there, and I could see it, and it sucked. I left work grim and majorly pissed off. Maybe I shouldn't have covered that shift. .

So, if "your perception is your reality" then I am officially the most screwed person that I know. I have this demeanor about me that apparently says "Up yours" and never "I care". I truly am (and hate being) fake at work. I hate gritting my teeth and telling a complete ignoramous that they're right, when they are o so very wrong. It sucks. And, to add to all of this, the extra mile that I need to go to be successful here at JC (you see, I am "efficient" and "effective" - a good host - I just lack the "niceity" required even though I feel that I give it) is the public's perception of me. You see? As the French would say, I am "le screwed"! I am left to wonder if the only place for me in this world is by myself away from everybody, since I cannot get along with the public (apparently). I texted Heather to get away from me while she still had a chance to get out from under the spell I've put her under. Obviously exaggerating, I still have a point. I can't believe that any girl would accept me, and this amazing one has. Thanks Heather for sticking with me. We're in it for the long haul (you must cuz you've lasted this long ha ha) and I can't wait to be with you forever. That is, if you'll still have me, good ol' Mr. Misunderstood. . .

So I came home and vented to my parents for a good hour and a half and then began this thingy here. Now I have to finish my Philosophy paper and then check my sister's Math homework. I'll be up til past 0200 cuz it's almost 0100 as it is. Dangit. One more week of school. Thank God on that one. A blessing!

Ok, so I know that I said I would do December entertainment today, but can I have one more day? Please???? Well I'm giving myself an extension. Thanks though.

So I'm tired, but we gotta finish what we start. On to Philosophy - -

O yeah, for those of you interested, the teaser trailer for X-MEN 3 (due out May 26, 2006) came online today. It will be in theatres with KING KONG, but you folks can view it via my site here: - I think it now has promise. I was in serious doubt about this film (no NIGHTCRAWLER in this one) but it might be ok. We'll see. Kelsey Grammar (yes, THAT Kelsey Grammar is BEAST - the blue, hairy mutant for those of you who don't know) actually looks pretty cool as does the character of ANGEL. We'll see. . .

Goodnight evil planet - O how you screw with my mind

- - - "A thousand 'attaboys' go away with one screw up."
- - - My GM Charlie's lesson from the Navy - How screwed am I!



Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Gigantor Version

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Weekend Grab-Bag. You are always welcome around my neck of the woods. And please take off your shoes while you're here, cuz we're Asian and that's what we do (It never gets old Cy!). And of course, this is in no way chronological. . .

- O boy, good ol' Johnny Carino's. I spent 14 hours there in 2 days this weekend. On Saturday, I went in at noon for my very first afternoon (AM) shift. My schedule said I was to be off at 1600 and this made me quite excited. Well, one of the hosts scheduled at 1600 failed to come in (she just recently gave her two weeks notice - not the lame sandra bullock/hugh grant movie - so she really couldn't care less at this point) so I was supposed to then stay til 1800. A little bummed, I continue to work hard cuz I knew I would still have the remainder of the night. Well the rush of all rushes occurred a little after 1700 and hit us hard. We went from a miniscule wait to almost an hour wait just like that (snaps fingers for dramatic effect). Well, our General Manager came up and said he wanted me to stay around (a good sign, but I wanted my Saturday night!) so I had to take a break. I ended up finally getting out of there at 2015, a 7 3/4 hour work day. Dangit. Then, today I ended up working from 1600-2200. There was only 2 hosts on tonight and me and Stacy certainly held it down tonight, despite the onslaught of the busiest Sunday night I've ever seen. Whew, I'm tired just reliving it!

- I love JIMMY EAT WORLD! (read on to see why! - don't you just love cliffhangers??)

- On Friday, I had a doctor's appointment to check out my situation that's been hanging around since Thanksgivingish. Remember? Okay, good. So basically I had the most embarassing moment of my life as I described my deal to the female doctor that has helped me out with everything from strep throat to open head wound since I've been in my teens. Awkward!!! It's just the topic is all. Well to make a somewhat lengthy story shorter, I got to take a home a brown paper bag filled with 4 small test containers for some samples. Yipee! Well this is just ludicrous if you ask me. I guess there is really no easier way to do this, but can't we discover one right now please. I will pay someone a whopping $5 to create an alternative way to find out what is wrong with me! Anywho, that's what happened me there. Gotta take in the cup thingys tomorrow (Monday) for analysis. Meh. We'll see.

- Had school on Thursday. Here is my day: BLAH!!! Well all my classes are preparing for next week's finals, so it's kinda slow on the school front. The only exciting thing that happened was getting my History paper back. I got a 94 on it, only receiving -5 for not having justified margins (I didn't know you could do this - bummer) and -1 for not having a separate Bibliography page (I saved paper, give me a break). That's cool with me though. I don't have to take that Final! Yes!!!

- I went 13-2 in the football games today. I went for the upset by St. Louis over Washington and that didn't happen and I'm disappointed. If Seattle wins tomorrow night, I might win again, which would pretty much be INCREDIBLE! Either way I'm gaining on the front of the pack and nearing the grand TOP 3. Stand by for celebration . .

- So Thursday night. You might be asking why this is the quote Gigantor Version end quote of the Weekend Grab-Bag and I'll tell you: I didn't post on Thursday night! And this is why: Left school and ran some errands around town (including the post office, credit union, and mom's work for a quick hello). Then I met Justin at the new FATBURGER in Palmdale for lunch. Ok, can someone explain to me why this certain establishment has a large black audience? We felt so white in this place! I never knew that this place was heralded like that by the African-American community. This was something learned. Food was good (as it usually is there) and then we headed to his house to drop off my car. (Tangent: Justin's house is ginormous! His dad just finished getting it built. It's off Barrel Springs Road and the view is of the Palmdale Lake. Dang is right. We had a get together last week with him and Emily (his girlfriend) and our friend Mallory and her new flame Mike when they were finished moving in. Wow. Niceness!) So, we headed off in his automobile to the ol' City of Angels. We got to Emily's apartment around 1700 or so. Now, the reason we were there? I see. Okay, nosey people, well we were going to the pep rally at USC for the upcoming weekend football game betweent USC and UCLA (USC easily won the game 66-13 fyi). This is a big deal. This is a HUGE deal. Well, the real reason that we were going is that it was a free event and that none other than my second favorite band (WEEZER would be numero uno) JIMMY EAT WORLD would be playing a concert at the end! That's right! This was my second time seeing them live. Justin and Cy took me to a concert of theirs (Taking Back Sunday opened) for my birthday in Long Beach. Awesome memories! So basically, there were enough drunk 20-year-olds moving around this area to make your head spin. Cuz you know their's were! (Ba-dum-chuh) JIMMY was awesome (although they were turned WAY down) and the pep rally was kind of a fun experience. Hey, I was less than 100 feet from THE Matt Leinart. O yes. AND!!! I talked, albeit for just a second, to the bass player of JIMMY. I saw him exiting the stage and moving quickly. He walked right by me and Justin and Emily and I said "Hey, you rocked man!" I know. Real eloquent. But he said "Thanks" and kept moving. It was cool. Emily gave me a half-tour of USC and then me and Justin headed home. We got home around 2330 and I was exhausted, thus no blog. Sue me. I had fun though, thanks for asking. Thanks again Em!

- Friday night was real kick back. Heather came home again this weekend for the Women's Christmas Tea they have at my church every year (don't ask - I don't feel like tellin) so I got to see some of my baby again! So her, my sister, and I went to JOHNNY CARINO'S (I may have mentioned this place before) for dinner. Dinner was good and it was kinda fun to eat in the place I work. It was so stress-less! I had the Baked Cheese Tortellini. Good stuff. Get it. After dinner (my treat - hey Cy, I can treat too!) we went to Desert Christian School - more specifically the world famous MUB - for Caleb's Preschool Christmas Program. It was cute, of course, and garnered many laughs. Good times. Afterwards, me and Heather caught up on some television (good ol' HOUSE) and then I took her home. Sad times. I didn't see very much of her this weekend. Dangit. This is always a regret I have towards work. When I am there so much, it leaves less time for us. Although, without work, I could not support us. "You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and then you have: The Facts of Life!" Yay for random classic television theme songs!

- O yeah, so on Saturday I received the film ELEPHANT from NETFLIX for my final for Film class. I opened it up to check like I always do and what do I find but PRINCESS DIARIES 2: ROYAL ENGAGEMENT in the sleeve marked ELEPHANT. This could not be further from what I was expecting. O well. I had to send it back and go get the real deal at BLOCKBUSTER. Chaos avoided.

- Sorry about missing this month's movie and DVD recommendations. I'll give em to ya tomorrow howsabout?

I am quite tired now as it nears 0100 on Monday. Enjoy your week all - I'll see ya round the bend!

LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- - - Currently listening to:

Night again,