Monday, April 30, 2007

The Weekend Grab-Bag:
The "On the Job" Version

Well it's Monday night/Tuesday morning and I am well awake. It's 0030. Sleep is not in my near future. I figured since that was true, I would at least blog about my weekend and fill you in on some thoughts I've been having recently.

And away we go. . .

- First, let me assess the NBA playoffs. If you don't like the NBA (or basketball - which, if that's the case, shame on you. . .) then skip to the next dash/section. . . When I last blogged, my SUNS were at halftime of an eventual loss. They picked up the pieces and demolished the Lakers in Game 4 (behind a 27 point/21 rebound game from Amare and a 17 point/23 assist game from Nash). I firmly believe that we take care of business on Wednesday at home and end the Lakers' season after five games. We are gonna play the Spurs, who have squeaked by the Nuggets three times to take a 3-1 lead heading back to San Antonio. It's gonna be a tough series but if we win, I believe that the Finals will be ours to lose. The biggest reason is that Dallas, the 67-15 team that dominated the regular season, is on the verge of elimination thanks to a tremendous effort from the upstart Golden State Warriors. I think the Warriors take care of business back home in Game 6 after a Dallas blowout in Game 5. The Warriors will beat the Houston Rockets in the second round after they beat the Jazz in a low-scoring Game 7 to win their first round battle. We will take down the Cinderella Warriors (oxymoronic, no?) in six high-scoring battles (one of which will go into double overtime and result in at least 300 total points) and represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals! We will play the Detroit Pistons who will beat the Baby Bulls in five games. Yes, the Bulls swept the defending champ Heat. The Heat are also a terrible team with a broken down superstar. The Nets might just sweep the overrated Cavs (who swept an undermanned Wizards by winning no game by double digits) after they get rid of the Raptors in six games. The Pistons will then coast by the Nets in no more than six games. They are the team to beat out East. Once we meet them in the Finals, we will be more than ready to bring back the first-ever championship trophy to Phoenix. I think we beat the Pistons in six games with the speedy Leandro Barbosa winning the Finals MVP. . . Now we'll just have to wait and watch that happen. But you heard it here first!

- I've been working a lot! Training was in full swing over at BJ's this past weekend as we hosted several invitation-only lunches and dinners. The guests were given free meals (not free alcohol, though!) in order to deal with our training. We did a good job (I thought) and we are ready to open on Wednesday of this week. However, when I was working on Sunday night (a night which I really did not feel like working) I started to feel something. This thing I was feeling was not good. I was slowly hating my job. A lot of it had to do with the power-tripping trainers who make it a habit to make you feel about an inch tall with their strict "by the book" ways. The things that they have us do are so particular that it is driving me crazy. It's the "small things" that are very silly, but are a way of doing things at BJ's and thus must be done. It's policy. Plus, I have yet to feel in my "zone" that I would get in while cleaning tables at Johnny Carino's. A couple things: 1) This just might not be the restaurant for me - just because I'm good at bussing (and I am, actually) does not mean that I will flourish in every restaurant. 2) I am not happy.

And that is the problem. I'm not happy. I have three jobs (Finish Line, BJ's, student) and I despise all of them. Sure, there are parts of each that I enjoy, but on the whole, I cannot stand doing anything in relation to these things. This got me thinking. What makes me happy? . .

- So here is a list of all of my jobs (you will see that I actually have more than three) and my evaluation of how I am doing with all of them:

FINISH LINE: I have been working there since December and for the last three months or so I have been the best salesperson out of the Sales Associates. Our numbers are tracked each week and the two biggest numbers are the accessories percentage (these are hats, laces, socks, cleaners) and the multiples percentage (purchases that contain more than one item). The weekly goal is usually 8.5% for accessories and 50% for multiples. I usually carry at least 10% in accessories adn my multiples are almost always over 60%. Today, for instance, I left with a 13% and 80%. It was a great day! However, I can't stand the monotony of selling shoes. I have decided that at least 75% of the people who enter our store either a) know exactly what they want already or b) want nothing. It's hard to be a great salesperson when people are either not wanting more items (regardless of the fact that our bags of socks are buy one get one free!) or can't speak English and don't really want any zapatos (or only want them if they cost next to nothing). The sooner I get out of this job the better - the only thing I will miss is the discount.

BJ's: It's hard to say how this job is going to be. Once I start making the money (I hope I hope I hope!!!) I might like it more and realize why I got back in the restaurant business. But last night as I trudged around wanting to take my apron off and walk outside for good, I realized what the problem was: I don't want to clean tables! Sure, I left JC because of the scheduling and Charlie and all that jazz, but it really boiled down to the fact that I did not want to clean another table. And now, that's all I'm doing. Again. How did this happen!?! Hopefully this one gets better, but I am just not feeling this restaurant. It's just not for me. . .

STUDENT: The hardest thing about the last two semesters has been Heather's involvement at her school, Cal Poly Pomona. She has been taking classes for her major: Animal Handling, Animal Care, etc. I have been taking General freakin Education! Yes, I have been on the paper for two semesters. But I don't really want to write for a paper (not a very lucrative job, reporting. . .). It's hard to get excited for school twice a week when one of those days includes a three hour tribute to William Shakespeare and his overrated comedies and sonnets. I am really hoping that school is going to get better when I get to CSUN and I join the radio station (if I can) or follow the basketball team around as an announcer or beat writer (if it's doable) or something of that sort. That's what I want to do. But I can't. Not yet.

BOYFRIEND: The thing I am best at. I think. Heather and I have been together for over three years and I feel like I do a good job at being a good partner. I do everything in my power to please Heather and make her feel comfortable with me. We mesh extremely well (shockingly so) and there is no reason to doubt us as being ready for the future. However. . . We have been having a lot of discussions about marriage and when that is possible. It seems that we have two options: 1) The summer of 2009 after we both graduate from our 4-year universities; 2) after 2013 when she (hopefully) graduates from Veterinarian School. Those are two very different years. 2009 is in two years. True, we are both 20 now (or I will be in a few days) and that is rather young to be thinking about this. However, in 2009, we will be 22 and that is not a terrible age to be married. . . We want to do it. We know it will be hard the first four years since she will be in Vet School and I will be working my initial job out of college (whatever that is). But we would be together. That is what we both want and shouldn't that be enough? I know that we won't get full support for that idea, but we feel like there are no other desireable options (e.g. waiting for 2013, a full six years from now - that would mean we would date for at least 9 years before getting married!). So we will see. . . But maybe save a date in June/July of 2009. You never know. . . I'll keep you in the know (wink, wink)

BROTHER: I think I'm a pretty good older brother, but I'm not the best. Aimee (who turns 15 in - gasp - three days) and I are best friends at this point and I cant be happier about that. No one makes me laugh harder than her and we share a lot of the same viewpoints and a sense of humor. I'm not worried about her and I. I worry about Caleb. The two of us bicker more than anything else (it's a little difficult for a 20-year-old and an almost 6-year-old to be bestest buddies - there's a reason you hang out with people your age!). I love the kid and would do anything for him - sure. He admires me and models a lot of his actions after me - shit. But the age difference is such that it really hurts our relationship right now. I see us becoming closer when he is in his mid teens and I am almost 30. But until then, I guess I'll have to enjoy those few moments when we enjoy each other's company and make each other belly laugh.

SON: I hear I am pretty good at this one. Who knows? It's funny knowing that two of my four readers are my parents. . . and the other two are my grandparents! (That's a joke of course, but I don't really know who else reads this blog - - - commenting is pretty easy people. . .) I have good relationships with my parents and I can learn a lot from each of them. But I also get annoyed like anyone else would when you live under the same roof as someone for year after year. It is bound to happen. I respect their authority and I listen to what they have to say. I do as I'm told (most of the time. . . haha!) and I work hard to make sure they don't regret letting me stay home. I can't do much more than that. . .

CHRISTIAN: I used to characterize myself as this. Now? I'm not so sure. . . (and this is where the trouble comes in). . . Do I believe the things that I have been taught since toddler-age? Yeah. I believe that a higher being must have created all of the Earth's greatness (not to mention the millions of galaxies outside of our Earth). I believe that a guy named Jesus was born and did his thing while he was here before dying by way of Roman crucifixion. I also believe that one thing he taught was freedom and choice. I think that people should not judge others for having other beliefs. Critical Christians are probably the worst people on the planet. These are the people that make me reconsider the whole faith if that is what the religion turns you into. I know it's not - - but the evidence is glaring. Again, as with BJ's, it is the particulars that get me. People who swear are not necessarily bad people. They may be less educated (I have always seen profanity use as a lack of accessibility to better diction - even in my own case) but are certainly not worse because of their word choice. Someone should not be cast out because of their mouth. Or their lifestyle. I have met some legitimately fantastic people outside of my little Christian bubble that I grew up in. And by a certain book, these people are going to spend forever in a warm vacation spot (and no, I don't mean the Caribbean). Some of these people are the sweetest, most talented, and perfectly wonderful people that I have ever met (Don Bachardy, the world-renowned painter, comes to mind right away).

I was thinking about something today: Maybe the reason I am not happy is that I have abandoned the faith that I knew so well back in high school. I avoid church Sunday (I don't feel like I belong) and I don't pray unless I need some help (or if the SUNS are in a tight game. . .). The good and bad things happen the same as they would anyway because I am still a good person. I do good things because I am a pretty good guy - and I reap benefits because of it. It's like karma (thanks Earl. . .) but I think that's a silly word. It's just give and take. You water the garden, something is gonna grow. I know my whole family would probably be upset at me (I guess we'll see - - this has all now been published) but I can't deny the place that I'm in right now. I've said it before (but I don't think I have here): In this time, for my generation, it is extremely difficult to be so self-centered (which we have to be to get anywhere in this world) and so God-centered at the same time. It's not possible. And right now, I've chosen myself. For this time period, I am focused on me and the people around me - my loved ones. I want life - this time we have right now - to be everything that God wants it to be for all of us. When I finally ask for his help - he'll be there. I know that (I've been taught it all my life). But for now, I'm me-focused and that's all that I'm strong enough to do. . . Sorry.

- If you got through all of that, then you are incredible. Let me know what you think. Yes, that means you grandparents, parents, friends, everyone - if I'm wrong, then tell me! I just opened my heart wide open and let you into my deepest thoughts/beliefs. The least you can do is give me your two cents - - and remember, it is now 0200. I may not be completely fluent, but you get the gist of what I am saying - I'll add an addendum in the next day or two after I get some feedback - so please feed me back :D

- A quick movie recommendation: DISTURBIA. It was a very skillfully made thriller that was mostly buildup (but I liked the buildup dangit!) but still a quality film. Check it out! (Grade: B)

Well I'm gonna go to bed - maybe. I don't know if I should just stay up tonight.

Remember to comment - it's really VERY simple - and I'll holler at you in a couple days!


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hitting a Wall

Its halftime right now of Game 3 of the SUNS/LAKERS series (which we are winning two games to none right now) and my team's bipolar nature is pissing me the hell off! We started out up 11-0 and held a lead as big as 31-14. It's now 51-48 at halftime and they have all the momentum. . .

Sometime, I just can't stand my team. . .

Where did this wall come from that we have so violently hit? It's like we forgot how to play basketball. . . I can relate, though. My schedule is hitting me hard and that wall has now been installed directly in front of me.

I do apologize for the lack of posting recently. I have been really busy (of course - it's me, right?) and that has led to a lack of a desire to blog. I have had a few opportunities, but I just haven't wanted to due to a large amount of apathy present in yours truly. So, sorry.

Things are good, but busy, like I mentioned. Training has been going strong over at BJ's and the FL is as good as always. School is getting down to the nitty gritty (five weeks left!). I have so many papers/assignments/tests over the next five weeks that I am almost guaranteeing (spelling?) carpal tunnel for my wrists (especially with all the trays I'll be carrying to the dishwashing room. . .).

Something I wish was not true was the lack of movie-going experiences I've had. The last film I saw was GRINDHOUSE back on the 9th and I have yet to see some movies that look really interesting to me (DISTURBIA, FRACTURE, and HOT FUZZ!). Plus, SPIDER-MAN 3 comes out next week and I don't know when I am going to be seeing that (I want to take Aimee down to Arclight to see it for her birthday - the 4th - but I have yet to receive my schedule at BJ's for the next two weeks).

A few things before I stop (second half is about to start. . .):

- The new issue of the paper is out. If you are around AVC, pick one up. Page 9 is really good :D

- I got an A on that midterm essay thing about the Shakespearean sonnets (I talked about it in the last post). Yes, I am the KING of!!! All hail me! (I also got a C on the 10 Things essay - which I'm fine with)

- GO SUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Night for now,

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Spring Break Grab-Bag: Part Deux

Last year's Spring Break culminated in a Spring Break Grab-Bag and I figured it was only right to do another after this year's Spring Break. . . the only problem is that the week after S.B. has already passed without a blog from yours truly. For good reason. Last week was one of the busiest weeks I've had in some time, and I'm sure that you are interested in what went on (as well as on my thoughts on some recent events - - you are here, aren't you?). . .

So, without further ado, I give you the second annual Spring Break Grab-Bag!

- I'll start with the most recent events and work my way back (Memento-style!). Heather was home this weekend (car check-up) so we had some good hang-out time! We shopped (I bought her two pairs of sandals from the FL; I picked up a couple 25%-off books - Mike Greenberg's WHY MY WIFE THINKS I'M AN IDIOT: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A SPORTSCASTER DAD and Billy Crystal's 700 SUNDAYS) and ate (El Torito for dinner on Saturday night - fantastic as always!) and rested (I read all day today while she worked on homework - - that's the difference between us you see: She's a great student and I'm a terrible procrastinator. More on that later. . .). Our time together always breezes by and things like stupid Crapspeare class seems to drag on forever. . I don't get it. Anyway, we had a great weekend! Great weekend :D

- So this week. . . Well Monday I had orientation at BJ's (well, actually at the Residence Inn in Palmdale). That was pretty exciting, and I'm looking forward to working there. It should be quite lucrative, especially those first three months (shh. . . don't tell them I'm leaving after July. . .). Instead of bowling like usual on Monday night, I went to see GRINDHOUSE with Justin and Cy. What a fun three hours plus that was!!! I really enjoyed Robert Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR (a grotesque, campy, and hilarious-at-times zombie flick) and I thought the faux trailers were hilarious (especially the one directed by SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ director, Edgar Wright called DON'T - - - viewers beware of graphic, yet hilarious, material!)

And then there was Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF. Well, watching this at 2100 (when the movie started - not DP, the whole thing) was a bad idea. You see, DP is mostly dialogue, something that ol' QT is a genius of. However, at 2315, all you really want is stuff to get either blown up, run over, or whatever. I would like to see the whole thing again, and I might in the theaters. If I don't, I'll most certainly buy it (gotta add to the QT collection!) and watch it then! If you are a fan of either guys, do yourself a favor and kick back for a three and a half hour film that is nothing but entertaining!


Tuesday was a school day which ended in me sitting by my computer NOT working on my five-page Shakespeare paper that was due on Thursday. I had chosen to discuss whether or not the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You was a good adaptation of William Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew or not. . . Yeah, a weak topic, but I thought I could ramble for five pages pretty easily. I was wrong. I could not, for the life of me, get started!!! Most of Tuesday night was just me trying to find anything to do but write that damn paper. . . I worked most of Wednesday and preceded to do the same thing on Wednesday night. Even though the paper was due Thursday (at 1545), I had no desire to do it. I was INSTANT MESSAGING with my Heather and that took precedence over everything else at the time (we were discussing our future plans - always exciting!). Before I went to sleep at 0230 on Thursday morning, I had three pages and no idea how to get two more done. I ended up skipping Journalism class on Thursday (actually, Professor Hood let me go - he's the best!) to finish it. . which I did! Five pages of perfect bullshit that will probably get me a high C to a low B. I love my writing! . .

The problem was that besides the essay being due, we also had a midterm on the same day! (Not that I would have studied anyway. . ) Well somehow I pulled a 9.5 out of 15 on the fill in the blank (impressive, considering I didn't read the plays or sonnets - also, one of those scary-looking smart girls got an 11; I was happy with my score). Then it was time for the hour long compare/contrast essay on two sonnets. I sat there for half of the time wondering what in the hell I was supposed to write about. I do not understand these poems that Shakespeare wrote, so how am I gonna compare them to each other! I ended up biting my fingernails and looking at all my classmates speedily write down their brilliant answers. My thoughts: "You might be doing well on this essay, but I'm going to be SO much more successful than you!"; (after a girl looks at the clock) "Sorry sweetheart, your time to perfect your essay is running out. . ." and "Well, I guess I should start. . ." And I did. In a half hour I compared the two sonnets (8 and 128) in three full pages. I was impressed with myself. I probably got another mid C with that essay and that puts me right on track to get a C in that class, which is what I've resigned myself to. I'm ok with it. I really am. . .

After that, I worked all day on Friday and then waited impatiently as Heather made her way home, leading to our aforementioned fantastic weekend. . . Speaking of the FL, though, I have to say that I still enjoy working there. My knowledge of the shoes is growing and I still LOVE the discount! If I could be employed at one for the rest of my life (just one day a week, for like two hours!) I would be so happy! Either way, it has introduced me into the world of athletic shoes, and I'm ever-grateful! My bank account, on the other hand. . .

- Ok, so my Lake Powell trip. . . Wow! Are you ready? Am I? Let's find out together!

The five of us Gotts hopped in our rented motorhome on Tuesday afternoon and set out for Williams, Arizona, our first destination. After a VERY LONG eight-hour drive, we arrived at the motorhome hotel (you know, where they have all the hook-ups and such) and began to prepare for sleep. We all headed to bed around 2300 or so, but as the night progressed, it got colder and colder. It was soon hovering around freezing outside, so my dad woke up and went to turn on the heater. . . Problem: The heater did not work! That night was one of the most uncomfortable nights of my life. Not only was my bed pretty iffy (not the softest of mattresses. .), I was practically (and literally) freezing! Well we all woke up kinda upset (my dad especially, who had not gone back to sleep after trying to fix said broken heater - he said he ended up walking off his frustration around the motorhome park. . . poor guy!) but readied ourselves for our journey to the Grand Canyon. There is a train that goes from Williams to the GC and we rode it up there in the morning. We got up there just fine, and when we did, this is what we saw:

It was beautiful. . . We spent almost all afternon up there, going on a tour of the great sight spots, and we got some good fam pics (or sibling pics) out of it:

(that's the sister and me) - - - It was fun, except for these nasty little gnat things that were EVERYWHERE!!! And when I mean everywhere, I mean just that! I dont think that these pests serve any purpose on this planet other than bothering the crap out of tourists at the Grand Canyon. I believe that.

On the train ride back, I taught Aimee the old grade school game MERCY, which apparently she had never heard of. . . that was fun.

And thanks to my new IPOD, some of the two-hour plus train ride went by pretty fast. All in all, it was a cool experience (it was my second journey there - my first was when I was like 3). We bundled up that night (I wore a sweatshirt, my jeans, socks, and covered myself with three blankets) so we were ready for the cold. It was not as bad and we woke up feeling better than the morning before. We then hopped back on the road to head to Lake Powell.

It was about three hours later that we arrived at our hotel and most of the other family members were there already. Pop, Mom-mom (my dad's parents), Aunt Debbie and Uncle Karl (my dad's sister and brother-in-law) were all there and showed us to our rooms. By the time I got out of the shower (that was job one!) the rest of the crew had arrived: Cousins Travis and Josh, along with Renee (Travis' girlfriend) and my Heather had driven in from Las Vegas. Now that everyone was there, we got situated in our rooms and veged out til dinner time. We ate at the hotel's restaurant all three nights we stayed there (which had its pros and cons like everything else). This was our view from our table:

The food was good and the service was, well, it was ok. Josh and I both agreed that we could have done better, but it was fine.

Heather, Aimee, and I went to the spa that first night until it closed at 2200 and then we went to bed. We were up at 0530 for a 0600 breakfast on Friday morning and then it was off again, this time to a small airport where most of us (save for the petrified Aimee and the willing-to-stay-on-Earth Mom) would be getting an aerial tour of Lake Powell: This was us waiting to go up into our "coffin with wings" (you can see the excitement written all over my face!) - - -

And then this was all of us after we had returned safely:

It was a pretty cool time up in the air, although I wish I could have had a little more air (and I was reassured by the air-sickness bag in the pocket in front of me!). We had some nice views of the Lake Powell area, and then arrived back on the ground without a scratch! We then were off to our next adventure, a canyon tour. We off-roaded to get there (via a 4x4 truck owned and operated by the Native Americans who put on the tour) and then spent the next couple hours walking through this amazing tunnel that has been created by the wind and the rain/floods of the past thousands/millions of years (whatever you believe). It was incredible to see the way nature looks in its most, well, natural (sorry, I used the word twice. . .) sense. Looking straight up out of the canyon while traversing through it provided some sights like these:

A man named Chief Tsose led us through the canyon and he was very knowledgeable (he should be - he grew up playing hide and seek in the canyon!), funny, and talented. He played a flute-like instrument that when played in the canyon, resonated for hundreds of feet. It was a beautiful experience and Caleb was even offered the chance to play by the Chief, but he passed (this is a picture of their interaction:)

That night culminated in dinner at the same place and then some family fun afterwards. It was a blast to hang out with Travis and Josh. I had not seen Josh since our Maryland trip in December of 2004, so it had been way too long! Saturday was made up of a later breakfast (0830) and then a relaxing early afternoon before we headed to the big dam (its the second largest in the U.S. I guess, behind the Hoover Dam) for our River Raft tour.

I was mistaken when I wrote here that it would be "White Water" rafting. You see, that would imply speed of any kind. This trip was the slowest tour thing I think I have ever been on. It was neat to see the canyon walls from the bottom, looking up, though.

At least our tour guide was entertaining ("32" - for those who went!) through the sun (at the beginning, it was unbearably hot), rain (it got overcast and began to spit about halfway through), and wind (I thought Heather was gonna blow off the side of the raft at one point!). Four hours later, we sleepily got on the bus to take us back to our cars. We got back, cleaned up, and then went to the Anniversary Dinner. Like I said last time, the trip was for my grandparents' 50th Anniversary (which is actually in October). We celebrated their marriage with laughter, tears, and an all-around enjoyable experience.

(from left: Josh, Pop, Heather, Aimee, Caleb, Renee, Mom-mom, Travis)

The trip was what they wanted to do (Pop had been planning it for several years after having taken a tour bus - he is a driver - up to that spot) and it was the VERY LEAST that we could do to go. The two of them do so much for all of us! Thanks you guys for a memorable experience and a true chance to get away from the stressful world of work, school, and responsibility. I will never forget the times that we had!

And neither will you, now that I finally blogged about it! . .

I do have opinions on the whole Don Imus thing (stupid mistake, yes. cause for termination, yeah. deep-seeded issues, more than likely. . .), the NBA playoffs (o, it's coming!!!), and my SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW is on its way (its ready to be typed out!). But you will have to wait for that - - it's almost 0100 and I have to work at 1000.

Hope you enjoyed all of the words (and the pics!!!) I had for you this time! Less time before the next post - I promise!

- - - ". . . why I love sports so much. There is nothing in the world better than investing everything into something that means absolutely nothing."
- - - My new mission statement, care of Mike Greenberg!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Spring Break! . . . . Kinda

Well this is just going to be a quick hello as my family and I are heading out on the road in about an hour. . . We are going to Lake Powell, a destination on the Utah/Arizona border. We are meeting family there for a celebration of my grandparents' 50th Anniversary. My dad's parents wanted to celebrate with family so both my family and my aunt's (dad's sister) from Maryland are going to Lake Powell for a week of fun in the sun. Presumably.

I'm excited to see family that I haven't seen in quite awhile (especially my two cousins - Josh, 24 and Travis, 26 I think ha ha). I'm excited to do some activities I have never done (white water rafting, motorhoming - we rented a motorhome to drive up to Lake Powell) and it will undoubtedly be a good time for us all.

However, I have never had a true SPRING BREAK experience. I don't have the kinds of friends (Except George, actually) that would want to go on some trip or something for a week. I have never asked, true, but I assume the answer to an invitation to go somewhere for a few days/week would be "I'm busy" or "I can't take off work" (something that I myself did not want to do, but had to). And as much as I'm not a partyer, I would still love to say I've done some really cool things over a Spring Break besides "I went to northern Arizona with my family". Not there's anything wrong with that. . .

So anyway, I might be away from the internet for an entire week (I'm shaking already!) so this might just be my last post for a little while. I'll see what I can do about internet connections and things like that at the hotel we are staying at, but we'll see. You don't need a post that bad. . .

Enjoy your Spring Break (if it's this week) or just have a really good Easter weekend. Good luck finding those eggs and I hope the Easter bunny brings you a fun gift or something :D

Take it easy friends - - -