Monday, January 30, 2006

One-Fiftieth Of the Way

(Take notice of the posting time. .)

Hello my fellow journeymen (and journeywomen). Welcome once again to the blog of Justin Gott. Normally there would be a long blog with updates on all aspects of my life as this is supposed to be another edition of THE WEEKEND GRAB-BAG. Well, plans change. I've noticed this more and more as time goes by. Nothing can really be planned. Hope takes the place of plans and that hope causes uncertainty. Exhaustion, frustration, and sadness usually accompany uncertainty. Well folks, I am indeed exhausted, frustrated, and sad. And here is why. . .

It's late on a Monday night and I can't sleep. I miss Heather today more than I did yesterday and I am willing to bet that it'll be worse tomorrow. I miss her companionship. I miss having an available hug at any moment. I miss her being in the next room when I walk away and the pleasant knowledge that when I come back, she'll be there. I miss her smile, which truly does light up the whole room. I miss the laugh of hers (there are a few variations) when I really make her laugh and she's not just giving me a pity laugh. I miss her beating me at MARIO KART. I miss her hand intertwined with mine. I miss cracking her back (very chiropractor-like) when she asks - all it takes is a big hug. I miss her singing along to the MOULIN ROUGE soudntrack, especially the song "Come What May". I am in a constant state of pining (and yes Cy, it is a word - spoken as in the pine tree - it means "to long for something immensely") because she is in THE LB and I am here in lonely Lancaster. And why am I making such a big deal tonight? Well, in 13 minutes (it's 2347 right now) we will have been together for 2 years. In the grand scheme of things, I know that 2 years is but a snap of the fingers, but it sure does have lasting moments within it. I'll never forget the first time I held her hand, (in Mexico, two years ago today) giving the excuse that I was "warming up her cold hands". I'll always remember the time at City Walk, where I got violently sick (that story is known worldwide by know, I swear) just because I was so nervous to be walking around with such a beautiful girl. The memory of our first kiss (my first kiss too) will never leave me: the uncertainty, the excitement following, and the frantic way my mind raced, hoping that I was ok at it. I will never forget our disagreements, our accomplishments, or any of the countless times we've watched AUSTIN POWERS together - being with never gets old. And now we're heading into the future together. It's only been 2 years, but we're going on fifty times that. And I have no uncertainty about that. Miss Heather Lynn Acuff is my partner for life and one day (I can't wait) that will be solidified. But not yet. And that's what sucks - - Happy Anniversary Honeybunny (it's right now; this second)

I try to spend my time doing as much as I possibly can to not have to dwell on the thought of missing Heather. This usually means work, which is where I spend a majority of my time. This past week, I put in 35 hours at JOHNNY CARINO'S and that's a lot for a full-time (by the unit-count) student. Thus, I'm a bit behind in my schoolwork, but nothing that a couple late nights can't cover. But then again, when does sleep come in? Me being in the place where dreams live is a rather rare occurrence. Sure, I spend time doing useless activities when I should be sleeping (hmmm, let me think of one real quickly. . ) but you know, it's how I live. I am the QUINTESSENTIAL COLLEGE STUDENT. I work. I play (a little). I sulk. I struggle. I tire. I laugh. I cry. And above all, I do it all to pave the way for a future that I only hope can be as rewarding as I truly want it to be.

Life is difficult and challenging. And I'm not even 19. Am I a complainer? No, not really. I'm just Average Joe, looking for answers and hoping that they are what he wants them to be. Nothing wrong with that, I spose. Clarity come quickly. You're a quite sought after feeling, clarity. May I find you in due time. O how nice that sounds indeed. . .

Goodnight folks - I have homework still to complete and maybe the biggest chore of the night still lies in front of me: sleeping. We'll see how that pans out. I have a busy Tuesday ahead of me and I just have to move through it at breakneck speed. Here's hoping (we hope a lot now, don't we?) that it's smooth sailing. And remember, tomorrow is gonna be yesterday in just a little bit. . .

- - - "You are my smile. My laugh. My tear.
You are the ship to my sea.
When you are anywhere but here,
All I want is to have you next to me.
I know it's selfish to want you so close.
I am jealous when others have your attention.
In a crowded room, I cannot help but boast:
We are objects of each other's affection!"

- - - Justin Gott to Heather Acuff (May 2004)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Trust Me. They're Real.

I saw a girl wearing a shirt that had the above on it. I laughed to myself. It was funny cuz she was a little overweight and the shirt didn't quite cover her gut which jiggled like that Bill Cosby-endorsed dessert with every step she took. Maybe she should be focused on her Santa belly and not her upstairs appendages. Just a thought. . .

Well these last two days have been maybe the longest days in forever that I can remember. I'll begin with school on Tuesday:

HISTORY - Nothing new to report really. Just note-taking and joke-making. Fun class.

PHILOSOPHY - My new favorite class. Dr. Zhu is one of those guys who knows everyone can't understand him, so he makes sure that we can at least comprehend him. He's cool and I like being able to discuss what the conclusion of an argument is. Sure, the class has the potential of being difficult, but as he said yesterday, "Why would you take a class that was easy? There would be no reason to take it." Interesting.

COMMUNICATIONS - I wanted to jam my pen in my eye I was so bored. Does that not explain enough?

ASTRONOMY - I had to leave class a little early today. I doubt I missed anything groundbreaking.

I got home, changed, ate a little snack, and then was off to work. I got there at 1603, which was as early as I could make it. I was asked to come in on Wednesday (today) and I half-heartedly agreed to work on my day off. They said I would only work from 1200-1600 so that had the potential of being ok. But Tuesday night was insane. We had a party (they called ahead and arranged everything earlier, don't worry) of 50!!! It was the Italian Club from Paraclete High School. I'll put it this way: They had 22 separate checks!!!

I had to close, unfortunately, because my fellow host was complaining of lady monthly issues. It was a long night altogether and I gladly jumped into bed when I got home.

I woke up this morning at 0930 and stayed in bed til 1000. I got up, showered, shaved, and ate a quick banana before heading back to work. It was an easy 4 hours and I was outta there at 1600 like promised. I was supposed to go practice with the Desert Christian basketball team at 1630 and then hang out with George during the night. Well everything changed in one second. .

So I'm driving along in the left lane and approaching a light that is green. All of a sudden, the three cars in front of me stop dead in their tracks. I swerved to the right lane to avoid hitting them and found myself looking at the back of a newer Nissan Armada (an SUV). I slammed on brakes as best I could but still rammed right into the back of this vehicle. I looked to the left and saw a fire engine going thru the intersection. These people had prematurely stopped at an intersection when they should have gone through. The guy I hit was actually half-way into the intersection. Why he didn't go, I'll never know. So the back of his car was just hunky-dory, but the front of my car could not be described the same way. The right lens of the headlight was broken, as was the grill. The VW thing on the front is now off of my car and in my trunk. The bumper is dented as is the hood. We didn't give each other insurance cuz his car was just fine and there's no reason to tell anyone about him. I'll end up giving him like $50 to fix a little thing that popped off the back. Whatever. I'm so pissed about my car! I was just beginning to get back to a financial stable status and this happened. I was going to begin taking on more responsibilities (cell phone, more car stuff) because I've been working so much and have some extra cash. Well not anymore.

I got home and (this is actually quite a funny story, so I'll tell it) heard my dad in the backyard. I went to the side gate and told him what happened, followed by saying that my car looked like "shit". I was unaware that Caleb was standing behind him (eeshk!)! So I finally go inside a bit later and Caleb comes up to me and says "Justin I heard you say that your car looks like a ship. I want to see". I started laughing but then stopped and kept a straight face as I said ok. I showed him and he preceded to say "I don't think it looks like a ship." I smiled and suggested maybe it looked more like a boat. He agreed and went on with his business. We now have a new alternative curse word in the Gott household: Boat.

Well I headed to practice, hoping to get all this off my mind. Turns out they cancelled practice though, so I was unable to do just that. I trudged home and then took back some movies to BLOCKBUSTER for my mom. We ate dinner and then watched AMERICAN IDOL together. After Aimee went to get ready for bed, my parents and I watched MEET THE FOCKERS, which my dad hadn't seen yet. It ended around 2330 and then I prepared to blog.

I've been trying to blog (it's now almost 0100) but I've been talking to my Philippines-residing friend CY over there via AIM. I miss the guy so it's cool to chat over the computer. The time difference is kinda crappy, but it's worth a little less sleep to see how he is doing and stuff. He's coming home the end of March, so I'm looking forward to that indeed.

Well folks, that's about it for now, as I have to get up in a little over 7 hours. Have a good Thursday and I'll see y'all on Friday night. I think...

Night for now,

- - - "If the glove does not fit, you must acquit."
- - - Johnnie Cochran's famous line during the O.J. Simpson trial (Dr. Zhu talked about this in class - very very interesting stuff!)


Monday, January 23, 2006

Bambi Two Cents Worth

Do you like that Before and After I did right there? You see, I watch too much Wheel of Fortune. This is my problem. Although, I still believe that all they have to do is call me and I'll set new records for that show - ask anyone that knows me and they'll tell you that I have a sixth sense for answering the puzzles on that grand game show. Or at least they will now. . . Plus, when I was going to THE LB the other day, I saw a billboard for BAMBI II, going straight to DVD. This is why I hate Disney. They are ruining all of their movies by making crappy sequels to them and selling them on a straight-to-DVD status. It's ridiculous. Anywho, I just thought I'd combine that with what you're all gonna get tonight - my two cents. However much it really means, it's coming at ya; are you ready???

First, what I did today - not much.

Well I woke up at 0945 after going to bed around 0230. I couldn't sleep. I honestly was pining that badly last night. It was rough. These nights are somewhat frequent but I get through them nonetheless. It's just a sucky time right now. As discussed at tonight's dinner table, if I won the lottery (presently at $84 million) then I would set the wedding date tomorrow. Now, I wouldn't make it for tomorrow, but I certainly would start planning it tomorrow. You see, it's just a matter of stability. It won't be until I can fully support myself and my wonderful Heather will I even think about popping the question. We've already discussed that our plans are to in fact get married someday, but when is the ever-present question. So, with her 2 hours away and us not seeing each other but maybe twice a month (four tops) I'm just struggling. Call me a romantic, call me a pansy, or call me wrong for being this way at a young age - it doesn't matter to me. I miss Heather. And that's all I can truly say.

After I woke up, my dad and I watched FOUR BROTHERS (a great guy flick that surprised me - I was impressed through and through; GRADE: B) and then he had to go pick up Caleb from school. I showered and then ate some lunch while watching ESPN, my favorite lunch time partner. Most of the hubbub was still on last night's incredible performance by Mamba (only Bill Simmons fans would get that one) or as he is known everywhere: Kobe. Mr. Bryant poured in 81 points against the sorry Toronto Raptors, which is the second highest scoring game by an individual in the history of the league. Only Wilt Chamberlain's classic 100 point effort some 50 years ago tops it. Well everyone was talking about how this is more impressive because of the athleticism of the players today and because Kobe is smaller than the dominant Chamberlain. I disagree. Kobe has the 3-pointer (and he used it last night - he made 7) which was something Wilt couldn't use. Kobe also took 46 shots! That's an incredible amount. Yes, he made 28, which is outstanding percentage-wise, but still, if someone shoots the ball 46 times in 48 minutes, I think that's just a bit too much. I am impressed by his efforts and give him the applause that he deserves, but no more. For he is still a Laker. And I will always consider them lowly. Always.

After lunch, I spent time cleaning my room and stairs up. I finally put together my webcam and set it up on my computer. Heather and I got webcams for her birthday (did you follow that?) and so now we can see each other when we chat online. Isn't technology great?!?! We did just that for a little while and then Chelsea got there and Heather needed to go (she went for a visit today). I contemplated getting ahead in Astronomy but elected to do other stuff instead. I played NBA LIVE 2003 a bit and then it was soon dinner time (tacos).

After dinner, my dad and I went to Desert Christian High School for tonight's game between the Knights and Silver Valley. I haven't been there as much for the guys as I wanted cuz of my schedule but I am planning on going to Wednesday's practice. They pulled a win out tonight (55-53) to remain undefeated in league play. Good job guys - kinda. They didn't play all that well and it was difficult to watch at times. I wanted so bad to jump out on the floor and make a different pass or hit that 3. I miss basketball.

When we got home, Aimee asked me to help her with her Algebra. An hour later, I was mentally drained and couldn't do anything productive if I had wanted to. So, I played MARIO KART with my parents who were already dueling it out. It was fun and we just finished a half hour ago or so.

Before I head out tonight, I wanted to write a little bit of clarification on a recent review of mine of the film BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Upon hearing that there has been some uneasiness with my response to it (or even my attendance) I decided that I would just put out a more direct line to my opinion on the whole subject. Let me begin by saying this: Homosexuality is WRONG. It is evil and I certainly do not recommend it, and would never suggest the lifestyle to anyone. Now, I also think that it's real. If you don't think that it is prevalent in today's culture, then you're not looking outside of your own house at all. I have met several gay people at AVC and have seen even more. It's everywhere. Now, because it is everywhere, there must be a certain level of tolerance by those of us who view it as the wrong way to live. I cannot tell so-and-so that they CAN'T do what they're doing, because, straight up, they can. That is their choice, as is every single sin that every single one of us commits. If no sin is different (it's all sin, right?) then their homosexuality is no worse than stealing, gossip, or adultery. All of it causes us to fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23) and we're all guilty of it. Plus, if God loves the sinner (he's God so he loves all of us and wants us all to come to repentance) then why shouldn't we? What I'm saying is that for me to view a movie featuring two characters who give in to homosexual temptations (although they really just want to be together as partners or whatever to be happy because they live crappy lives apart from each other) does not drop me down a level or cause me to all of a sudden become a part of GLAD and go to rallies and such. I will be the first to tell you that it's wrong, that you shouldn't do it, and that it's so very obvious how it's supposed to go (I mean, cmon!) but I will also tell you that it is your choice to be that way. And that I can't take away from you. No one can. And that, my friends, is because we are not robots. We are free people with a free will to make choices that we can either regret or embrace. I do not regret seeing BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. I would not mind seeing it again. It's a powerful film about friendship that is more real than any sappy chick-flick with cutey Kate Hudson picking one guy over her other guy. Or whatever. You get my point on that one. Altogether, I would also add that I relate to the guys' temptation of wanting to show someone you care for how much you care for them and not being allowed to/not supposed to/etc. In the day that the film takes place, homosexuals were looked down upon and sent to the outskirts if they weren't killed as an example. They couldn't be seen together. That's what causes them to ultimately part ways. I fully understand wanting to be with someone and show them exactly what they mean to me in as many ways possible. But I can't. It doesn't matter how bad I want to do so, I have already set personal boundaries that cannot be broken. Plus, in my situation, I respect my partner so much as not to cross her boundaries as well. All in all (and all is A LOT, eh?) I think you can see where I stand. I don't think that I'm any more desensitized than the next guy, either. When I viewed said film I watched it with an open mind and an open heart so that I could gain access into what the filmmakers were trying to get across. I hope everyone can understand where I'm coming from, because it's truly JUST A MOVIE and not something that eternity rests upon. And finally, the statement son of a conservative Christian was used 100% for the purpose of showing who was at the core of the boycott of the film. It has been the conservative Christians, the far right wing folks (of which I lean towards more often than not) that have been encouraging theatres to not show the film. I felt it necessary as a writer to use that description of myself to further the experience of me watching the movie. It's not a complaint nor is it used to put down a sect. I'm just explaining my background for those who may not know me well at all and just like to read long ramblings like tonight's.

And that's that.

It seems more like four cents what do you think?

Thanks folks - much love to all!


Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The New Deal Version

Ok, I'm gonna make like FDR (President Franklin Delano Roosevelt to some of you) and break out a New Deal in order to make things a little better for both myself and you folks at home. Aren't I so presidential? Is that a characteristic? Does anyone even read this? The reason I ask is cuz NO ONE commented on my exciting news on my previous blog. This was one of the most exciting moments of my life! O well - I do it for me, not you, so I guess that's what I get. But onto my Thursday-Sunday, and of course in no way chronological. . .

- Well I spose that I will begin with THE NEW DEAL: From this point forward, A RAMBLER'S RAMBLING will follow (or at least attempt to do so) these rules now set up. I will not blog every night. So don't expect it. The most probable schedule for blogging would be Sunday, (The Weekend Grab-Bag) Monday, (A Monday review/Opinion column-like thing) Wednesday, (Tuesday/Wednesday review) and Friday (Thursday/Friday review). I may sway from this plan occasionally (especially with that Friday one) but my goal will be to give you folks at home 4 good blogs a week. It's only right. So how does that grab ya?

- I worked every day from Thursday to today. The kicker was that on not one of those days did I work over 4.5 hours. Short days are certainly refreshing, but not 4 in a row! My week came out to almost 22 hours, which is average I guess. I need a few more on there next week! I already don't get along with the new girl host (I kinda established this earlier in the week) but the guy host (Chris) is gonna be just fine I think. He realizes that he is new and that the veterans, if you will, know what we're talking about. Thus, he listens. It just works better this way.

- Heather went back to THE LB this weekend. This is sad times. Her mom and she went down early in the afternoon on Saturday to take her stuff and go grocery shopping and such. I headed down after I got off work (which ended up being early) and hit the worst traffic that I've seen in all my trips to THE LB. It took me from 1650 to1915 to get to JOE'S CRAB SHACK, which is where I met them for dinner. Dinner was great (as always - if you get a chance to go to one, do so; you won't regret it) and then we went back to her apartment where we played some games and then the 3 of us watched SHALL WE DANCE, (Grade: B-) a not-so-bad chicky flicky that tugged on the ladies' heartstrings a bit. I was kinda distracted by the fact that I would soon be without my honey being right down 20th West. Then we went to bed and were awoken at 0330 by her phone beeping or something (very annoying) and then quickly fell back asleep only to wake up again at 0930 for good. We ate breakfast (Honey Nut Cheerios, Eggo's, and Cranberry Juice - Yes! That's the stuff!) and then Barbara and I left around 1100 to make the return trip. Much less traffic resulted in a much quicker voyage. I was back at my house by 1240 after dropping Barbara off at her house. I watched some of the STEELERS/BRONCOS game and then played MARIO KART with Aimee, Caleb, and my dad/mom (they took turns) until 1430 when my dad went to work. I then had to get ready not too long after that and then work brought me back to Palmdale for the night.

- Thursday was a school day. It's very hard to remember if anything extravagant occurred in the 6 hours that I was at that campus, but I shall try. . . Nope. Not much fun. I'm done already, or at least mentally I am!

- Over this weekend, I watched the following: LORD OF WAR, (great Nic Cage flick - find me a bad one - that was entertaining and quality at the same time; Grade: A-) two TIVO'd episodes each of SCRUBS and THE OFFICE, and the aforementioned J. Lo movie. I was well entertained this weekend.

- It seems as though that my weekend was either spent driving or working. Or vegging. Sounds about right. . .

That's all folks - a bit more tomorrow about some more important shtuff (10 more points Cy?) like a follow-up to my BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN experience, Kobe's 81-point night on Sunday, and how pining can sometimes be allowed (and even recommended). But you'll just have to wait til tomorrow to get all of that. I think you can wait. You know what? I know you can!

Go to Cy's blog: to check out some great pictures of the Philippines. Do it. And thanks for the memory-capturing-images bud. We back here appreciate it mucho.

Thanks as always for reading folks (and if you didn't get a chance to link up to my appearance on Roger Ebert's webpage, then here it is again:

- - - "There are two types of tragedies in life. One is not getting what you want, the other is getting it."
- - - Yuri Orlov (Nicolas Cage) in LORD OF WAR

Nighty night now,


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wowee Wow Wow!!!

No words can describe my excitement at this moment and it is approximately an hour since one of the most exciting events in my life occurred to me. It's truly on the short list of moments that I will always remember (right up there under first kiss and game-tying three-pointer) and I'm gonna keep you in suspense. Ha. That's my perrogative though. . . (you're singing Bobby Brown in your head now aren't you???)

Monday was truly like any other day for me. It was my day off of work and school (and no thanks to MLK for either of those - I was just off) and I didn't do a whole lot either. I caught up on SCRUBS, watching the first disc of Season 2. Heather came over in the evening and hung around with me and the fam. We ended up watching INSOMNIA (great movie that she hadn't seen - she said it was "too stressful" for her ha ha) and the GOLDEN GLOBES and then she left for the night.

Tuesday was my busy bee day. Here was school:
- PRE-SCHOOL: No, not preschool you fools. Before school! Well I got there at 0900 and headed to the bookstore to get 2 required books. One was out of stock and the other was $63! Well I bought it and prepared to special order the other one when I called my mom and asked her to search EBAY for the books. She found them both and bought them both for more than $20 less than the school sold them for. Sweetness!

- HISTORY: I was late cuz I had to go to the bookstore (dang line was long) and had to sit on the floor in the back of the classroom. This class has at least 10 more people in it than there should be so I'm gonna have to get there much earlier than right before class starts. We talked about the West and Indians and stuff like that. Much more interesting from a desk, I'm sure.

- PHILOSOPHY: People are dumb. That's all I'm going to say.

- COMMUNICATIONS: Boring today as it was mostly lecture. After the lecture, we split up again into our pairs and discussed our introduction speeches we have to give over the next 2 classes. Not much to report here and I got out a little bit early.

- ASTRONOMY: Poor Mr. Webster said he has been suffering from kidney stones (Ouch!) so he went very quickly thru the lecture. We got out at 1500 which was quite refreshing.

I got home a little earlier than usual so I had a bit more time to myself. I watched PTI and then browsed the WWW. I changed for work and then played more DIDDY KONG RACING with Caleb. Then it was off to work. Work went fine. We weren't busy at all and went on a small wait for no more than an hour. I got outta there early cuz we died at such an early time. I went to Heather's til about midnight when I headed home to my cozy bed.

This morning I got out of bed around 1100 or so and hopped in the shower. I got ready, played a couple games of DKR with Caleb again and then headed to the MALL. I met Heather at EL TORITO for lunch at 1250. We had the world's slowest service and didn't leave (although we left full) til after 1400. This did give us time to chat a lot, which is certainly always a treat. Then we went to the MALL to browse and have fun. She bought a sweater at AMERICAN EAGLE (they were having a clearance sale) and I bought 2 CY SHIRTS (long story kinda: Cy wears those long-sleeved button-up shirts with the cool patterns on them. I've always established that only he could pull them off and that I certainly had no shot of making them work. Well $7 a shirt makes me want to try. They are forever called CY SHIRTS though. This is fo sho) at ANCHOR BLUE. We also went into ELECTRONICS BOUTIQUE for a minute to look at their used DVD section. Heather has been looking for MARIO KART 64 for Caleb and we asked if they had it. They did and we bought it for him. I also bought NBA LIVE 2003 for $3 and WHEN HARRY MET SALLY. . . for $4. Great buys!

Our next stop was her house for 2 extra N64 controllers. We brought them over and began playing almost immediately after walking in the front door. That's what we did til dinner and then the whole fam watched our beloved AMERICAN IDOL which has finally made its return. Now, I will never fully commit to liking this show (I say I watch it for Simon) but man is it hard to resist! I did my ASTRONOMY homework while it played but of course that was difficult to accomplish. After it finished, Heather had to head home and did so.

I retreated to my room where I hit the internet before I finished up my homework. I read Bill Simmons' stuff (lots of new stuff) which made me laugh a lot. He's such a great writer (his new article is a great piece of writing: and I only hope that one day I can be as good as him.

Or Roger Ebert.

Now, let me tell a story: About a week ago (it was a bit longer ago, but go with me) he wrote an article ( in defense of CRASH, the movie he claimed was the best movie of 2005. I agreed strongly and thought I would tell him. I e-mailed the famed critic a quite lengthy response, including quotes and comments from the writer/director of the movie which I had gained at that special screening I had gone to several months ago. It was a well written thing that I composed and I was confident in it as I sent it. The next day I checked my e-mail and I saw that I had a reply from Roger Ebert himself! It said,
"I appreciate this message very much. I've heard from and about a lot of people who said the movie shook them up, and I guess Haggis is getting his wise that some love it and others sure do hate it.
Well I about lost it! This was exciting stuff! I showed others and they were jazzed too, although some thought that maybe it was just a drone that wrote stuff for him. Those pessimists! Well, I was looking at his site ( tonight briefly for a new review or something and saw a new commentary article entitled "Readers Clash on 'CRASH'" and I was intrigued. I joked aloud with myself that it would be funny if my e-mail made it. I opened up the article and started reading. About 3/4 of the way down, I see an introductory sentence that looks very familiar. It was my sentence! I scrolled further down and saw my name! My name! I jumped out of my chair, ran downstairs and startled my parents, who were almost asleep. I told them and my mom came up and looked for herself. I was jazzed, stoked, elated, and all of those other words for being just plain happy. I called Heather, Justin, George, and Tom and told them all to drop whatever they were doing and look up his site. I'm just so excited. O yeah, the link: - - go here and scroll down a bit. It's awesome! It is sweetness!

So, yeah, now it's 0100 and I have to finish ASTRONOMY and get to sleep soon to get up at 0830 for school. I don't know if I will be able to do so, but we'll see - I'm still on a high!

Hope all is well with everyone --

- - - "I was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me. .
This sweetness will not be concerned with me"

Still ecstatic (and now a published writer!),


Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Lung-Come-Up Version

Hello all - and my deepest apologies again for my tardiness. I didn't blog Thursday (I guess that's the only thing I did wrong. . ) but now I have to do so tonight, the night that I really don't feel like doing so. Well, here goes (and of course, folks, it's not completely chronological). . .

- School was okay on Thursday. I don't remember anything spectacular or anything terrible so it must have been just your regular day of college. Or, actually, my regular day of college. You may not be in college. But that's ok. You don't have to be. I've decided that I don't like school and that I do it cuz I have to do so. I think that can be a truth with a lot of things (do I hear a "work" from the choir?) but it's frustrating being on the homework trail yet again. Blah -

- I am still coughing and having fluids run out of my nose faster than Star Jones at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet (obligatory Star Jones joke right there! - that's for you, Cy - remember the Kool-Aid man joke??). It's frustrating. I've been unwell since my wisdom teeth separation and that has now been a month or more. After that is when I got this evil cold and it has clung to me like Linus to that blue blanket (not-so-obligatory Peanuts joke). It's crazy. I just can't shake it.

- I worked Thursday night, Friday night, and tonight. On Saturday, I went to work at 1200 and there were already 3 hosts on, and that is two too many (only 2 are really needed for a Sat. afternoon). Well, the manager on saw this and decided to send 2 hosts home. I asked the one girl (she owes me a few) to stay for me cuz I felt so bad. She agreed and I got to go home. Score. I worked 20 1/2 hours this week and after a 29 1/2 week last week, that check will have just about 56 hours (including 01/01) which is going to be just spectacular. There are 2 new hosts now. I take that back, there are now 3 new hosts. There are 2 girls that I have worked with (one has already assumed the leader position despite not having any work to support her - us veteran hosts have not taken this lightly; the other is a sloth-like moving girl who is very nice) and a guy that I have not worked with. Apparently he is cool and not too bad at hosting. We'll see.

- I spent a bit of time with George on Friday night after work. We talked about basketball for most of the time despite having planned to work on our screenplay. It's cool to talk to him about the NBA as I don't have many outlets for that. I also spent a great deal of time (well as much as I could) with my wonderful Heather. We had a date night on Saturday. We ate at BLACK ANGUS and then went and saw (wait for it. . .) BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. Yes folks, I Justin Gott, the son of a Conservative Christian payed money to go see the "gay cowboy movie". And you wanna know what? I liked it! I thought it was a spectacular movie with powerful performances by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal (as well as the female leads) and a really great love story. It was interesting to watch and compare it to your usual chick-flick romance. The two men connected (you immature people can enjoy your gay jokes with that comment) and they truly did care for each other. Needless to say, there is a scene or two with the two men and there are a few saliva-swapping moments, but I did not find it all that "gross". I was not uncomfortable. Heather wasn't uncomfortable. This was great. Here's my opinion on all of this: I am not gay. I will never be gay. I think that homosexuality is not a trait that someone is born with. I think that every person (man and woman) has to make a decision for him/herself about their orientation. I have already thought about this and overwhelmingly decided that I am straighter than an arrow. However, I do not judge those who are, in a phrase, "Queer as a four-dollar bill". If that's for you, then have it. As Jacque (Chelsea's friend) and I discussed, gay marriage does not threaten the "sanctity of marriage" and you wanna know why? That's cuz half of straight marriages end in divorce and that, my friends, is what has destroyed marriage. Not the gay people. Now, since CRASH, I have become more tolerant or everyone (races, orientations, etc) and I guess watching this film is another step for me. If you can get over the fact that, yes, that is two men kissing, then you might be able to watch a great film that is out right now. A beautiful, sad, and heartwarming story that wouldn't hurt anyone to see. Grade: (A)

- You know what, that's all I can produce right now. I want to go to bed, so I will.

- - - "God, I wish I knew how to quit you!"
- - - Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) in BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN - A quote that goes right up there with "You complete me" from JERRY MAGUIRE if you ask me.

Night folkages,


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Welcome Back, Gotter

Get it?!?!

Think of some old television show. . . Come on! Think!

I know it's a terrible joke, but it's late and it sounded good in my head. Let me have this one bad joke please! This one works because I'm back in school now and I felt like I needed to be welcoming. Meh. I haven't even watched KOTTER in months, maybe years. A quick note about that show - John Travolta got his big break on it! He played a character named Vinnie Barbarino and was basically the greaser that you would expect him to play. But on another note, school has begun again. And I'm just that happy. "G'hed g'hed". . .

So I woke up around 0745 or so on Tuesday morning and was ready to go to school (only physically of course) by 0825. I got into the cashier line (I had to get my parking permit - a beautiful lime green this semester!) around 0840 and waited in line til a little after 0900. By the time I went back to my car and put the sticker on the inside of the windshield and walked back to class, it was almost time to begin my Spring Semester. And here was my day:

- HISTORY: Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Jaffe! Another semester of American History (this time it's from 1877 to the present) with Dr. Jaffe is gonna be just fine. I got an easy A last semester and I expect the same this semester. It's gonna be fun, and that I know. Plus, at least I don't have to start until 0930. This is going to be extra nice! (Class rating: 8.5/10)

- PHILOSOPHY: Dr. Xinmin Zhu seems to be a good teacher, a nice guy, and someone who really wants us to succeed, but his accent is really strong. I have to focus 100% to get 50% of his words. Plus, my class is filled with ignoramouses. He asked us a word riddle to help us think critically: "A man is looking at a picture. Someone asks him, "Who is in the picture?" and he replies "Brothers and sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son." - - Think about it. In my entire class, only me and one other individual got it right. I'll give the answer later, but I just found it ridiculous that only one other person got it right. O well. The class will definitely be interesting. (Class rating: 6.75/10)

- COMMUNICATIONS: Our teacher is a 28-year-old woman who asked us to call her by her first name, Nanette. Uh, no thanks :D . . But, as female teachers go, she is one of the better looking ones to be perfectly honest. She's no Heather (not even close!), but she's much better to look at then Mrs. Mac (DCHS joke!). We actually played the Name Game (I stand up and say "Justin". You stand up and say "Justin. (Your name)." And so on.) for the first half hour of class. No joke. Then it was "stand-up-and-tell-others-about-yourself-time". The class is gonna be cake though. Yummy chocolate cake with a big glass of milk! (Class rating: 7.9/10)

- ASTRONOMY: The teacher (Mr. Webster) is probably the exact opposite of my last one. He's probably in his late 40's and weighs at least 300 pounds. He's really big to say the least, but he's wicked cool and I think this class will be easy too. How tedious can stars get is the question that will pervade my mind all semester though. We shall see. (Class rating: 7/10)

And that's school. I did mucho walking and I was sore as crazy when I got home. I had to eat and change though as I had work at 1700. I went there and stayed til closing (Stacy gave me $10 to close for her - this was an easy choice) and then headed to Heather's til 0100. Then I went home - o wait! - for the night. I have a story!!!

Heather's mom recently bought a pool table. This is no regulation sweet action pool table, but it definitely works. I have like pool for a long time and have found myself to be not too shabby at it. Well I played Heather a couple times, but then I got to play Chelsea. I was winning and was on the 8 ball. It was resting a couple inches away from the side pocket and I was sitting on the side rail with the cue ball. Easy shot right? Well I had a striped ball (hers) in between them! So I prepare to shoot and as I'm getting ready, the girls realized that I was trying to hop the ball over hers and hit the 8. Heather says, "Not even Justin is that good." Ha! I hit it perfect and the 8 went in. Side Pocket. Thank You. After my celebration, we laughed at how there was such little faith in the crowd. But it was right to be there. I'm not that good :D

I woke up at 1015 this morning and hopped in the shower and was at the parking lot of the CINEMARK 22 by 1050, five minutes before my movie was gonna start. I met Justin there for the showing of HOSTEL, the most recent horror movie from the (twisted) mind of Eli Roth. The movie was just ok. It was gross, overkill, and had a lot of unnecessary shtuff in it (I think you know what I mean) but had some kinda cool aspects to it. Overall, I won't recommend it unless you have a very strong stomach and want to have yourself a shockfest. Grade: C

Afterwards, we went to CASITA for lunch and then I headed home where Heather met me. We watched the movie version of WHITE CHRISTMAS (the play we just saw) with Aimee who was home sick from school. The play was way better! Good movie, but better play. Heather left not long after it was over and then I played DIDDY KONG RACING with Caleb for awhile. Dinner and more DIDDY took place after that.

My dad got home from church around 2100 and came up to my room and I popped in WEDDING CRASHERS, which he hadn't seen. It finished around 2315 and was funny funny funny yet again. I think he thought parts were funny (he did laugh) but as a whole, I don't think he liked it like he thought he would. That's cool - it was fun to watch a movie with my dad. It's been awhile since we've done that.

I've been on my (other) COMMUNICATIONS (Class rating: 7.5/10) website a few times tonight trying to get it set up for myself. It's my 5th class and is online like my FILM class was last semester. It should be fun and I'm looking forward to it (Greetings classmates - or at least those of you who found your way here!).

Now I'm getting very tired very quickly (hence the brief paragraphs) cuz it's almost 0100 on Thursday morning. I have school again and work at 1700 tomorrow so a busy day lies ahead. I hope your Thursday is exquisite everyone!

- - - "Of course, my horse."
- - - Something the Icelandic character in HOSTEL said; I thought it sounded funny!

Night now,


P.S. O yeah, the answer is HIS SON. Take that and dwell. You dwell!

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Grab-Bag (It's Been That Long)

Sorry sorry sorry.

Am I forgiven? Ok. Good. You see, I've been busy busy busy and blogging at 0200 in the morning just doesn't happen so now I'm left do it on fumes the night before I head back to school. O yeah, school starts tomorrow. But that's only one part of a great many things that has happened in the last week. I've written down all the events in my notebook and am now gonna relay it to all of you. Don't you feel special?!? As always folks, it's not chronological (how could it be?) so just try to keep pace with me. . .

- Shall I begin with work? Ok, I will! This is the place that I have spent most of my time. Since I blogged on Tuesday night, I have spent many hours at the Italian countryside. I worked 5 hours on Friday and 6 on both Saturday and Sunday. I had off Thursday and I'll tell you about Wednesday later. Tonight I showed up for work at 1600 and found myself to be off of the schedule. Apparently, they had changed the schedule this weekend and I had not been told. Well, it was fine with me as I got to hang out with Heather for a few more hours! I now work tomorrow, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Can't wait! O actually, I can. At least it will be a good check!

- Ok, so Wednesday. I know this was forever ago, but bear with me. I actually spent most of the early afternoon dreading going into work and catching up on HOUSE with Heather. I wanted someone to cover my shift because I wanted to stay home and watch the mucho-anticipated ROSE BOWL. Well, the three girls I called all said they were working! Huh??? That's what I said! Why there were 4 hosts scheduled on a Wednesday night, I'll never know, but it helped me greatly! I called and asked Tim if I could volunteer to stay home :D - - He said that I needed to come in (1630) and if the others showed up, I could leave. They all got there and I got to go home and I showed up in time to change and I landed in the living room recliner right at kickoff. Talk about perfect. What followed was maybe one of the greatest College Football games of all time as Texas upset two-time defending champion USC 41-38. After that, I headed over to Heather's as I had promised and stayed the night on the couch over there after watching OLD SCHOOL. There's Wednesday. Whew!

- Did I mention that I start school tomorrow? O I did. Ok, cuz I swear that I don't want to go SO BAD that I am trying to forget about it! Guess it's not working.

- Been playing a lot of DIDDY KONG RACING on NINTENDO 64 with the brother. He's getting really good which is scary. It's like watching a video of me when I was his age. You see, I beat one of the MARIOs when I was 4. The whole game. I beat it. He is definitely on his way to surpassing the legend of Justin when it comes to video games. We'll just have to wait and see how is MADDEN skills are. That is the true test!

- I had to work overtime on Saturday (1200-1830 instead of the scheduled 1200-1600) so I had to rush to get the sister and head to AVC to view the always-entertaining basketball game between DCHS and PARACLETE. For those of you who don't know, Paraclete is the local Catholic high school and is the big rival of Desert Christian. I always loved playing in these games, as the crowds were always the largest and loudest. Aimee and I sat in the front row and enjoyed an ugly game. Both teams played sloppily and neither really deserved to win. The game was tied at 21 at halftime and the Knights tied the game at 42 with 10 seconds to play on a gutsy shot by guard Michael Hendricks. Unfortunately, they were too busy celebrating as the Spirits (that's Paraclete, by the way) threw the inbounds pass over the press and the guy took it in for the winning layup with just under 4 seconds to play. It was a tough loss for my alma mater, but it's going to be a learning experience regardless. Afterwards, I asked Heather to come over and she did. She ended up staying over (see the give-and-take in the relationship ha ha) and we spent a good deal of Sunday together as well. I got her to stay as long as I could stay around myself. I had to work at 1600 and we parted ways then. Thanks for staying so long baby. I had a great time as always!

- So what did I do on my day off (Thursday)??? Well during the day, I took Heather to a matinee of THE PRODUCERS starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane (don't forget Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell). It was a fun film to watch and the songs were very entertaining. Though not for everybody, I found it to be a great 2 hours! Grade: B+ . . . After the movie, we hung with my family til 1700 when we met Emily at Mallory's house for a surprise. You see, it's Mallory's 20th birthday on 01/08 (that was yesterday) and the only day we all could get together was Thursday. Our early present/party/whatever was taking her down to THE GROVE in Los Angeles to eat at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. The crew was only 6 people (Mal, her boyfriend Mike, Emily, Justin, Heather, and myself) and we got down there around 1830 I think. We put our names down on the list (35-50 minute wait said the host - ha ha) and walked around THE GROVE. Nice place. I'll be going back for sure. We ended up waiting an hour and fifteen minutes (stupid host - just joshin!) but then got our seat and begun our great meal. I got pork chops which came with applesauce AND mashed potatoes! It was all very good and then came the dessert. We ordered 2, count them, 2 slices of cheesecake (cmon, it's the freakin' CHEESECAKE FACTORY). We got their original cheesecake but with strawberries on it (good very good) and their NEW! Godiva chocolate cheesecake (O! My! Wow!!!!). It was a lot of fun and I'm pretty sure that Mal had a great time. Thanks for being born friend! We missed our buddy Cy though. Even though he would have made 7 (unless he brought one of his wives back with him - ha ha bud!) we all said at least once that it would have been nice to have him there. March cannot come quick enough. It's just weird around here without him. . .

- I'm going through my country music phase. I do this occasionally. It usually occurs right after my classic rock phase, although notsomuch this time around. I'm listening to Kenny Chesney as I fall asleep, Garth Brooks as I clean my room, and KTPI as I drive to work. It's weird. But I enjoy it. So sue me! Or don't, cuz I really need every dime I get!

- I went 3-1 in the pool this week (it's the playoffs now). That's good, but I don't think good enough to win, as my total points were way off! I had predicted 188 total points in the 4 games (I was suspecting high scoring) but there was only 129 scored. Dang defense!

That's all for right now (that's a lot, what am I talking about!) cuz I'm tired and it's now 0015 on Tuesday morning. I gotta get up in less than 8 hours because I have to get to school early to buy my parking permit. My first class isn't until 0930 so that will be refreshing this semester. I'm also working tomorrow at 1700 but I will do my best to give y'all a complete rundown of Day 1 of Spring Semester 2006. That's all I can do: My Best!

Goodnight folkages - sleep o so good and dream o so sweetly

- - - "The Fuhrer (Adolf Hitler) was not a mousy momma's boy. The Fuhrer was butch!"
- - - Franz Liebkind (Will Ferrell) in THE PRODUCERS

Dreading Waking Up,


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Splurging is Recommended Sometimes

Today was a long day. I needed the trip to BEST BUY. Badly. But that was later on in my day. Here was my Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday. . .

I woke up early today (0800) and immediately began wasting time and finding different things to occupy my time with. I eventually showered and ate some lunch and then watched ATH and PTI, back from their hiatuses due to College Football Bowl Season. Afterwards, I headed out.

I went to the Credit Union and deposited my check from right after Christmas. Then it was to BEST BUY. Earlier in the day, I had found an only-if-bought-online deal on the recent SEINFELD releases. If you bought one, you got one free! That's a deal! So I organized it all out and purchased them online. Well I had to pick them up, did so (man, that's such an odd story that I won't be telling you - it took FOREVER to make this purchase) and also picked up some other goodies. Here is what was in my cart (or hands, but I like using the internet shopping lingo):
- SEINFELD Seasons 5, 6
- SCRUBS Season 2

I got all that for just over $100 which is just incredible! Christmas money has now been spent.

Then I went to work, which is where I was from 1600-2200. Then I went to Heather's for an hour or so but I am now home cuz I'm tired and coughing.

Bedtime. Sleep good all. And sweet dreams.

- - - "That money is burning a hole in your pocket!"
- - - Anonymous

Later gators,


Monday, January 02, 2006

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The Centennial (and by the way, it's 2006!) Version

Happy 2006 everyone! Can you believe it? Just like that, we've gone into a new year. Sure, 2005 was good, but I anticipate that o six will be even better. But that's just the optimist part of me speaking I suppose. The realist/cynic part of me knows that it certainly will be tougher than the past year and that it's only gonna provide more trials and such that I'm gonna have to trudge through. But that's cool. That means I'm getting older. And THAT is way cool. So folks, welcome to my weekend. And, as always my little bloggees (that means you're being blogged for - I just made it up!), it is in no way chronological . . .

- Well work has just been crazy lately. I worked on New Year's Eve (scheduled from 1200-1600) from 1200 to 1825 and clocked out at 1800. I didn't want to get a "Break Violation" so I just clocked out and worked over. O well. It was consistently busy all day and so we were on a 10 minute wait (or so) all day, even during the slow times between 1400 and 1600. Then at 1700, the rush hit. We were at a 45-50 minute wait by 1825 when I left. I'm so glad I wasn't there any later. Sunday I had to work, and did so from 1600 to 1930. I also worked tonight and did that from 1600 to 1930 as well. I'm raking in the hours and will continue to do so the next 2 weeks. One of the hostesses called in "sick" on New Year's Eve (she was far from it) and they told her, "See you January 16". Apparently, the rule was made that if anyone called in that day, they could not come back for a whole pay period. Wow. Hope it was a good party. Anyway, so I got the first chance to pick up her shifts, as they had already scheduled her. I got 2 more days, giving me 6 days! And next week I get the same schedule. That check'll be ginormous! Can't wait!

- So the storm that just came through was absolutely insane! The rain was freakin' going horizontal I kid you not!

- So here's my New Year's Eve: Well I got off of work at 1830 and headed to Heather's. I got there, picked her up and headed back to my house. I changed into more comfortable clothes and then we ate dinner with my family. My mom had made shrimp creole and it was really good. After dinner, Heather and I went to CINEMARK 22 and saw FUN WITH DICK AND JANE starring Jim Carrey. It was funny, but certainly not on the level of the summer R-rated comedies. Good ol' Jim does have a few moments that are high comedy, and overall it's a fun movie that doesn't require any thinking whatsoever. Grade: (C+) - - So then we headed to her house and picked up her mom and headed to JOHNNY CARINO'S, that evil place, for dessert. We ordered a spamoni (Italian ice cream - chocolate/cherry/pistachio - that looks like neapolitan. Comes with 2 Nilla Wafers :D) and ate up! Then we headed back to her house and watched good ol' New Year's celebrations from all around the globe until it was time for ours. We toasted the New Year with Sparkling Cider (I love that stuff!) and went to bed very soon after. Call us party poopers - we were tired!

- I'll give you a quick rundown of the ENTERTAINMENT picks for January 2006. There's only one must-see film, one will-see film, and one must-own DVD. Here ya go:

- - GLORY ROAD (01/13) Check out the film's database ( I love basketball films, and Heather actually wants to see this one, so I win! This one looks great and I can't wait to see it!

- - HOSTEL (01/06) Check out the film's database ( This film looks brutal, unforgiving, and intense. It also appears to be quite violent. From the people that brought us CABIN FEVER (the writer/director) and TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (producers, I think) plus the mind of Quentin Tarantino (he also produced) makes me excited to see how it turns out. Long live scary movies!

- - WEDDING CRASHERS: The "Uncorked" Edition (01/03) This comes out tomorrow baby! The funniest film of 2005 is finally out on DVD and I can't wait to pick it up! Do yourself a favor and rent this at least. You won't be disappointed, trust me!

Ok folks, have a good week. I'll post this week, and that you can believe. Sleep good!