Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Humanity is Overrated

Just a quote from the first season of HOUSE, which I bought today. It's my new favorite dramedy (drama/comedy) on TV. Hugh Laurie is awesome. He is cynical, sarscastic, and at times just downright mean. Kinda reminds me of me. Hmm. . .

So I did nothing productive from when I woke up a little before 1000 until almost noon. Then I got my butt in gear and went outside to sort our recycleables. This is a great source for extra mula (moola? I don't know.) and doesnt' take too long. I got them all ready and took my dad's truck to the nearby grocery store. After 15 minutes or so of helping the guy get them all together and in their cute blue trash cans, I drove away from Ralph's with $34 (thanks Pop for the bottles - my grandpa brought over a bunch of em from Arizona from a recent tour; he is a tour bus driver in his retirement years).

I got home, ate lunch, showered, shaved (I was overdue. Very scraggly) and got dressed. My mom and I then went to my wisdom teeth consultation. I'm gonna have to make an appointment soon, and truth be told, I really don't wanna do it. You see, I'm quite attached to my teeth, especially the ones that haven't even come out from under my gums. I don't want them to mess up my handsome smile though (this is what I'm told) so I guess I should get it done. O well. Milkshakes and Jello for a whole weekend! Yay!

After this I went to Best Buy and bought the aforementioned first season of HOUSE and the THE ACADEMY IS CD. A great all-around purchase! I am muy happy with both items. I stopped by Jamba Juice real quick and picked up a big size (I don't use their lingo; "power" size, gimme a break) of Strawberry Surf Rider (formerly known as Strawberry Tsunami). I came home and did the usual computer stuff, followed by a bit of TV. As of now I have watched the first three episodes of HOUSE and the bonus features. Great show.

Dinner was steak quesadillas, care of mi madre, and then it was time for math homework. I finished one and a half lessons in about an hour and a half. I felt good. I felt more like I had wasted my time, cuz I'm already sick of math, but I guess I have to do it. O college. O how you baffle me.

Now that my blog is done, I realize that its title is quite true. As a whole, humanity is overrated. Consider two groups of people that are giving humanity a terrible name right now: looters and scam-artists. Hurricane Katrina has left the Gulf Coast in shambles, and the looters are coming in droves to get all the free crap they can. This is ridiculous. I'm actually anticipating the moment when a cop shoots one of these looters and gets in trouble for it. No looter should be walking at this moment. Just a point of view. Secondly, I heard that there are scammers who are taking in money for relief funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but not really. Please, if you give money to a relief fund, make sure it's to a real one. Go with the Red Cross, or the Salvation Army. Don't give to Bob's Relief Funding. It's not the real deal. He's a shmuck. Don't give him money.

So, yeah, I have school in 8 hours and have to get up in less than 7, so I'm heading to bed. Have a great Thursday. Friday is just one day away! I'm actually giddy. That's right. Giddy. . .

- - "It's not possible to die with dignity. You can live with dignity, though."


Tuesday, August 30, 2005

California: Only the Tan Survive

There was a girl at school today who was wearing a shirt with the above title printed across it. I found it ironic, because she was, to be honest, not all that tan. And as I began to dwell on this concept, I wondered how I am going to survive in the big C-A in all my pale wonderness. We'll just have to see if some vanity t-shirt maker from Beijing or Taipei or the Caribbean really knows about the survival rate of the inhabitants of California. I doubt that he does. I think I'll be fine. . .

I had school today (woohoo?) and although I didn't want to go, it certainly made the day go by faster. Here's a brief rundown of what happened in each class:

Philosophy - I was still half asleep at this point of the morning. I turned in my essay, took a quiz (26 out of 28 thank you very much) and listened to a lecture. Not too interesting today. Some girl in the front spilled her coffee at the beginning of the class trying to get out of a guy's way. She seems kinda buth, and he's a geeky-looking guy, so I was worried for him. Everything was resolved with paper towels, though.

History - Just some good ol' lecture. JAFFE always makes me laugh though. The class has an Honors Option, for those of us in the AVC Honors Program. The requirement for this class is to write another term paper in addition to the one due for the whole class in November. Not too bad, considering what other classes expect of you. "It shouldn't be that hard," he said optimistically.

Math - Holy crap, two hours of math is a long time! The first hour was easy, with simple equations being the main lesson. The second hour was a bitch, though, due to the evil world that is word problems. This is my kryptonite. Give me an algebraic equation and I'll give you "X" in not too long of a time, or even better, give me something to compute, I'll do it right now. Just like that. However, give me a story before the math problem and you lose me. Needless to say, I struggled during the second hour. Grrrr!

I came home and vegged (veged? how do you spell doing nothing? o well) for a couple hours. I got on the computer a bit later and read all the required notes for my film class, and then proceeded to watch "The Purple Rose of Cairo" (directed by Woody Allen) for the class. It was only 80 some minutes, so that was refreshing. It was a fine movie; nothing special, but it wasn't terrible either. I did my required work after watching it and headed back to my prior hypnotic state in front of the good ol' TV.

The family and I (now minus the brother - he's in Arizona with the g-parents) went to Olive Garden. It was easier without a 4-year-old, but also a lot quieter. Actually, change that. We had drunks at the table across from us, trailer trash in the other table next to us, and we could barely hear ourselves talk. We had fun making fun of them though. Good ol' family. Don't you feel better about your own family after seeing other, much crappier versions of famliy? I do.

I took the sister to Circuit City to buy a couple CD's and a TV season, but they didn't have it. I hate Circuit City. Just a thought. . . So we went to Best Buy, and snuck in just as they were closing up shop at 900. I grabbed my two CD's (for you nosey bodies: new Death Cab for Cutie and Jack's Mannequin - the latter is the solo effort from the lead singer of Something Corporate) and picked up House: Season One. I was gonna buy it, but then I found out we had a $20 gift card to this place at home. I'll go back and get it at half price. Yes, that's better.

I hope your day was good. Tomorrow is looking like errand-day, with a little bit of chill-time in there too. We'll see how it goes. 2 days til Friday! I can't wait! Can't you tell?

Currently listening to: Those 2 previously mentioned CD's - both AWESOME! Go buy Jack's Mannequin. Seriously, you won't be sorry.

See you tomorrow you knuckleheads,


Monday, August 29, 2005

As a fly flies. . .

There's a fly in the kitchen right now. He won't land. It's bothering me. I really want to kill it. Is that so much to ask? I didn't think so. . .

So I woke up this morning before 800 and got a call soon thereafter from Heather, who was beginning her first day of classes at CSULB. She called to vent some of her nervousness (who isn't nervous their first day of college?) and I did my best to help. I talked to her off and on throughout the day, and it seems like she's going to be just great down there. I'm almost as happy for her as I miss her. It's true.

I ran some errands this morning and then watched some TV. I watched the RICHARD JENI stand-up thing again, but this time with my dad. He liked it, and I laughed just as hard this time as I have the first 3 times. It's great entertainment. One of the funniest things out there. I like his humor partially because he has no agenda. He's not trying to convince you to change political parties or religions or to specifically slam a certain political viewpoint. He's just trying to make people laugh. Sure, he makes fun of Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart, and, at times, women, but he also mocks both the liberals and the conservatives. This is something rarely seen, and, quite honestly, is refreshing. Good stuff.

I did my math homework while listening to THE KILLERS (great CD - go buy it now) and then contemplated doing my philosophy essay. I didn't then, but I did a little later, after wasting more time in front of the hypnotic screen. I did my essay and finished a bit before my friend Justin came over. We hadn't hung out in awhile, but it was great to catch up and such. The two of us and Cy (his not-so-frequently-updated-blog is at hung out for a large part of the night. We reminisced about our DC trip last summer, senior year, and everything that is changing at our high school. Fun convos. It always is fun with those guys.

Now they're gone, and I'm heading to bed. I have to get up before 700 to get ready for school. It's still hard to convince myself that I'm going to school again. I can't wait for Friday! Heather is coming home, and for the whole weekend at that! Needless to say, I'm stoked! But, we gotta fight through another week in the trenches. I'm ready. Here I go; I'm jumping in!

Good night. Sleep tight. And pleasant dreams to you. Adios. Au Revoir. . . (It's a song, but I can't remember the rest. O well, I figure that's good enough)

A Dedication to my Heather :D

- - - "But then you took me by surprise
- - - I'm dreaming bout those dreamy eyes"
- - - The Killers: "Everything will be Alright"


Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cold Chicken and Cold Hard Cash

So today was a good day, but not a great day. Those only come once a week nowadays. Those of you who know me know why. And that's not to say I don't like good days. They're just not great. But good is ok. Wait, no. Good is good. O forget it. . .

So this morning I woke up and got myself ready for church. Our guest speaker today was a guy named Bob Beltz. He is an ordained minister and most recently an employee of Walden Media, a company partially responsible for the upcoming film (and box-office smash hit) THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE. He spoke well, and I was interested, being the bona fide film buff that I am. He spoke on Christ and film, the role of the church in Hollywood throughout history, and the ways the church and its people can influence the evil world of Hollywood (cmon, you know it is). It was good stuff. Plus, he showed a longer trailer for the film than is out on the internet (Psst. . . It looks AWESOME!)

I had lunch with the fam (minus mi hermana - she is in N. Cali with my mom's sister) and then came home. It was just too hot today to do anything! At one point the Weather Bug on the computer (isn't that the most annoying thing - the buzzing of the Weather Bug?) said it was upwards of 107 outside. That's almost as hot as Hell, I'm sure of it. I was sitting and sweating. I wasn't doing butt clenches, or some other strenuous activity. I was sitting. And sweating. Gross.

I had a POKER game tonight though. I got there at 600 with my new chips, which we would break in tonight, and set up the stacks for everyone. There were a total of 5 players, and at $10 each, it was a 40/10 pot (40 for the winner; second gets their money back). I played alright early, but I was losing my stack quickly to the big stacks. I got a good river, went ALL-IN, and doubled up nicely, and held on to the chip lead until there were 3 left. It was a roller coaster of a night, but finally, I pulled it out, winning with POCKET ROCKETS (two Aces as my hold cards for you novices) against an A/10. It feels good to win again. That's two games straight at this game. The one guy (who's house we were at) said he wouldn't be surprised if I was on the World Poker Tour one day, if I applied myself and learned some tricks and Math. That was quite a compliment. Thanks Randy - I won't forget you when I make it big : D

I came home and chilled for the rest of the night. I ate some cold fried chicken, (always a treat) and then later some more Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Holy Crap is that good!) The news is all that's on anymore with Hurricane Katrina ready to utterly destroy New Orleans, so I watched some of that. I feel bad, but at the same time, New Orleans is a BAD town. Sodom and Gomorrah anybody? Plus, they have had a day's notice to get out of town! I heard there were still partiers on Bourbon Street - That is a retard, my friends. No offense meant by that, except if you're still in New Orleans and plan on drinking so much that you think you won't feel the Hurricane. You, sir, are a retard.

So now that I've offended many of you, I'm gonna head to bed.

So sleep well you knuckleheads - a new week is about to begin. Let's hope it's a great one. Or at least a good one. Oddly enough, I'll settle for OK : )

- - - "I'm ALL-IN!"

The New Kid Poker (sorry Daniel Negreanu, but until I can get a better POKER name, I'm using yours).

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Was Today really necessary?

I did nothing today - Need I say more?

I woke up this morning not even realizing that I shoulda just stayed asleep. I got out of bed around 1100 I guess and showered and such. I ate lunch and hopped on the computer for awhile. I played some online poker today (I did pretty good today - I play with play money, not real money) and watched some too (Celebrity Poker Showdown on BRAVO).

I did my laundry so that my jeans would be clean for the upcoming week, and I did some research on IMDB for an essay that I have to write in November for my Film class. We are gonna have to write an essay on a director after viewing three of their films. The list that the teacher gave, though, is not overly exciting. I mean, there are some that I wouldn't mind doing (I suppose) but there are ones that I would prefer that aren't on the list. I'm planning on emaling him and asking if I could do mine on a director not listed (i.e. Kevin Smith, Ron Howard, Michael Mann) but we'll see.

Other than that, I haven't done anything. I could have done some homework (That was a joke. Coudn't you tell?) or read a book or at least gone outside, but no, I decided to waste my day away indoors. It was brutally hot, so I'm not THAT upset, but I would have liked to do something productive.

O well

I hope your day was better than mine. Although, it wouldn't have taken much for that to be true. (cue Pity Party)

Goodnight for now. Please God let tomorrow be better than today. That would be great. . .

- - - "I could tell from the minute I woke up it was going to be a lonely, lonely lonely, lonely day."
- - - Phantom Planet: "Lonely Day"


A Spinning Otter and a Waving Manta Ray

To begin, this post is for yesterday, Friday, because I was just too tired last night to post. Ok, I got that out of the way, so. . .

Yesterday I left at 930 for Long Beach. The ride down wasn't bad, and by 1130 I was in the midst of the best hug EVER! Happiness is truly hugging the one you love, let me tell you. Allow me to say that this girl is incredible. That's all. Period. She is incredible!

So we made lunch (mac and cheese and veggies - yummy) and ate while chatting with BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON on in the background. After we ate we decided we needed to go do something besides lounging and voted on the AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC, which, conveniently enough, is about 10 minutes from her apartment. We rode over there, parked, (which is a helllish horror story in and of itself) and headed in. I had been there several times before (my family used to be "members" - this was over 5 years ago) but Heather had not. I was excited for her to see all the animals, seeing that she is the biggest animal-lover ever (I think I figured out why she's with me :D ) and would no doubt enjoy this trip.

She did. Our favorite animals of the day were the sea otter, (the one was doing a continuous barrel roll in the water - he had absolutely no cares) the manta ray, (we got to touch these - they would come out of the water with their wing-thingys and "wave" them; great entertainment) and the horned puffin (the funniest thing - it's like a penguin in that it's a swimming bird, but it just puffs its fur out and, of course, Heather thought this was just the "cutest!"). We had a good time - I wish it could have been a longer time. There weren't as many exhibits as I had remembered and the Whale Exhibit that they promote was nowhere to be found. We came to reason that they just put on a movie thing and call it an exhibit. I wanted to see a frickin' whale! It was fun, though. Great times - -

We walked around in the surrounding outlet mall, a Valencia Town Center imitation if you will, for a while, but it was actually pretty warm out. We headed back to her pad and just chilled. She actually napped for a bit (I watched the first hour or so of SIDEWAYS. I love that movie!) and then later it was time for dinner. She cooked up some chicken quesadillas and tacos. Also yummy :) I'm telling you, she is THE resourceful cook!

The rest of the night was filled with watching LAWS OF ATTRACTION, (meh - a C- on the scale) playing games like Connect Four, Backgammon, and Egyptian War, and just chatting. I have never been able to talk to someone like I can with her. It's great, and I highly recommend it.

1030 came too soon, and I had to leave. We were both tired, and I had a long journey ahead of me, so we parted ways (still the toughest part of our relationship - leaving her). I booked it home. I never went over 80 mph (I swear) and there was barely any traffic, and I was home in less than an hour and a half - a record. I went to bad soon thereafter, after, of course, I wagered whether or not I would post a blog. Weariness won that battle, and I was asleep within 10 minutes of hitting the pillow.

I hope your Saturday is good, and I'll see y'all again tonight (well not really "see", but you get it). Happy day to all!

- - - A line from SIDEWAYS (I really can't post many of them ha ha)


Friday, August 26, 2005

Cy has Lovely Lady Lumps!

See bud, I told you I would use it. . .

Let me apologize for the title, but it really isn't me who should be apologizing. It's my friend CY who should be on his knees, the heathen. Bad music. Very bad music. This is your punishment. I do believe that it is just and fair.

So I awoke a little before 7 and got ready for school. Day Two (ding)!

Philosophy was fine. We had a quiz on the syllabus and the whole class (I hope) got 20/20, which is a great way to start your first college semester. We have a paper due on Tuesday, but it isn't hard and is really just a tool to show the teacher how our writing skills are - I feel pretty confident that I'll do ok. A slow moving hour and twenty minutes to be sure, but not terrible.

History was great. Although we took almost 4 pages of notes, it was interesting and I enjoy DR. JAFFE's style of teaching. I'm looking forward to this class everyday that I step foot on the campus. Hopefully I'll do good. . .

Math wasn't bad actually. My teacher is the funniest thing to watch though. He'll bounce (literally) around the room from whiteboard, to chalkboard, and then back to whiteboard and just with the biggest grin on his face. I tell you, he's GIDDY! Unbelievable. I never thought someone could be so pumped up for circles, midpoints, and radii. Turns out that I did the wrong homework assignment (practice set 1 instead of section 1.1) but he assigned it today anyway. I just woulda been ahead for the first time, well, ever, but that's ok. At least I appear to be motivated. We'll see how long it lasts.

I went to lunch with my mom and her two fellow secretaries at PONCHO'S Mexican Restaurant. My mom knows THE Poncho, because he used to be a waiter at EL TOREO, and she went there often. He left there and bought his own place on Lancaster Blvd. across from LPAC (the Lancaster Performing Arts Center). It's a nice place and I hope he prospers - Great food! Here's free advertising: GO TO PONCHO'S!!!

I then had the afternoon to just chill. I watched CONSTANTINE (a C+ on the scale; entertaining, but not all that stimulating) and did some computer stuff. I got my poker chips in the mail!!! I won an auction on EBAY for a briefcase with a bunch of professional chips in it. The auction ended at 6 cents! I kid you not. Shipping, however, was $40, but that is still cheaper than in the stores. I spent a good half hour removing the plastic from the separate stacks of chips in the case. Needless to say, I'm excited!

Dinner with the fam was followed by hanging at CY's house. Not much happened, but it's cool to just kick back and have a few laughs. I never object to that. Thanks to all who were involved in the night. It was indeed fun.

Now I need to go to bed, for tomorrow brings driving. I'm heading to LONG BEACH for the day, and those of you who know me, know that that means I'm going to see my Wonderful Heather! We might head to the AQUARIUM OF THE PACIFIC or something like that, but again, it doesn't really matter to me. As long as we're hanging out, I'm just dandy.

Sleep tight and enjoy your Friday all you knuckleheads.

- - "I'm a shmuck. I did a shmucky thing." - - from CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM (which I finished the first season of today; I think it's an accomplishment, don't you?)

Until the next time,


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I would be LETTUCE. . .

I'll get to that later. . .

So greetings to you all. Tonight's blog is the culmination of one fast-paced, busy, busy day and one boring and slow day. That's why I don't feel bad about combining them. I think. . .

So I woke up at 630 yesterday morning to get ready for . . . SCHOOL! Holy Crap I can't believe it's that time again. So I got myself together and left the house at 725 and arrived at ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE at 730. As I was driving, my hands were shaking I was so nervous. I had a pit in my stomach, and I was cold. First day fears. What a maroon, I know, but come on. It's my first day of COLLEGE.

My first class was to begin at 800, but I wanted to get there early, (mostly for parking reasons) and so I did. I found my first class quickly, and when the teacher showed up, I held the door for a few people (a lost art. I'm serious.) and found a seat in the middle of the middle aisle.

PHILOSOPHY 106 - So my teacher's name is BARBARA HOGAN. She's pretty cool. I would rank her (and strictly on first impressions) a 7 out of 10 on the "JUSTIN'S TEACHER SCALE". The class is gonna be harder than I thought. A lot of reading is to be done, and there is a quiz every morning of class. We're gonna learn all about plato, SOCRATES, aristotle, and guys like that. I'm holding out hope that the class will be ok, and I think it will. It runs from 800-920, so it's not that bad. There's a guy in my class (African-American guy) who's name is Miles Davis. I think that's funny :D . . . So we went through the syllabus and were let out about 20-25 minutes early. This would be a trend throughout the day.

HISTORY 107 - This was my most stressful part of the day. I was attempting to crash the class, because I could not register for it. The professor is probably the most well-liked one on the entire campus, thus his classes fill up quickly. I was twelfth (an odd-looking word) on the waiting list (which was almost thirty long) and was barely hanging on to hope. I took a seat, though, and waited. That was all I could do. It ended up that several registered people failed to show up and over half of the waiting list in front of me did the same. I was the last crasher to earn a spot in the class! It seems like it's gonna be an awesome class. It's American History from the exploration and colonization to 1877 (about 10 years after the Civil War ended) and I truly enjoy that era. It runs from 930-1050, but I kinda wish it was longer, because DR. MATTHEW LEE JAFFE is awesome (a 9.5 out of 10 on the SCALE)! He is somewhat eccentric and has a dry sense of humor, but I love it, and I spent most of the class laughing. I can't wait to see how this class goes. (Read: I'm very optimistic at this point)

MATH 130 - This is a college Algebra class. It runs from 1100 to 105 and that is one long-ass class, (have you ever seen someone with a long ass? I haven't, but if it looks anything like this math class, then I don't ever one see one) let me tell you. A plus is that two of my fellow graduates of DESERT CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL (George Argyris and Angela Shoemaker for those of you keeping score at home) are in the class as well. George and I have been buddies for awhile, so it was definitely helpful to see him in the room. The teacher, MICHAEL TRAN, is ok (a 6{4+2} - 6{3+2} - 1 on the SCALE; psst. . . that equals 5). He doesn't speak great English, so it's a little difficult to comprehend all that he is saying. He had us get into groups of four - - we got into these by drawing the same cards out of a deck; odd, I know, but innovative - - and we had to interview each other in a round. You know, A interviews B, who interviews C, and so on. We had to answer 3 questions: 1) Name; 2) Goal/Major at AVC; 3) If you were a fruit/vegetable, based on your personality, what would you be and why? - WEIRD!!! I wondered if I had entered the Antelope Valley Preschool or something. So George and I started coming up with some fun entries (I'll leave it at that) and ended up with these: ME: I would be lettuce cuz I can be useful for many different things (i.e. Salad, Hamburgers, Cole Slaw) and I am better dressed (cue laughter)! GEORGE: I would be brussel sprouts cuz I am an acquired taste and you'll like me better smothered in butter (cue a bit more laughter than mine)! Needless to say, that part was fun. The class will probably be similar to the Trigonometry class I had Junior year, but we'll see. I'm not really looking forward to this one, but hey, its only twice a week. We were let out an hour early (thank goodness) and I had to take care of some things in ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS before I could go.

Also, for those of you who were keeping track, I have a fourth class. It is an online class, which I think I have mentioned before (hmmm, I'm not sure right now). The first film we have to watch is called THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO by woody allen. I can't find it - stupid Blockbuster doesn't carry it - so if you have it let me know. That would be awesome! I'm excited for this class too. What an excuse to watch movies! But enough about school. . .

I then journeyed into the parking lot and decided to spend 10 minutes searching for my car. Turns out, it's not that easy to find. I rode over to the high school just to see who was hanging out or playing ball and whatnot. I showed up and some of the guys who were on the Varsity team with me last year were playing pick-up games. So I ran home, grabbed my shorts and shoes, and played some games for a half hour - I'm so out of shape! I can still hold my own, though, which is a good feeling.

Not much to report on the rest of yesterday, except I went to BLOCKBUSTER and rented the first season of HBO's comedy CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. It's pretty funny. It's written by and stars the guy who created SEINFELD with Jerry himself. I like it. It's more adultish, but it's still enjoyable. I watched several episodes, and that was good enough for one day. I went to CY's house for a few hours (read his blog at and that was cool. I came home around 1100 and went to bed shortly thereafter. I fell asleep a little after 1230 (I have difficulty sleeping, even when I'm exhausted) and that was Tuesday.

Today I woke up at 930ish and stayed in bed til 1100 or so (MAD ABOUT YOU, baby!). I got out of bed, showered, got dressed, ate some Fruit Loops, and went back to AVC. No classes today, but I had to return a textbook, and purchase another. It was a quick trip and I was home again, safe and sound. Not much happened the rest of the afternoon (several visits to the world of LARRY DAVID - that's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, mind you) and as of now I have watched 7 of 10 episodes. Funny stuff.

I did spend over an hour researching, planning, customizing, and buying a computer. Dude, I'm getting a DELL!!! It's gonna set me back a few pesos, but I think it'll be worth it. I spared no expense (that didn't work out for Hammond in JURASSIC PARK, though, huh?) and I'm excited for its arrival in a couple of weeks. O yeah, and I also did my MATH homework - that was odd. It was easy enough (a review of sorts) but I still was not happy with writing down anything on paper period. Grrrr says I!

The blog is at its end for the evening. I'd like to get some more relaxation in before another big day at the ol' College tomorrow. Maybe I'll watch more ENTHUSIASM. Yes, I think so.

I hope all is well for all of you, and I hope you return to my world soon.

- - - "I would be a bunch of grapes because I have many facets to my personality, as there are many grapes to a bunch. Without one, you just wouldn't have a bunch of grapes. They would just be grapes. Likewise, you can't have me without all my facets. Thank you." - - My initial answer to the stupid fruit question :D

Sleep ti-zite to-nizzle (I'm so white),


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just too darn tired

So, yeah, today has been an exhausting day. College started today, and on less than 5 hours of sleep. No rest for the weary. I am planning to type out quite possibly my longest blog yet. But not tonight. Ha I had you going didn't I? Tomorrow morning will bring not only renewed strength, but interest in what I have on my plate. May you all sleep well, as I surely will.

Currently watching - First Season of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Don't let the bed bugs bite,


Monday, August 22, 2005

A Quick Shove Into the World

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it!

Today was as a roller coaster unlike any I've ridden in many moons. I woke up at 900 after going to bed at 230 (that's just not enough sleep). HEATHER came by to pick up her purse, which she had left in my car last night. It's always nice waking up and seeing your lovely lady walk into your room. She left, though, for she had shopping to do.

I showered and got dressed and then hopped on the WORLD WIDE WEB. With classes at AVC starting today, I figured I should check out the status of my online class. I'm taking an Introduction to Film class. And I am muy looking forward to it. So, turns out, that you had to create an ID and a password by today, or you would get dropped from the class - whew - luckily I went on today. So I got my ID and such and went to look at what the class will be made up of. I'm looking forward to several of the aspects of the class - it should be fun (or as much fun as school can be).

I got myself together and headed to ORIENTATION for JOHNNY CARINO'S at 200. The general manager, his name is Charlie, went over everything under the sun. We got out of there a little after 400. So, I'm looking forward to beginning work (September 10) and once the restaurant opens (September 19) it should be loads of fun (including stories). Welcome to life, Justin.

I left there and headed to Palmdale to see my HEATHER. She was heading back to Long Beach tonight (sad times) so the more time together tonight, the better. We went to the MALL to buy some jeans at AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS ($5-$10 sale on jeans). As we were walking toward the store, our friend mallory (an AE employee) walked towards us. We caught up briefly, and then me and Heather went to buy jeans. We each bought two pair, (school shopping) and she bought a pair of sunglasses - a sidenote: She thought she could wear hers to HURRICANE HARBOR and not break them; she was wrong - so it was a very successful trip.

We grabbed some dinner (Her some SUBWAY, me some BAJA FRESH) and then went to Chelsea and Jacque's soccer game. They play at the "Indoor" stadium at MULLIGAN'S (formerly FUNLAND U.S.A.). It's fun to watch them run and get tired - I enjoy it. Cuz hey, as long as I'm not running : ) They lost 4-3, but that's ok, cuz winning isn't everyth- O man, I couldn't finish that one either. Winning is SO everything! But I guess it's just recreation, so . . .

Then Heather left for Long Beach, and I headed home. I talked to the family about my day (basically this blog - I shoulda just said "Wait 20 minutes and go read my blog - Just Kiddin) and then got my backpack ready for. . . SCHOOL!!!!!!! Why, oh, why must I start school again?!?! Welcome to life.

So I better go to bed to prepare myself. Up at 645 tomorrow and at school by 730 to get a parking spot. Sleep well and Sweet dreams to all, says I. For tomorrow brings a nightmare called college. So we might as well be happy in our sleep.

- - - "If you want it, you can have it, but you've gotta learn to reach up there and grab it."
- - - - - - - - - - - - WEEZER: "PHOTOGRAPH"

Until tomorrow,


Don't say Shrimp around Short People!

I have no idea what that means - I just made it up. I guess it correlates with my dinner and the guy who guest spoke at my church today. That is the best I can come up with at 100 in the morning. Have pity. . .

So I woke up, got ready for church, and rolled out with the family, plus my Wonderful Heather. We got to church earlier than usual, although it didn't really change anything. I didn't see any of the faces that I especially look for (our Senior Bible teacher Dr. Roland, namely, being one) so I just kinda chilled and waited for worship to start. Worship was good as always, although I found it difficult to get into it this morning. I can sing the songs that say "God is good, wonderful, perfect, etc." but I can't quite muster up the faith to sing "I'll do this, that, and the other thing to praise your goodness, wonderfulness, and perfectness - I know it's "perfection", but I was on a roll - so, yeah.

Our guest speaker today, (O by the by, I go to the DESERT VINEYARD CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP. It's on the corner of Avenue I and Challenger Way - We're the "casual" church) is one of the pastors from a VINEYARD in Washington State. He said it's like 2 hours west of SEATTLE. So he was a short guy. He even joked about it, so it's ok if I mention it : ) . . . So he talked about "Jesus and Absolute Relativism in regards to Human Sexuality" - I guess he is some sex professor up there too. He had some good things to say, but it wasn't anything groundbreaking and/or eye-opening. I do have to say, though, that I never forsee myself dealing with the issue of wanting to bed many women to up my self-confidence as a man. I'm quite content with me, and even when I'm not, I don't see THAT as a solution. Check that one off the list of "Don't Worry About It". . . I do also need to add that I can't wait to get married. Just a thought. . .

After church it was lunch, and on a Sunday, that means CASITA LOPEZ. It's a Mexican Restaurant (how'd you guess) that is locally owned by a couple who my family has gotten to know quite well. They always greet us with a smile, great food, and a Spanish lesson. Mr. Lopez tells me I need to eat more salsa so I can speak better Spanish. Ha, if that was all I had to do . . .

I went to Heather's for the afternoon, and we just hung out, cuz it was so hot outside. There really isn't anything that sounds fun when the minute you set foot outside, it's sweating. Sitting in front of the TV (and fan) was our choice. We watched this show on TLC called "14 Children and Pregnant Again"!!! I don't need to say anymore except: HOLY CRAP!!!

For dinner, we went with her mom to red lobster (Heather's former employer and her sister's present one) and that was fun. Being served by Chelsea (Heather's sister) was fun, and her friend Jacque (pronounced Jackie) works there too. Needless to say, they made quite a few stops to say hi - - -

I LOVE SHRIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after dinner we played some games, watched some SEINFELD on DVD, and chatted with Chelsea and Jacque when they got home. It was a good night, although not an entirely productive or busy one. Heather is going back to Long Beach tomorrow, so that is sad. But this is an extremely busy week, so I will have plenty distractions.

Exciting stuff tomorrow - Orientation at JOHNNY CARINO'S!!! Tomorrow's blog will be muy interesting and filled with info. I'm excited, nervous, and anxious - that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Hmmm . . . I need to get my act together.

- - "Whoa, you like to think that you're immune to the stuff
- - OhYeah it's closer to the truth to say you can't get enough
- - You know you're gonna have to face it, you're addicted to love
- - Might as well face it, you're addicted to love"

War In (instead of Peace Out),

The J-Man (I'm such a nerd)

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Just to be with You today

Good evening all. And what a lovely Saturday it has been : D . . . O and FYI, this evening's title is from an older HOOBASTANK song. Just cuz I care I let you know that. . .

So I woke up this morning at 1030, watched one episode of "MAD ABOUT YOU", and then I ate some cereal - fruit loops are AWESOME!!! After that I took a shower and got myself dressed. My Wonderful Heather was home!!! She had a hair appointment at 100 and I was meeting her at the mall afterwards. So I got there around 200 and turned a corner and saw the most beautiful thing ever. I felt kinda guilty at first, but then I realized that it was Heather and thus, it was allowed. (Ha - you thought I was stealing glances - fooled ya - I'm such a dork) - - -

We walked into JCPENNY ("I love your style") and she bought a cool rug for her apartment and it was on Clearance. Can I get a "What, What" for Clearance?!?! Then we went to STAPLES to get her a binder and then headed back to her house. She took a nap while I rubbed her back and watched the end of "SPEED" ("Yeah, well I'm taller" - Great line). After she woke up, we were hungry and headed "down under" to OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE. Dinner was good; we walked right in and were seated - that's always a plus.

After dinner it was off to our good ol' CINEMARK 22 (Front Row Joe!) to see "THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN". A guy who went to middle school with us works there and is now working the ticket booth. He always recognizes us (or at least I think he does) and it's cool to say hey. So i payed, expecting it to be $7.75 a ticket cuz it was after 600 on a Saturday. So he gives me $10 back from the $20 i gave him and says "See ya". So, yeah, we got cheap tickets. Maybe it was a special, but I'd like to think he swung us a deal - I like to dream big!

So the movie was pretty good (a B on the ol' grading scale). It was a little raunchier than I had expected, but it still made me laugh really hard. In my opinion, which really doesn't mean a single thing, "WEDDING CRASHERS" was better. STEVE CARELL is still my guy though. I hope he gets huge in the world that is HOLLYWOOD.

Now we're back at my house and we'll probably play some Egyptian War and watch some TV. I don't care. As long as I get to hang out in the company of the my favorite person ever, then I am truly happy.

I wish all who read my blog the happiness that I have found, if only for the reason that they put up with my nonsense for a few brief minutes. More tomorrow from the keyboard of yours truly. I could promise, but if I break it, then I'm a bad person. So. . . no promise.

Goodnight all you hooligans,

- - "I don't wanna cram pimping" (from the movie - my favorite line)


Friday, August 19, 2005

As We Jump Into the Final Frontier

Good evening all you blogees - isn't that what you would call a blog reader? It sounds as though the blog is attacking y'all though, and that is, in and of itself, creepy. So I recant the blogee name calling and say hello to all you who brave my absurdity and read of my boring life - Hello!

I awoke this morning at 10 and quickly and subconsciously turned my tv on. My new guilty pleasure is the early-to-mid-90's comedy "MAD ABOUT YOU". It is on the lifetime for women channel (and I say that proudly, by the way) but it is not just a women's show. Paul Reiser is a comic genius and Helen Hunt is very funny. The supporting cast is fun, and, you know, I don't have to plead my case - The show is freakin' awesome!!! So I have dealt with it and accepted it - I watch lifetime for women. Woohoo?

It was then quickly 11 and it was shower time. I got myself ready and fixed myself a HUNGRY MAN frozen dinner. I give it a 7 out of 10. Actually, cross that out. A 5 out of 10. I don't know why though. I watched a TIVO'd episode of my new almost-favorite show "HOUSE" (the first season comes out on the 30th and I am SO buying it) while I ate, well, hungrily.

It was then off to ANTELOPE VALLEY COLLEGE where I begin classes next Tuesday. I had to buy a book for my PHILOSOPHY class, an only-cool-in-Lancaster-or-Palmdale AVC parking permit (Orange baby!!!), and a school ID. I immediately regretted not doing my hair, but hey, who do I have to look pretty for? I then quickly rushed off the campus.

You may ask why I wanted off the campus so bad. Well if you didn't, then here's the answer anyway. I feel so unbelievably uncomfortable the second I set foot out of my car onto the AVC parking lot. A lot of it is probably due to the fact that I have never attended a school with over 500 people in it. I can't imagine the unsettled stomach that I would have jumping into a big, 4-year University. I'm sure once the surroundings become more familiar I will relax, but I am not the fastest relaxer in the world (I hear a faint "Amen" from the nearby choir) and I of course am worried about my performance there. Only time will tell. . .

It was then home again, home again, jiggity jig and a completely action-less afternoon was before me. I did nothing of significance. I moved from the couch (watching TV) to the computer chair (just skimming the World Wide Web) to my bed (a different TV experience). Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I was basically wasting time, so that I wouldn't feel so awful about my boring self for writing a blog about a day at 4 in the afternoon of that day. Loser. Loner. In a box. Anyone???

I did watch another TIVO'd thing today. And for the record, TIVO is the best thing since sliced bread. I watched an old stand-up show (and by old I mean January 2005). Richard Jeni: A Big Steaming Pile of Me is one of the funniest things I've ever watched. If you don't know him, it's cuz he's mainly just a stand-up. He is, however, the guy who is with JIM CARREY and CAMERON DIAZ at the end of "THE MASK". Remember??? Well anyway, he is hilarious! I promise a longer evaluation of it another day after another viewing. It's that good though :)

So the blog is done, and ice cream with some friends is looking like the best available option for the rest of the night. Wonderful Heather comes home tomorrow for the weekend and so tomorrow night is going to be awesome, no matter what happens. I predict dinner and then a viewing of "THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN". I'm greatly anticipating this film, because I think Steve Carell is the funniest man in America (deja vu?). Good times are sure to be had.

Thus I put an end to the post for August 19, 2005 - I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Remember to take care of yourselves. And each other.

The Final Frontier

Tell me why I love you like I do

Tell me who can stop my heart as much as you
Tell me all your secrets, and I'll tell you most of mine
They say nobody's perfect, well thats really true this time

I dont have the answers, I dont have a plan
All I have is you, So darling, help me understand
(What we do) - you can whisper in my ear

(Where we go) - who knows what happens after here
Let's take each other's hand as we jump into the Final Frontier
I'm mad about you baby,
Mad About You...

- - Husteen

The Curse of Kenny Rogers

Ok, to begin, let me set a scene. Yes the date says August 19th, but this is a blog for the dates of August 17th and 18th. This is information in case you cared, or just so I can have a clear head while writing this. Either way, it's truth, and that's what I yearn for: the Truth :)

So let me begin with Wednesday, the 17th - A GREAT DAY!!! It definitely climbs to a high tier on my ladder of days. Comprenden? Thus, the day began with my sister (13) and I heading down to Long Beach, California to visit my lovely girlfriend Heather. She recently moved down there to begin school at CAL STATE LONG BEACH on the 29th. This was especially tough on the two of us. We have been together for almost 19 months, and have spent very few days apart. Now, the most we'll see each other is every weekend. That's tough!!! I'm not worried about us (for the record, we're gettin' married, fo shizzle) but I am worried about how much we'll miss each other (cue your vomiting all over your computer screen).

What a tangent - so anyway, we get down to her apartment (it's a studio apt.) and lug in our duffel bags and boardgames (don't knock 'em - they rock!). We eat some lunch and watch "SINGIN IN THE RAIN". Heather loves the movie and my sister, who dances all the time at Desert Stars Dance Studio, had never seen it. It's entertaining enough, and so that went by really fast. My parents arrived with my 4-year-old bro (Caleb's the man!) shortly after the movie finished. After the brief tour (her apt. isn't that big!), we headed to the QUEEN MARY. This was our ultimate destination for the evening.

My grandfather is 67 years old and is a tour bus driver for TAUCK TOURS based out of Arizona, where he lives. His most recent tour brought him to Long Beach. We were meeting him for dinner on the QUEEN MARY, where he was also staying. So, we ate, and toured - it was my first time on the ship. You can check out some pictures on - we had a lot of fun! So after all that funness, Heather, my sister, and I headed back to her apartment. We played some games, (EGYPTIAN WAR is always fun!) and chatted some before hittin the hay. We fell asleep in the middle of "CHICAGO", another movie my sister hadn't seen. Sweet dreams - - -

So we woke up a little after nine, and ate some breakfast. For the record, HONEY NUT CHEERIOS rock my socks! We were kinda bored, cuz we really don't know LONG BEACH yet, and so we aren't sure where anything is to pass the time. Another movie went in ("ANCHORS AWEIGH" with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra) and then it was time for Lunner (Lunch/Dinner Combo). Heather made chicken and vegetables and Rice-a-Roni ("The San Francisco Treat" - Ding, Ding). I can't wait til she cooks for me every night! She's awesome at it! After Lunner and a couple more games of Connect Four, it was (unfortunately) time to leave. After another tough good-bye (Holy Crap I miss just holding her hand!), my sister and I were off to Lancaster. We made it in a little over 2 hours (oodles of traffic today) and were welcomed home with dinner a couple hours after arriving.

After dinner, it was PING PONG time, as my dad and I battled for the evening's crown. I won 4 out of 5 (a good night), but it was certainly healthy, as we both laughed hard many-a-time. Then I got a call from a friend. He said that he was having a POKER game at his house tonight. I don't think he finished before I said YES! Any chance I get to play POKER, I do. Plus, it works as a distraction from my ever-present pity parties, which is always nice. So I, along with my buddy CY, (read his blog at went to take down the table. We're both frequent TEXAS HOLD 'EM players, and we knew that inexperience could possibly run rampant at this table. Turns out, we were right. There was a total of 8 players and I would vote that half of us would consider ourselves "regulars". After a couple of hours, it was down to me, Cy, and our friend's dad, who we will call, well, MR. CALL, or, how about THE GAMBLER, (hence the Kenny Rogers title; cue the light bulb). Now, mind you, it was only a $5 buy-in, so we weren't playing for much. However, Cy and I are both extremely competitive and losing would not be an option. We agreed that (mostly due to the length of the game and the luck of the dad) the top 2 could decide the outcome of the game, whether it be splitting the money or whatever. Cy and I wanted to split the $40 and call it a night, but we had to boot the dad first.

This, of course, did not happen. After he got lucky against me, he took out Cy with a mere "Eh" and a loose call. $5 well spent (cue Screaming and occasional bleeping). Cy and I said our group goodbyes, walked gloomily to our cars, pleaded our respective cases, and parted ways. We got to hang out with some cool people, though, and it was good to Cy again. I vote it a positive evening. I guess :)

So now that I can- Wait, do you hear that? I think it's my bed calling me! Hark!

Ergo. Visa Vie. Furthermore. I'm heading to bed. I have errands and such tomorrow to prepare for the big AVC, which starts (for me) on Tuesday. More on that in the days to come. . . Another chapter is done. This is a longer one. Tomorrow's will undoubtedly not be as such.

Sleep well when you sleep fellow people

---Property of Dwight Shrute

That is all -

J to tha G-O

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Well, this would be day two of the blogging experience - so far, so good.

This morning, I went with my dad to see the best movie ev- (laughs hysterically) Wow, I couldn't even finish that complete overstatement without losing it! But, in all seriousness, I went to see THE DUKES OF HAZZARD today. Let me first say what a fan I am of the original television series. It has all the elements of a fun time and can easily be enjoyed by anyone with a little bit of hick in 'em. My dad is the one who wanted to see the movie, being a bigger fan of the show than myself. And for the record, I knew it would be crap. However. . O wait, it was crap (a C- on the grading scale). But, I will say that Johnny Knoxville's laugh is one of the most contagious things ever. The movie, though, had so little in common with the show, that I was left to wonder if anyone involved had ever seen the show in the first place.

I hate Hollywood Remakes!!! Attention Hollywood: Come up with an original idea or read a book and adapt it (that one's ok). The funniest movie of the year was a new idea (WEDDING CRASHERS), one of the most inspirational films of the year (CINDERELLA MAN) is based on a book/real life, and the most irresistible group of birds ever (MARCH OF THE PENGUINS) is just plain enjoyment. Please take notice Hollywood - I beg you! Here are some exceptions from this year: CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (the original is still better), MR. AND MRS. SMITH (way better than I expected), and BATMAN BEGINS (Christopher Nolan is a genius! More BATMAN please!).

We did the always-enjoyable In-N-Out Burger for lunch and then I was off to Palmdale to fill out papers for my . . new JOB!!! I was hired this past week at Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant. If you don't know, it's that nice, brick-looking restaurant next to El Torito's at the Mall. I'm stoked! I got there and the lady I was supposed to meet was nowhere to be seen. A man who I had never met before told me that today was Orientation! This was completely brand new information. It was ok, though, cuz I was able to get signed up for another Orientation next Monday - I'll be there fo shizzle.

I was rather flustered, so I headed to Best Buy - Where else would you go? I spent over 45 minutes there, and left with the first season (all 6 episodes) of the American version of THE OFFICE and a Phantom Planet 2 cd set thingy. Steve Carell is the funniest guy in America, along with Vince Vaughn (take that Will Ferrell). I can't wait to see THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN!!! I am stoked, yet again.

The rest of the night has, and will be, completely pointless and boring. I'll end up in bed watching THE OFFICE as I fall asleep. All that matters is I get to tomorrow - I get to see my girlfriend tomorrow!

So, with that, I'll end this book and leave some suspense for another post. Probably Thursday, cuz tomorrow I have better things to occupy my time with. I'm bragging cuz I can!

"Can I get a Yee-Haw?!?!"

Currently watching: THE OFFICE,

- - Until I Post Again,

Justin (not a Duke cousin)

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Blog a Day. . .

And so begins the blogging journal of yours truly, Master Justin Gott. Is one's life complete without the emergence of a blog in their life? Do people actually read these so-called "Web Logs"? Is this even gonna work or am I completely over my head in technical mumbo-jumbo? I don't even know, so we're gonna learn together. That's right. All four of you will read this.
Thanks for reading. Thank you. And Goodnight.
-Michael Buble' is feeling good"