Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just Plain Jacked Up

Ok, sorry I didn't blog yesterday. That would be my bad. You'll see why when I tell you what the last two days have brought me. . .

Well it all begins as soon as Monday night's blog ends. I could not sleep for the life of me. It was ridiculous. I tried and just could not fall asleep. So, I gave in and just got up out of bed. I did something that I hadn't done in months: I played video games! Well, one actually. My recently purchased (for a cheap $6) MADDEN 2004 kept me up the remainder of the night. I played on the FRANCHISE mode from a little after 0200 to 0700. I did a draft (I have a great team - Peyton Manning, Edgerrin James on offense; Tedy Bruschi, Deion Sanders on defense) and played the first few games of the season. Right now I'm 4-0 after beating the last team 124-10. That's right, you read that correctly. And that was in 5 minute quarters! It's on Rookie level, but on Pro level, I lose, so I don't know why the difference is so great in the levels. O well.

So then I went to class at 0800. Well, I was not all there. I was a wreck. Then I found out we would have no quiz, which is really the only reason I go to Philosophy. So I said "Peace out" and left. I figured that I hadn't skipped a class all semester, so why the heck not Edgar? (That joke is for my Heather) I decided I would go home and sleep til 1100 and then go to Math. I do not have to go History, really, because I don't even have to take the last test. Well, when I went to sleep, I was OUT! My dad tried to wake me up at 1030 and 1100, but I just didn't wanna wake up. So I slept through Math too and woke up feeling a lot better around noon.

I got up, ate some lunch, browsed the Net, and then prepared myself for registration. My time for registration for the Spring semester at AVC began at 1600 and I wanted to be ready. I figured out a schedule for myself and got it all ready. At 1600, I registered and got all of my classes that I wanted. Here is my Spring schedule:

HISTORY 108: 0930-1050 (this is the second half of the class I'm taking now - I can't wait)
PHILOSOPHY 201: 1100-1220 (this is a Critical Thinking class - it's what I thought my present Philosophy class was going to be)
COMMUNICATIONS 103: 1230-1350 (intro into Mass Communications)
ASTRONOMY 1415-1535 (I know, I know - sounds awful. But my friend Justin said it was easy and I need a Science class. . .)
COMMUNICATIONS 105: Online (this class is for my major intention - it's the equivalent of JOURNALISM 105 at CSUN)

Yep - good stuff.

Then I got in the shower and got ready. For what you ask? Well my dad and I headed out a little after 1700 to ARCLIGHT, down in L.A. on Sunset Blvd ( for a presentation by Hollywood's Master Storytellers. This is a thing they do down there every other Tuesday. They show a film and then interview the creative minds behind the film after it's completion. Last night they showed the film CRASH, a film I had already seen (and absolutely loved!) and my dad had not. Before the film, we went to BAJA FRESH for dinner and then stopped into the great AMOEBA MUSIC for only 10 minutes, which is not nearly enough time to buy anything. Thus I did not.

So, the movie: It was outstanding! Again! My dad really liked it and I think got a little teary at the part I do (Dang scene! Every time!). The interview with Writer/Director/Producer Paul Haggis (he also wrote the script for MILLION DOLLAR BABY and is presently revising the script for the upcoming James Bond movie CASINO ROYALE) and Co-Writer/Producer Bobby Moresco was lively, interesting, entertaining, and for me, just downright fun. Great stuff. There were only two letdowns. Letdown 1: No castmembers - It said on the advertisement that there would be "Cast Members TBA". Well, they announced last night that there would be NONE by not having any there. Bummer. Letdown 2: My question didn't get asked - They pass out cards that you can put a question on and they choose a few lucky ones to get asked to the interviewees. The winners get a free copy of the DVD. Mine didn't get picked. Double Dang!

Everything was done about 2230 and we were home by 2345. Good fun. Thanks Dad.

I woke up this morning around 1100, o wait, noon. Yeah, it was late, but I was overdue. I read some internet shtuff and then started my film homework. I read the module and then popped in ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, a Spanish fim with English subtitles. This is how it was described in the module: A film that explores femininity in different forms, as it follows the stories of distinct human types--women and men, mothers and daughters, prostitutes, nuns, transsexuals. . . I was not looking forward to watching it.

However, it was pretty good. It surprised me actually. I enjoyed it. Go rent it if you want. I won't force you to do anything you dont want to do. I then did 3 of 4 questions for the discussion board and did the quiz. I had to shower and get ready for work though, so I couldn't finish the last question.

Work - Meh

Came home after closing around 2215. Talked with the padres, helped the hermana with her Math homework, ate dinner, watched Sportscenter, did the last question, and then began this ol' blog. There you have it.

Goodnight folks, and I'll try to post tomorrow night. No promises. Just a "try".

- - - "Write out a problem."
- - - CRASH Producer/Co-writer Bobby Moresco's advice to aspiring writers - Thanks



Monday, November 28, 2005

Productivity By My Standards

Today was a pretty relaxing day actually. Although it says 2357 is when this was posted, it's actually 0033. I can manipulate these things. Muhuhuhahahaha!!! Anywho. . .

I didn't get outta bed til almost 1100 and hopped in the shower around noon. All I did today was really just work on the script that me and George are beginning to work on. I spent a couple hours on it by myself and then he came over around 1930 and we worked til about 2300 on it (with breaks to chat about movies, NBA, and other shtuff) and we made great progress. We have a good outline of all of the main events that we want to have happen. We have a beginning, a climax, and an end. It's good stuff. I'll occasionally post some info on our film, and today, just for you, I'm going to give you the plot for the 2015 Academy Award winning film for Best Original Screenplay (hey, I can dream can't I?).

- Plot of (tentatively titled) LIFE 101:
- Thirty-nine year old Andrew Kennedy didn’t go to college after high school. His life was instead filled with many failed jobs and brief relationships. He decides that he is going to attempt college at this point in his life. During his time there, he meets many people who do not like him or think he is a bad person because of all of his failures. One person is different. He meets a guy, his lab partner, who has many common interests and they end up hitting it off well, becoming instant friends. They share a few classes and the young man helps Andrew gain perspective into things and he helps the young man grow up. It’s a story that involves friendship, failure, and fun that proves that you never know what’s waiting for you right around the next corner.


What say you my internet kiddies? Comment away!

I'm going to bed now. Sleep well and have sweet dreams all. Tomorrow is day 1 of 4 in the remaining FALL 2005 semester. Yes!

O yeah, and I won the football pool again this weekend: 14-2 thank you very much! $81 thank you VERY MUCH!

- - - "You'll never know if your story is any good unless you tell it and get that all-important feedback."
- - - End of opening monologue by Andrew Kennedy in (tentatively titled) LIFE 101



Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Weekend Grab-Bag: The AIDS-free Version

Welcome internet kiddies - it's the Weekend Grab-Bag! This is the fifth installment of the Weekend Grab-Bag; just thought I'd point that out. I'll get to explaining the title a little later, cuz as you know, the following is in no way chronological. . .

- I worked 6 LONG hours on Friday night and 3 1/2 short hours tonight. I also got paid today. Next week I only have 3 days scheduled (Wed. night, Sat. morn, Sun. night) so I might try to cover for some people again. It's the only way I can get any hours it seems. Apparently the management fired 5, count them, 5 Table Tenders this past week and Hosts are on deck. There should be at least 4 heading to the chopping block, although I've heard at least 3 saying that they're gonna leave. Meh. That just means more hours for me and less competition on the moving-up-to-Server plan. We'll see.

- Listening to constant Johnny Cash music. I love everything about it.

- Watched two TIVO'd episodes of HOUSE with Heather. She is now caught up with me, but WE are now three episodes back. We'll have to pull a marathon come Christmas break. This is the best drama on all of television. You heard it here first folks!

- Did anyone go shopping the day after Thanksgiving? I did it once (about 4 or 5 years ago) and will never, EVER, do it again. This is one reason why: - watch this video. This might be one of the stupidest moments in human history. People ARE stupid. It's unbelievable the lengths we humans go to for such useless, materialistic crap. In a way, the video is funny. Funny sad, I guess, more than funny ha ha. Still, you've gotta crack a smile! (Sidenote: The first time I watched this, I was rolling with laughter. So, yeah, I guess it is funny!)

- Is anyone else tired of turkey?

- I have 4 more days of school! I can't believe it! In two short weeks, I will be officially one-fourth of my way thru AVC. That's kinda cool.

- I went on a double-date on Saturday night. It was myself, my beautiful Heather, her best friend and my good buddy Chary (that's short for Charmayne) and her new flame Nathan. We met at 1700 at good ol' CINEMARK 22 for the 1720 showing of RENT, the movie musical based on the super-successful Broadway play of the same name. Now, let me just say that it was the girl's choice of movie. They wanted to see it "Cuz it's a musical!" - this is not a good enough reason. As I told my friend Emily, maybe I wasn't intelligent enough to understand all of the underlying satire and jabs at politics and our world and all that jazz, (did you like that "musical" analogy??) but I just didn't get it. I did not like the singing (it was talk-singing; think Tevye from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, only crap-like) or the music, which is something that I actually do enjoy. I own burned copies of both the MOULIN ROUGE and CHICAGO soundtracks cuz I like the singing and such. RENT's music just didn't appeal to me. Plus, the performances didn't do much for me either. I don't know - I just didn't like the movie. Is that not enough for you?

RENT - (D)

Don't judge me. And I did not dislike the film cuz it's about AIDS and homosexuality and such. I'm ok with it to an extent. While I don't agree with homosexuality and find it truly gag-inducing at times, if it's for you, I will not tell you not to do it. I don't think it's right that some hospitals (so I've heard - it might be all, it might be none) won't let partners see their significant others in some areas when it's just reserved for "relatives". Ok, sure, they're not "related" but on some (albeit very very odd) level these people mean something to each other. Don't deprive them of being with each other just cuz they're a little different. Don't make gay marriages illegal. Yes, it's gross. I agree with that. But why can't they be together like Heather and I can't wait to be. If all they want is to have every moment together (I know how this feels) then go for it. Just don't kiss in front of me (That, my online friends, is not pretty). Ok, so my point: I didn't feel sorry for these people in the movie! I don't feel bad for these people with AIDS cuz they should have known not to put that diry needle in their arm or sleep with that other gay man. Yes, I know that AIDS wasn't prominent then, and that they didn't know about it. HOWEVER, they could have figured out that it wasn't beneficial for their bodies to be doing those things. So, I think this was a central issue in the movie. Are we supposed to feel bad for them and love them JUST cuz they have AIDS? Why can't we have sympathy for them cuz they're poor? Young? New Yorkers? (Ok, so that last one is jokey, but you get my point) Meh. I just don't get it.

- After the movie, we went back to Chary's and had fajitas made by the women (good stuff) and then watched RUNAWAY BRIDE on the TV. Nothing special of a night, but it was fun at times. I did it for Heather and I would do it again.

- ROUNDERS is one of the greatest guy films ever. It is certainly the best Poker-based film. It is on my list of favorite films (not greatest films, favorite - there is a difference) and will continue to stay there for all of time. Ed Norton is great, as is Matt Damon. But then again, when are they not?

- Tomorrow is a free day for me. I have lots to do, but I have plenty of time to do it in. Should be fun.

- Check out this site: - I am addicted to this game. I have played several versions of it and it just plain rocks my socks. Also, do yourself a favor and watch some of these: - (The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre Library ~ in which a troupe of bunnies parodies a collection of movies by re-enacting them in 30 seconds, more or less). Good stuff for those who have never seen these.

- I miss my Heather! She went back to Long Beach today. We had a great week together. Every week is a great week with her though. AWWWW :D

- That's pretty much it for this installment. I'm tired, as it's now 0011 on Monday morning. I have been playing online poker, watching ROUNDERS and now SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, burning a Johnny Cash mix CD for myself, and other miscellaneous stuff so this has taken me awhile. It's done though. This is gonna be a fun week (you'll see when we get there) and I'm looking forward to it. Have a good Monday y'all - I know I will.

- PS: If you want to comment and you're not a member of, it is possible. Just post as anonymous and make sure in your post you state your name so I know who you are!

- - - "Three words: No More Turkey!"
- - - Me again (I'm done with it!)



Thursday, November 24, 2005

A Not-so-Regular Thanksgiving

Sorry bout my blogless Wednesday: I woke up late, went to Heather's, went to work, went back to Heather's, and went to sleep. There you are - my Wednesday.

Now, Turkey Day. . .

So I woke up this morning and hopped in the shower shortly thereafter. I was dressed and ready for Heather, Chelsea, and Barbara to come over for Thanksgiving dinner. Chelsea had to work tonight at 1500, so we were gonna have dinner at 1300. While I waited for dinner and such, me and the siblings busted out a little CRUISIN' USA on the good ol' Nintendo 64. I just taught Caleb how to play, and it's good to have a video game buddy after many many years of not having one. Next up for the boy to learn: Sports Games. The lady and her fam were here a little after noon and we ended up eating around 1315.

Now, remember how I said a few days ago that I was dealing with a "stomach thing"? Yeah, well, I still am. I am thinking that it's some sort of viral infection or something, as I have been a frequent visitor to the restroom for almost the last week. Well today was the worst day of the week for my stomach as I was on el john almost more than any other chair in the house (you like my not-so-subtleness?). Well I started taking some pills that my dad picked up at good ol' ALBERTSON'S and it started helping much later than I would have liked, but at least I feel a little better. Now, that is, not then like I had hoped. So it was kind of a downer for most of the day, as I felt like crap (no pun intended - - I think). Well, enough of that subject :D

Dinner was great, for what I ate. We had the usual turkey/mashed potatoes/cranberries/veggies/and all that jazz. Good stuff. Thanks mom - it was yummy!

So I spent the end of my night (Heather went home kinda early tonight to be with her mama) playing MADDEN 2004 (I just bought it for $6 the other day) and listening to Johnny Cash music. Nice evening. Coulda been nicer had my lady been around. The night gets a C for that reason alone.

Well I'm tired now and ready for bed. Tomorrow might be busy, but I'm not sure what I wanna do. I migh call in sick from work, just cuz I don't know if I can stand in one spot for 5 straight hours. Not gonna happen. We'll see. . .

O, and leftovers rule all!

- - - "Two words: Turkey Sandwich!"
- - - Me



Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Original Outlaw

I'll get to the spectacular film WALK THE LINE in just a bit. But first: Well I stayed up last night til 0130 playing an old school hockey game on Playstation 2. It's been so long and I got so addicted right away that it was hard to put away. Then I realized I had school today, so I went to bed. 0700 came to fast. Then it was time for school. . .

PHILOSOPHY - It's almost over. That's all I have to say. All that is left in this class in the remaining 4 classes (yes, 4 more days of school!) is one small paper, an open book final, and a brief oral presentation of a modern-day philosopher. That is cake my friends. Give me my A!

HISTORY - Turned in my "What if Maryland had entered the Confederacy?" paper and then listened to Jaffe's lecture on the Civil War (War for Southern Independence). All that is left in this class is a test that I don't have to take and then my Honor's Option Term Paper due by the end of the semester. You might as well chalk up the A here, too.

MATH - Today was group project day, so we didn't add anymore homework to the list. The first hour and a half was doing the group project stuff and that was exciting. Then, he gave us our tests back. I got a 78, which was actually one of the better scores in the class. Because we all did poorly, Tran redeemed himself by allowing us to do corrections on our mistakes. Whatever our score was on the second go-around (most likely a 100) then he would average the 2 scores. So, my test score is probably an 89, and my grade is going to be around a 92. This class has 6 more lessons and a final. We will just have to see on this one. It could go either way.

After school I headed home and then was off again. My dad and I went to IN-N-OUT for lunch and then headed to good ol' CINEMARK 22 for the 1400 showing of WALK THE LINE, the Johnny Cash biopic. The film was fantastic and will assuredly open the eyes of many of today's generation to the wonderful music of the Man in Black. I actually don't own any of his albums, but I'm planning on either getting them for Christmas or getting it burned from Jacque. I'll try the latter first. Either way, this is a powerful film that is driven by its strong performances from Joaquin Phoenix (mastered Cash's mannerisms) and Reese Witherspoon (surprisingly good). Go see it now. Well not now, exactly, but when you have time.


After the movie I came home and vegged for a bit. I played CRUISIN' USA with Caleb and also browsed the net, finding the LADY IN THE WATER teaser online: . . . watch it. What do YOU think?

Heather let me know when she was home from dinner and I headed over. I stopped by ALBERTSON'S first and picked up a rose and a pack of Cinnamon Trident for my baby. This was received with a huge smile and bigger hug. I was happy to make her happy. Heather, Chelsea, and I played RUMMIKUB for a bit and then later watched A WALK TO REMEMBER, which I had never seen. I still haven't seen it though, cuz I slept thru the first half. Oops :)

I'm now home and ready for bed. I gotta do film homework tomorrow and then I work at 1630. We'll see how it all goes. But you'll know after I do. Man, I wish I knew what tomorrow was gonna bring. O well. Guess I just gotta be patient. . .

- - - Ah, I'd love to wear a rainbow every day,
And tell the world that everything's OK,
But I'll try to carry off a little darkness on my back,
'Till things are brighter,
I'm the Man In Black."
- - - "Man in Black" by Johnny Cash



Monday, November 21, 2005

The Best Surprise Ever

Ok, so today was supposed to be about one thing: History Term Paper.

Well, it was, but something so amazing, so much better, and so freakin' exciting happened tonight, that it doesn't matter how my paper turned out.

Heather came home!

She decided to skip her last two days of school before Thanksgiving break and come home early. I did not know this. So I'm working on my paper and it's a little after 2100. I'm making good progress and I'm at my conclusion paragraph actually. I get a text from my sweet girl that says she is worried that she lost her wallet. She said the last time that she remembers having it was in my car on Sunday after church. So I texted her back and told her I would go check right away. I walk out the front door and there is my beautiful girl leaning up against my car. I about hit the floor. I actually checked to see if her car was in front of my house, cuz I thought I was just seeing things. I was not!

So yeah! That's exciting. We watched half of AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER before she headed home to sleep. We're gonna hang out tomorrow night and I can't wait!

O, and my paper is pretty good. We'll see. 7 pages. O yeah.

That's all for today - I didn't do a lot.

O wait!

I took a break from the paper around 1700 and took Caleb to a video game store. Apparently, our old school Nintendo bit the dust tonight (sad times) and Caleb's mad MARIO skills could not be used (he's awesome at MARIO - No joke). So we went to Video Game Source right around the corner to look for MARIO 64, as I have an old Nintendo 64 system that I don't really use. We couldn't find MARIO, but we did find a few games for him (and 2 for me ha ha). I spent $27 of my mom's money and we got 5 games total. That's good stuff.

Well I'm tired. Going to bed now - sleep good y'all

- - - "Wouldn't it be nice if radiant smiles warmed even the hearts of cynics?"
- - - Mom's Daily Calendar thingy from her bathroom (and in resonse. . .NO)

Night now,

The Happiest Boy on the Planet

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekend Grab-Bag - Cuatro

That's "four" in Spanish. But I'm sure you knew that. This is the fourth version of the Weekend Grab-Bag. Welcome. And as always friends, this is not chronological. . .

- So I got this e-mail from Six Flags Magic Mountain cuz I'm on their mailing list (I used to have a season pass and remain on their list, I guess) about their brand spanking new roller coaster that is due out next Spring. Welcome to the world of TATSU: . . . Is that not the worst name in the history of roller coasters? I vote yes. The coaster looks awesome; it's one of those flying coasters. It's actually quite predictable that Magic Mountain, THE hot spot for roller coasters, would go with one of these next. Cool coaster, yes, but terrible name. And that's that.

- Watching SIN CITY right now as I blog. Great film. In my TOP 5 for 2005. But more on that come December. Rough. Gritty. That's good stuff, if you ask me. O and Cy, I counted, and it's definitely under 10 seconds. Definitely.

- I saw HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE on Saturday with Heather, Chelsea, and Jacque. I liked it, I guess. I think the last one (PRIZONER OF AZKABAN) was better, and remains my fave of the series. I do have to say that movies just plain astound me nowadays. There were images in GOBLET that were incredible and for that, I give it a B. But, I was confused at several times (I know it's cuz I haven't read the books - and don't plan to do so - but they should make the films so you don't HAVE to have read the books) so for that, it's a C+. However, Harry got all sorts of emo in this film (the hairdo, the angst - I was just waiting to see a Jimmy Eat World poster up by his bunk) so it's back up to a B. When we see Lord Voldermort for the first time, he's scary and amazingly made-up. Yes, that's Ralph Fiennes. Amazing. B+. Not enough Professor Snape: B. All this added up: B-. Yeah, that's good.

- Ah yes, notes on the 2 highly-anticipated trailers in front of GOBLET: 1) SUPERMAN RETURNS: Next summer's sure-to-be-gigantic hit. The trailer was perfect for a teaser and actually gave me goosebumps. No Lex Luthor (to-be-played by the perfect Kevin Spacey) in the teaser, but I'm excited regardless. Link: 2) LADY IN THE WATER: The new film from M. Night Shyamalan. I will see it for Paul Giamatti, not for Shyamalan. I was way disappointed with THE VILLAGE, let's put it that way. Now, the trailer is so intriguing, I don't know what else to say. It ends by saying "A Bedtime Story written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan". The trailer's not online yet. I'll let you know when it is.

- I worked on Friday and Sunday. Friday I worked alongside the following hosts: 1) AM Host - it's completely different from PM, especially on a Friday. She started wiggin out on us when we only had a half hour wait. She was cut around 1830 though. It was for the better. It's true. 2) Curbside girl - on her first ever stint as a Host. She was actually my best sidekick that night. She may never Host again, but she had a good first time. 3) PM Host who doesn't work hard - she started (when we opened) as one of my favorites, but now, she is pretty incompetent in my eyes. Dangit. It was stressful. Plus, I have been dealing with a stomach thing the last week and this just added to the fun. Meh. Tonight was ok. Not too busy. So I worked 23 hours this week. Nice.

- Stacked a full cord of wood over at Heather's on Friday. The 3 girls and I did the whole thing in a little less than an hour and it was art.

- Yeah, so Heather was home this weekend. The thing that sucks is that she's not home anymore. You see, home is with me. And she's not with me tonight. And that sucks. We were together a bit this weekend, but not nearly enough. Hurry future. Come quickly.

- Can you believe Thanksgiving is Thursday? Wow.

- I went 10-5 in the football pool today with the Monday Night game still to be played. It's average. I'm ok with that. My goal every week is 10 wins. I got it.

- Heather hung out with her friends Chary and Justine for a few hours on Saturday and then they all came over here and we watched ALADDIN. Yes, ALADDIN. Let me say one thing: Robin Williams is quite possibly the most talented man on the planet. That's right, I said it.

- I gotta write my entire History paper tomorrow. 3-5 pages. It's a "What If" paper where we have to essentially rewrite history. Could be fun. Could be tedious. We'll see.

- SCRUBS is the funniest show on television. Straight up.

I'm not sure what else can be said about this ol' weekend. Have a happy week and I'll be around every night like always. Happy days all - It's better that way.

- - - Currently listening to:
- GARDEN STATE soundtrack
- MOULIN ROUGE soundtrack (yeah, you read that right)
- The Exit

Goodnight fair world,


Thursday, November 17, 2005

As the Numbers Blur

So, I'm tired. I got about 3 and a half hours of sleep last night. Today has been a long day. . .

I woke up (barely and only partially) at 0715 and was at school (begrudgingly) by 0750 or so.

PHILOSOPHY - Tried and tried to stay awake. I couldn't. So I gave in and just put my head down on my desk and fell asleep for a bit. Sorry Professor Hogan. I had to do it.

HISTORY - Just passed the time taking some notes so I could stay awake. Interesting topic right now: The Civil War. This is my favorite part of American History. I'll talk more about it next week I think. You should definitely look forward to that :)

MATH - Test. Sucked. Best I can get is an 80. Hate. Anger. Frustration. TRAN!!!

So I left work and headed home for lunch and ESPN. I had only about 2 hours of resting time before I had to get ready for work. I was clocked in at 1630 and clocked out in my head. Tonight was really slow - we barely had to go on a wait. It was about 10-15 minutes for maybe 45 minutes and then we were right back off the wait. I had to close again, so I got out of there around 2215. It was so bad (my growing weariness) that the clock on the phone was starting to get fuzzy. I knew I needed to get home. And fast.

I stopped by ALBERTSON'S to get my dad some Half-in-Half and then stopped by JACK-IN-THE-BOX to pick up an order of large fries to go with my hamburger that I was gonna heat up at home. I got home, prepared my "dinner" and ate it while watching the end of GOOD WILL HUNTING. Great film. Solid film. What a film!

I could add some witty anecdotes about the night at work (there are a few) or about school today (again, a couple) but I'm just too darn exhausted. Maybe later. Maybe not. Watching THE TONIGHT SHOW right now and Jerry Seinfeld was just on. Nuff said.

Have a happy Friday - it'll be hard not to.

- - - NOTE: Jerry Seinfeld is the funniest man on the planet.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Real Quick Like

Ok, so I'm working on some Math homework right now as Thursday begins. So, just a quick snippet tonight. . .

Woke up.

Read some of the module for film class.

Watched GOODFELLAS (great, top-notch film!)

Posted large answer to open-ended question and took the weekly quiz.

Went to work at 1630.

Closed at 2200.

That's 5.5 hours!

Doing freakin' Math. I hate it.

So that's it - no more tonight. Be happy with what you got. . .

- - - "You took your first pinch like a man and you learned two great things about your life. . . Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut. "
- - - Jimmy Conway (Robert Deniro) to a young Henry Hill in GOODFELLAS


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Just a Sucker for Good Deals

Today was certainly a long day - maybe if I got some more sleep, I wouldn't be so tired. I guess being up past midnight every night is the reason that isn't happening. I am the one to blame. Ah well. The life of an 18-year-old. . .

So a funny story from last night as I went to sleep. I got into my bed at 0100 and set my alarm for 0700. As I was getting closer to sleep, my alarm starts going off at 0108. O the awfulness of that noise! So I turned it off and back on again to set it again for 0700. And wouldn't you believe that it started going off again at 0118. I was so pissed! So, I unplugged my tempermental (and possessed???) alarm clock and plugged it back in. The time didn't change. It was as if it had always had power. So I unplugged it again and took it to a different outlet across my room. This did the trick, but it didn't stop me from staring at my clock til 0128 hoping that it wouldn't ring again. It didn't.

I woke up at 0715 and got ready for school:

PHILOSOPHY - Turned in my take home quiz (58 out of 58) and then proceeded to be amazingly bored for the rest of class. We're down to less than 20 students now. Shocking. I actually started working on my screenplay again. Who knows? Maybe it'll get bought up one day. That's one way to make good money. But it will just be a side thing. Not my real job or anything. No thanks.

HISTORY - I'm kinda zoning from here on out. I don't have to take the last test because of my good grades on the first four tests. I really don't need to take notes either, but I'm taking somewhat shotty notes right now. It keeps me awake. That's it.

MATH - Reviewed for our test on Thursday. Meh. It's pretty confusing. I hate matrices. Let's leave it at that.

After school, I came home for a little bit and watched my sports shows with lunch. After that, I headed out on a few errands. I went to the Credit Union to deposit my paycheck (yes!) and then took a book to Chary, a friend of mine and Heather's (she's Heather's best friend), for Heather. After that it was off to WAL-MART to buy the second season of SCRUBS, which was released today. It said on the WAL-MART website that it was going to be something like $28. Turns out, they don't hold up the internet prices in-store, so it was actually $34. I didn't buy it. No thanks. I'll get it tomorrow at BEST BUY or something for $30. I did find a 3-pack of all of the AUSTIN POWERS movies for $19! That was an easy buy. $6 a movie!

From there I went home and got cracking on my Math homework (I was 3 and a half lessons behind). I worked a majority of the night on that, while watching the Final Table broadcast of the World Series of Poker, Wheel of Fortune, and ESPN. I am now one lesson behind, and I'm gonna have to do that tomorrow night.

As it turns out, NETFLIX has sent me the film for this week (GOODFELLAS), but it got lost in the mail or something. So I had to go to BLOCKBUSTER tonight to rent it myself. While I was getting ready to check-out, I saw a thing that said all of their previously viewed DVD's were 3 for $25. This was another great deal! So I bought the following films: TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE, (call it a guilty pleasure, but it's more for the memory of seeing it with J-Lebs and Cy) HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE (it gets funnier every time I've seen it - it's very underrated in the comedy world) and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (this one was for Heather, although I like it as well). Good stuff.

So now I'm pretty tired. I'm actually talking to my bud in the Philippines right now. I'll probably go to bed soon.

So I have to work everyday from tomorrow to Sunday cuz I'm picking up shifts on both Thursday and Saturday (AM on Sat, which means I'll have Sat. night off). So, business will be my middle name for the next week. This just means more money. This is a good thing.

Goodnight for now, globe. See ya on the flipside.

- - - "Freedom isn't free
It costs folks like you and me
And if we don't all chip in
We'll never pay that bill
Freedom isn't free
No, there's a hefty fee.
And if you don't throw in your buck 'o five
Who will?
Oooh buck 'o five"
- - - "Freedom Isn't Free" from TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE


Monday, November 14, 2005

When Silence Wanders Away

Yep, the family has returned. The Gott household is no longer quiet. And that's just fine with me. . .

So I woke up around 1000 and began cleanup on my room. I had wanted to get more done than I ended up finishing. O well. I hopped in the shower and then did a few chores. I emptied the dishwasher and ran my 2 loads of laundry. That's right. Laundry.

I was still cleaning my room (ok, so I have a confession - I get really easily distracted when I'm cleaning my room so it takes me FOR-EV-ER!) when the fam got home. I didn't actually finish the room, but I definitely made some headway.

I was on the internet a lot tonight, checking out different things on the movie sites that I go to. For all of your movie news, go to It's my one-stop-shop for movie news. I also ate dinner with my parents while watching Monday Night Football (the Cowboys won, which was good for my picks - I went 9-5 this week - thank you Roy Williams). We had spaghetti. Good stuff.

I got my 2nd film paper graded finally: a 90! I'm quite stoked about that. That means I'm hanging on to my 90 percent in the class. This is always a good thing.

I really missed Heather today. Just thought I'd let you all know that.

I'm tired and have school tomorrow so I'm gonna hit the sack. Have a good Tuesday everyone.

- - - ""Great players make great plays."
- - - Joe Theismann (thanks Einstein)



Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Grab-Bag - Thrice

No, not the mediocre modern rock/punk/ band. This is the third version of the Weekend Grab-Bag. And since I have yet to come up with a better alternate title, it shall remain as the Weekend Grab-Bag. Iite? So here was my weekend, and as always, this is not chronological. . .

- The family left me this weekend. They left on Friday afternoon, and do not come back home until tomorrow afternoon. It has been quite quiet around here, that is, for the time that I have been home. I wasn't home very long by myself. Besides my sleeping time, I had maybe 6 hours by myself in the empty house. Honestly, I wouldn't want much more. I'll be home tomorrow morning for awhile until they get back, though. The nights are harder. I hate the dark.

- A brief, free lesson in freeway driving: Just Drive! As I was coming home from Long Beach (that would be Saturday) I got behind some of the most ridiculous drivers ever. I've often wondered about traffic. The concept has become lost to me. Is it really the case that there are just too many cars on the road? I don't think so. If people would just keep their right foot on the accelerator and their eyes on the road, I think that traffic would flow quite nicely. Also, decide when you merge onto the freeway if you're going to drive fast or slow. I hate the car you get behind and they are just crawling along. I try to pass them, but then all of a sudden they decide to speed up and make it impossible to pass. This competition can go on forever! I'm not a perfect driver, but I do feel like I know what I'm doing on the big 5 and 405, so everyone just take heed. The dirty look is not me looking at you angrily. It's entirely pity. I'm sorry you don't know how to drive right. It's just that simple.

- I worked Friday night and Sunday night totaling over 10 hours. Turns out that several AM Hosts quit this past week, so we are all gonna start getting more hours! This is good news. More hours means more money. It's just that simple. Friday was nuts! We were on a 1.5 - 2 hour wait at one point. That is crazy! Just the opposite was Sunday, where we were off our short wait by 1930 and I stood around til 2100 when I finally got cut. O well. Standing around on the clock is still getting paid.

- Hung out with George after I got outta work on Friday. He came over to my house around 2200 and left around 0030. We spent the time watching a TIVO'd episode of THE OFFICE, watching SPORTSCENTER and talking about basketball, (I quite enjoyed the Lakers loss that night - we saw Kobe's missed last-second shot about 5 times!) and also the prospects of collaborating on a screenplay. Now, I know it's been awhile for me, but we were talking on Thursday about movies and screenwriting and such. I told him that I had begun a screenplay about Sophomore or Junior year of high school. I won't divulge the plot (top secret, my friend) but he definitely took to it. I showed him what I had and we discussed different ways to take it. We are talking about working through it and trying to pull a Matt Damon/Ben Affleck (you know, GOOD WILL HUNTING?). We'll see. He's a good friend, and it's nice to have a friend around since Cy has been gone.

- Saturday was Long Beach day. Unfortunately, I had to start 2 hours later than I wanted to because of a mandatory all-staff meeting at JOHNNY CARINO'S that I found out about on Friday night. It was from 0900-1100, and all of the "over-21's" looked perfectly hung-over. We made it through the meeting (it consisted of safety discussions and a recap of the most simple aspects of our orientation). From there, it was off to Long Beach. I made great time and was down there by 1220 or so. Pretty much as soon as I got there, Heather, me, and Barbara (that's her mom, who had gone down there on Friday night to stay the night) left for Seaport Village in San Diego. The traffic (gahhh!! I hate traffic) was ridiculous! We finally got parked at Seaport Village around 1430 or so. We walked around a bit (this was our second visit there as a group - we had gone there a year or so ago when we were in the San Diego for one of Heather's piano recitals) and then ended up in the same restaurant that we went to the last time. It was pretty good again (I had rock shrimp tacos - o dangit! - which were quite enjoyable) and then we walked off our filling lunch. We stopped in their favorite little store, SOAP OPERA, one of those bath sudsy/lotion/oils/fragrance places. They went nuts and I just supported from a distance. It started getting dark (and a bit nippy) so we headed back to her apartment. Barbara left not too long after and not long after she left we put in TITANIC. We had dessert while watching it and enjoyed the movie despite it being yet another viewing for both of us. It's such a grandiose film, that it's hard not to find it interesting. My favorite moment was the part where Jack draws Rose. Now, before you go all "Pervert!" on me, let me finish. As good ol' Rose dropped the robe, I turned my head and looked at my beautiful girl sitting next to me. She told me it was ok to look, but I told her I didn't want to. I was sitting next to the most attractive female on the planet, so why would I wanna gaze upon another woman on a screen. I told her this and got a kiss out of it :D . . It's not just shmoozing though. Seriously, this girl of mine is like no other woman out there. I, Justin Gott, am the most fortunate and blessed boy (not man yet) on the planet Earth. There it is. I had to leave around 2300 like usual, not too long after the old Rose dropped the Heart of the Ocean back in the Atlantic. Sad movie. Sad goodbye. Sad times.

- Thanks baby for a great day :D

- After work on Sunday night I watched the SNL: THE 80'S retrospective thingy on NBC. Funny. Well, the second hour was funny. Interesting how it all happened, though.

- I cleaned my room a bit. I DO have a floor. I didn't know this.

- Now, let me tell you the funniest story I heard all weekend. It is from the lips of my dear Heather, who had an unfortunate run-in with a very angry man on the streets of the big LB. As she was heading home (or to class, but it doesn't really matter - she walks to school by the by) a black man with a trench coat ("angry looking") approached her from the opposite direction. As he neared her, she smiled at him, as she does to every person. This is Heather. So, the man, obviously upset at someone, or everyone for that matter, responded in a surprising manner. As he passed her, he angrily said the "N" word in her direction. That's it. That's all he did. Now, can someone explain this to me? This derogatory comment offended only African-Americans I thought. Now, I have heard many black people call each other this. These were not respectful black individuals though. Two of the greatest men that I have gotten the chance to know are Mr. Devin Thomas and Mr. Robert Howell. Mr. Thomas was my basketball coach and Mr. Howell was his assistant for my last 2 years of high school. These highly respected men are two of the most upstanding men that I know. These men are black. These men would never say such a thing like this man in LB. Woe to the world. It's all going downhill. Furthermore, in my defense of calling this situation funny: Of course I was pissed that someone would do something angry in the direction of my woman, but her recollection and assumed facial response made this hilarious, and Barbara and I were rolling with laughter.

Holy crap it's late - it's actually 105 in the morning on Monday right now. I don't have to wake up for anything though. Sleepin in sounds great. I think I will.

- - - "You're the most amazingly astounding girl I've ever known. . . You're amazing. And I know I have nothing to offer you, Rose. I know that. But I'm involved now. You jump, I jump, remember?"
- - - Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) to Rose (Kate Winslet) in TITANIC . .




Thursday, November 10, 2005

Chotchkie's and Flinger's

Ah yes, it's OFFICE SPACE. I'll go deeper later. But first. . .

PHILOSOPHY - About 2 minutes of excitement. She showed us these pictures and asked us what we saw. Now, this wasn't a psychological experiment, but she just wanted to show us the original thoughts that set forward this philosophy. The philosophy of creative thinking, apparently, I don't know. Anyway, I saw things that no one else saw and made her look twice. I kinda felt special, but then I wondered if I was just that odd. It's up to debate. .

HISTORY - Got my test back: 98! That means that I really don't need to take the 5th and final test in a couple weeks. I could drop that one (our lowest test score gets dropped) and take my 95, two 98's, and my 100. We'll see. This was muy exciting.

MATH - Nothing exciting. I hate matrices. If you know what they are, you will surely agree with me. They are evil. In fact, I'll just say right here and right now that math is evil. There, I said it.

After class, George and I talked for about 20 minutes or so about movies and the future and dreams and whatnot. It was cool. I think we're gonna hang out after I get outta work tomorrow night. Good times.

I picked up Aimee (that's my sister for those who don't know) at 1500 and took her on a couple errands. We picked up my football pool winnings ($93, not the $85 I thought) and then went to JAMBA JUICE. I had to wait til 1600 to pick up my paycheck, so we went to BEST BUY where we browsed. I ended up buying the OFFICE SPACE Gift Set (it included the special edition - with flair! - a red stapler, a mousepad, a coffee mug, a pad of paper, and some pens; completely original assortment) and the SCHOOL OF ROCK soundtrack. Afterwards, we went by good ol' JOHNNY CARINO'S to get my beautiful check and then headed home.

My night was rather uneventful. I watched OFFICE SPACE (one of my all-time favorite comedies - good buy by me) and picked up CASITA for me and the fam. We ate while watching bits of a basketball game, but then I headed upstairs to talk to my Heather and browse the net. I was so down this evening actually (I was kinda lonely tonight) that I browsed potential rentals on NETFLIX for about 40 minutes. I didn't even realize I was on that long. I miss Heather.

Now I'm getting ready to type a letter for a great-grandmother of mine (I have 3 still living) who has cancer and has not been given long to live. My family is going over to Arizona this weekend. My mom and brother are going to see her and my dad and sister are going to see the NASCAR race in Phoenix with his dad and mom. Since I have work I cannot go, so I am preparing said letter. . What do you say to someone who has been told they won't be around much longer? My mom said just to tell her what I'm doing and what I want to do with my life and such. I will. Not sure what else to say. I avoid death and treat it like it isn't real. I'm not a big crier when it comes to death; more of a denier. So I'm dealing with this fine - and I feel terrible for feeling that way.

Also, my Suns lost again tonight (as I knew they would - they played the Pistons, one of the elite teams in the NBA). This also dampened my evening.

On to the letter now -

Don't forget to express yourself and wear only the minimum required amount of flair. And yes, of course, work sucks.

- - - "Human beings were not meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day, filling out useless forms and listening to eight different bosses drone on about about mission statements."
- - - Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston) in OFFICE SPACE

Nighty night,


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I (Don't) Heart Huckabees

So today was like every other Wednesday. Kinda. . .

I woke up around 1100 actually as I had not slept well during the night. Why is it that our best sleep comes in the last couple hours? This just make it harder to wake up when we need to! After I woke up I got on the computer and read up for my film lesson. After that I put in REAR WINDOW, the Alfred Hitchcock classic (that I still don't like) which I had on in the background as I posted and did my quiz. I'm glad I didn't have to watch it again. That would have been 2 hours not spent well.

After that I sat down and watched a couple sports shows, learning about the world in sports for today. Nothing new, but I still like to know what's going on. Then it was shower/get ready for work time. I left around 10 after 1600 and arrived at work at 1630 for my shift.

Work was fine. We didn't have a wait until after 1800, but we hit a crazy rush in a half hour's time. We cleared out the wait by 2000 and I was able to go around 2030, but not after I ordered a chocolate cake for mi madre. I brought that home for the family and then headed to IN-N-OUT for my dinner. Nothing in the fridge sounded as good as a double-double.

I came home and ate my dinner while I watched I HEART HUCKABEES (in the title it's an actual heart, but pronounced heart, not love - FYI). I borrowed this movie from my friend Kevin quite a while ago and have failed to watch it (and for which I feel just awful). Well, I almost wish I hadn't. I was supremely unimpressed, especially after all the high and lofty words about it from anyone who saw it. And it's not that I'm not into all the philosophy, either, cuz that would certainly be a viable reason. I enjoy discussions like the ones they have, but it's just not funny, I guess. There is a dinner scene that is very funny. That was it though. One scene. Meh

I forgot til about a half hour ago that I have school tomorrow. Dangit

- - - "Nobody sits like this rock sits.
You rock, rock.

The rock just sits and is.
You show us how to just sit here

and that's what we need."

- - - Albert Markovski (Jason Schwartzman) in I HEART HUCKABEES

Until later folks,


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Countdown Begins

Well, actually, it began after last week, but ya know. . . After today, I now only have 8 more days of class in my first semester as a college student. That's just a scosh exciting!

PHILOSOPHY - Turned in my essay, take-home quiz and received 2 new quizzes due Thursday. Instead of listening to the lecture, though, I got em both done and studied for my history test.

HISTORY - Got my test done in about 25 minutes and I felt really good about it. I don't think I got another 100, but definitely an A. We'll see.

Well I got out of class at 1000 and then had an hour before math. Well I really didn't feel like hanging out on campus for that time, so I came home. I got home and browsed the internet (watched some new Dane Cook videos on his site) and then headed to the high school to pick up a basketball schedule. Gotta be there for my guys this year. It's gonna be weird watching basketball and not being on the court.

MATH - I actually fell asleep in class a bit today. It was that sleep where you're totally aware of what is going on around you, but you're completely out of it at the same time. Took a quiz. That's about as exciting as this class gets.

It was time to head home and not much happened between then and "later that evening". I did get Heather's birthday present today, even though her birthday isn't until the end of December. I'm actually gonna be ahead of things this holiday season. Or so I hope.

I'm really really tired and am practically falling asleep right here at my computer. I am gonna watch REAR WINDOW (the Alfred Hitchcock version - I've seen it already and I really didn't like it) tomorrow for film class and do the homework. Then I have work at 1630. Bummer.

O yes, I watched the last half of the great Tom Cruise film COCKTAIL on tv tonight while I worked on math homework (I'm almost caught up). Great film. I don't know what it is exactly, but he's the man in this film and Koglan (his mentor) just might be among the top 5 coolest movie characters ever. He's just so depressed that you sympathize for the man. But he's still so freakin' cool!

Anywho, I'm going to bed. Sleep well all. Have a good Wednesday.

- - - "There are two types of people in the world: Hustlers and Workers. The Hustlers never work and the Workers never hustle. And you, my friend, are no Hustler."
- - - Koglan the Bartender (Bryan Brown) in COCKTAIL



Monday, November 07, 2005

Welcome to the Suck

Saw JARHEAD today (that's the tagline and oft-used phrase from the film) - good stuff. A more extensive look on the film will happen a few paragraphs down though. First, the other stuff. . .

I woke up around 1030 and got in the shower around noon. After the shower, I did a Philosophy quiz that is due tomorrow. It didn't take me very long at all. Not too much later, it was just about time to go to the movies. Me and my dad were at Cinemark 22 at the 3:00 showing of JARHEAD. It was fairly crowded for a Monday afternoon.


Great stuff. Thought-provoking. Profanity-laced. Real. Gritty. Surprisingly funny. Tough. Attention-garnering. Not boring. Intriguing. Suddenly ended. 2 hours long. King Kong trailer. Great acting from Jake Gyllenhal, Jamie Foxx, and Peter Skarsgaard. Sam Mendes rocks in his third movie (director). Great visuals. Oil. Dirt. Pain. Santa hat thong. Iraqis. Guns. War. Is. Hell.

My thoughts I guess begin and end with this: If war is like that, I don't wanna go. I would go if I was called upon, but I will not enlist in the Marines or any of those branches for kicks and giggles. They mean business and that point is clear from this movie. I will be the first to say that I am not man enough to go through that. It's just that simple. I would get buff though. . .

So we came home and ate dinner and then we watched the Indianapolis Colts/New England Patriots game on MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. I had found out earlier that I was already gonna win the week ($85) no matter what happened tonight. But, as mentioned earlier, there is no record of a perfect week in this here pool. Ever. Go Colts!

Well now there is. The Colts won and that put me at 14-0 for the week. Sweet action.

After the game, I got on my computer and started work on an essay for Philosophy (also due tomorrow). It's just 1-2 pages, which I can BS in just a few minutes. While I worked on that, I got to talk with Mr. Cy Serrano, my Filipino friend in the homeland. He texted me telling me he was on Yahoo Instant Messenger and we talked for a good 40 minutes in between his classes. The weirdest part was it being in the afternoon tomorrow for him and the waning hours of today for me. That's crazy! I miss the guy. We had a fun convo and I look forward to ones in the future. If I was getting married this weekend (calm down, I'm not gonna do that for quite a few more weekends) this guy would be my Best Man. Hands down. It would be hard since he is on the other side of the world and all, but we could work it out. He's awesome. Straight up.

Now I'm tired and have to go to bed cuz I have school tomorrow. Dangit. Week 12. Woohoo!

- - - "(expletive) politics. We're here -- that's all that matters."
- - - Troy, (Peter Sarsgaard) a Marine, in JARHEAD

Night globe,


Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Weekend Grab-Bag. . . Again

So I have decided that I'm gonna do this "grab bag" thing every Sunday night and it will encompass the busy Friday (work) and Saturday (usually Heather) nights as well as Sunday. I'm trying to come up with a better title. I have some ideas but we'll see how it goes. Maybe next week we'll have the first installment of . . . ha! I will not ruin the surprise. No. . .

(And just remember, this is not chronological)

- I worked every night this weekend. I was only scheduled on Friday and Sunday but I ended up covering for another host on their Saturday shift. Not bad, really. I ended up with almost 20 hours this week, which is a relief, cuz I really need the hours. I can't get by with the 12-15 that I was getting. It just isn't gonna cut it.

- I had a great Saturday afternoon. Heather (who was home this weekend) and I went to good ol' Nick's Pizzeria and ordered their Couple's Special. It was a small pizza (that would be 8 whole slices) a salad (pretty big actually) and two drinks for just $10. Pretty sweet, huh? We had fun havin lunch together. After that we came back to my house. We watched the season premiere of HOUSE (it was on my TIVO - she hadn't seen it yet) and then it was time for me to go to work. Yep, a good Saturday afternoon.

- I followed Jacque to work on Friday as we both left Heather's house at the same time. She was in front of me and was pulling out of their neighborhood on to the semi-main street. As two cars had their turn signals on to go into their neighborhood, Jacque pulled out a little bit very slowly. All of a sudden, before my eyes, I see a motorcycle come flying into the picture and totally crashes into the front of her car. He went flipping and I thought for sure it was gonna be bad. But, lo and behold, even before Jacque could get out of her car, the guy was up on his feet and ready to throw down right there. I was shocked. A lot ended up happening as a result (but I didn't have to say that for you to figure it out). Jacque called work and told em that we were gonna be late, so that I could stay with her. We ended up waiting for the cops to come and make a report for a freakin' hour and a half. Despite the guy speeding a bit and coming out from behind the two cars, she was at full fault and got a ticket. She was pretty pissed, and on top of all that, we then went into work to see if we should stay. Well, we had to. But I'll get to Friday night's work in a bit.

- Watching SCHOOL OF ROCK right now. It's been awhile since I watched it. The kids are so amazingly talented! Plus, Jack Black is the "bee's knees" and the "cat's pajamas" fo sho. More Jack Black!

- So I got to work at 1900 on Friday. We were pretty swamped for a majority of the night. A party of 30 came in at 2045 expecting to be sat pretty quickly. They had called ahead, so we had an idea they were coming, but 30 is still a crazy large number. So they were from England or Australia or something like that. We close at 2300, so that meant the doors were locked after that. Only thing was, they smoked (as a group) like a chimney and kept going outside to do so. Everytime they would go outside, they would push the door on the recently cleaned glass and then proceeded to smoke and fill up the also recently cleaned ashtray. Thus, I had to keep going and opening the door everytime they decided to come back in. We ended up calling them a couple cabs which then took them to some bar in west Lancaster. Apparently (I found this out on Saturday night) they were asked to leave said bar at closing time for being way past drunk. They were pushing drunk when they left us, so I can only imagine what they were like after being at the bar for almost 2 hours. I got out of there at 0015 and ventured over to my Heather. She was tired (and rightfully so) so I could only stay for a little while. Friday was a really long day, and I was happy to sleep in come Saturday morning.

- In the football pool this week, I correctly predicted ALL THIRTEEN GAMES today. In the five years that I've been doing this here pool, no one has ever had a perfect week. It looks like I'm gonna win again this week ($85 thank you very much!) but a perfect week would just put it completely over the top. So, understanding this, please root for Indianapolis tomorrow night. Do it for me. I would do the same for you.

- Still no word on my film paper grade. I'm waiting, just waiting, to hear what I got. I'm actually quite interested in the score. Let's hope he does this one right. . .

- Watched another episode of HOUSE (that would be episode 2) on Sunday with Heather. She went home around noon and I actually hung out at her house with Chels and Jacque and watched the amazing end to the CHIEFS/RAIDERS game. Nice work big K-C!

- Now that I'm thinking about it more, I'm almost certainly gonna do this thing every Sunday. Suggestions for titles are always appreciated. .

- Well, now I'm tired, and I'm ready for the week to begin. Tomorrow is my free day, but I gotta spend it doing a 1-2 page Philosophy paper and studying for a History test on Tuesday. Tomorrow afternoon is also gonna include a journey to good ol' Cinemark 22 to see JARHEAD with mi padre. Looking forward to it greatly.

- O and I miss Heather. Just thought I would speak straight truth to ya for a bit.

- - - "And if you wanna be the teacher's pet/Baby, you just better forget it."

Night all,


Friday, November 04, 2005

A 2000 Word Day

Well at least a 2000 word paper. . .

I went to school today. Yesterday. It's late. .

PHILOSOPHY - I'm not even gonna waste your time. It was BORING!

HISTORY - I was actually nodding off in class today cuz I was so tired. Test on Tuesday. Here's to hoping on another A. That would be grand.

MATH - O Tran, how you baffle me! On Tuesday, the guy told me and George that both our last chapter test and our final would be group tests like our first 2 were. Today he decides on a whim that they will now be individual. Dangit! I was really banking on the whole group aspect. My A kinda rested on that. Gotta get to studyin I spose. I made a bet with George on the SUNS/LAKERS game tonight. Loser has to buy the winner a drink and a snack at break on Tuesday. . I'll get to the results later.

I was hungry leaving school so I called good ol' Nick's Pizzeria and ordered an individual (4 slices) cheese pizza with light sauce - just the way I like it. I picked it up ($5.14) and took it home. I made myself a salad and enjoyed a large, tasty lunch.

I was done with my break around 1500. This is when the film paper officially began taking form. I was writing this paper on directors Joel and Ethan Coen (it's more specifically about Joel, but I threw Ethan in throughout the paper cuz he does a lot too). They have directed such masterpieces as FARGO, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? . . I worked off and on (mostly on) for 9, count them, 9 hours! I was frustrated, exhilirated, testy, upset, stoked, and surprised throughout the entire writing process but I finally got out a 1910 word paper (it had to be 1800-2500) and the bibliography put me over the 2K mark.

I e-mailed it Emily, who again corrected some grammatical mistakes and made my paper almost-USC-worthy. I posted it on and now it's just the Waiting Game. (Crosses fingers) - Here's more hoping - - -

O yeah. The Suns won! The final score was 122-112. They almost gave it away again, but tonight they held on to their late game lead. I can already taste the SOBE and bag of pretzels!

I'm exhauted. Gotta work at 1630 tomorrow. Today. It's REALLY late.

Sleep well all -

- - - I'm actually gonna post both my intro paragraph and my closing paragraph. How about them apples?

“It is important to step out sometimes and see ordinary people trying to live ordinary lives.” – Actor Peter Stormare
Imagine a rural town that lies somewhere around the border of Minnesota and North Dakota. During the cold winters, there is no real distinguishable state line, as this whole area looks the same. Freshly fallen snow is all that can be seen and the cold seeps in through all layers of clothing. It’s that place where everyone knows each other’s name. Imagine a young boy being told to go outside to play when outside is characterized by a well below-freezing temperature. This boy grew up in the icy world that is northern Minnesota and eventually became one of today’s premiere directors, famous for his self-proclaimed “idiosyncratic” style of direction. This is Joel Coen.
The Coens continuously create films that display real people. They approach every movie they do with a quirkiness that makes the final product all the more intriguing. In fact, my list of favorite movies includes three Coen brothers films (Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and O Brother, Where Art Thou?). The Coens enjoy making movies and they are always attempting to do something different, if only to keep their lives interesting. The films of Joel and Ethan Coen, “The Two-Headed Director”, show the lives of ordinary people attempting to live ordinary lives through the extraordinary circumstances that they provide for them in their films. The characters they have created allow audiences everywhere to live vicariously through their bizarre situations and achieve an individuality that can be provided by independent filmmakers like Joel and Ethan Coen.

- - - Not bad, eh?



Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rosebud and Xanadu

So today was pretty much like any other Wednesday around here. I slept in til 1000ish, layed around til almost 1100, and did some computer shtuff for awhile.

I read my weekly module for film class while listening to CITIZEN KANE, considered by many critics to be the greatest film of all-time. I've seen it before, so I was able to answer the quiz questions without watching the film again. I learned a lot, though, as I watched it with the commentary by film critic Roger Ebert. I actually used some of his trivia and such in my postings. I really like CITIZEN KANE. It's a great film, and Orson Welles has just such an amazing screen presence. Go rent it and treat yourself to an outstanding film.

After that, it wasn't too much longer and I had to head to work. I worked at 1630 today, and it went pretty well tonight. It was just me, Tiffany, (who is gradually getting better) and the new host, Jackie. She is cool. She actually works hard. What a concept! I bought a piece of our cheesecake for my family to share and was outta there at 2100.

I got home, watched some basketball (I hate the Lakers! They won their first game of the year. I just hate them so much!) and ate my late dinner. The fam enjoyed the delicious, creamy cheesecake, and they even let me have a couple bites :)

I've been online for a bit now. I've actually been playing some online poker for the first time in awhile. I play on PokerRoom and do the play money tournaments. It's fun, and I enjoy the practice. I'm hoping to call the ol' poker buddies and see if we can get a game together on Saturday when I have off. If I can't then I'll be covering a shift for the other cool host, Lacey. We'll see.

I'm tired and I actually have school tomorrow. I kinda forgot. Dangit. I wish I could skip one of these days. But I can't. Sometimes I wish I didn't try to do so well in college. O wait. No I don't.

I'll be spending pretty much all of tomorrow afternoon and evening working on my Joel Coen paper for film class. Should be interesting. I hope I get a good grade. I'd really like to keep my now 90 in the class. That would be sweet.

Sleep good all.

- - - "I don't think any word explains a man's life."
- - - Detective Thompson at the end of CITIZEN KANE



Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Terrible Tip-Off

OK so my day was, in a quick review:


I went to school and nothing really happened outside the ordinary. I came home and did 3 straight hours of math homework to try to get caught up. I did 4 lessons and now sit 2 lessons behind. That's all you need to know.

But, the more important thing was truly that this was day 1 of the 2005-2006 NBA season. Basketball has, is, and always will be my sport. Tonight showcased my team, the Phoenix Suns, at home against the Dallas Mavericks. The Suns are the only team in any sport that I truly am a die-hard fan of. It's just that simple. If the Suns lose, I'm pissed. It ruins an entire evening if they come up short at the end of 48 minutes. I hate when they lose!

They lost.

They were up by 17 halfway through the 4th Quarter and gave the game away wrapped in pretty packaging with bows and everything. It went to overtime and they got back up by 5 with less than a minute left. Leave it to the Suns to the let the other team back in it. They lost in double overtime. Now I'm mad.

But none of you are probably interested in that anyway. On to this month's ENTERTAINMENT picks:


JARHEAD (November 4) - Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Road to Perdition) shows us what happened in Desert Storm and Jake Gyllenhal, Jamie Foxx, and Peter Sarsgaard play soldiers. I can't wait! This has been my most anticipated movie of the year actually, ever since I saw the early trailers. Great stuff.

WALK THE LINE (November 18) - This year's RAY. This one is about the life and music by country/rock-n-roll superstar Johnny Cash. Joaquin Phoenix looks just like him and Reese Witherspoon looks bearable as June Carter Cash. I'm excited to see how it turns out. My hope is for a response much like the one that RAY received last year, and hopefully Johnny Cash can get some more recognition for the amazing career that he had. Even after his death, I'm sure Cash would appreciate the filmmaker's efforts.

HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (November 18) - A no-brainer. Ever since Heather made me (yes she made me - I resisted) watch the first one, I really became interested in the films. We watched all 3 within a couple of weeks and they are all quite entertaining actually, especially the third one. The trailers for this one have been way awesome, and I'm excited to see one of these in the theatres. Plus, it's the first Harry Potter film that is rated PG-13. Should be fun.

Honorable Mention: CHICKEN LITTLE (11/04) (Go Zach Braff!) and THE ICE HARVEST (11/23) (dark comedy with the always great John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton).


SCRUBS: SEASON 2 (November 15) - Need I say more? The funniest show on television arrives in another season pack. I bought season 1 on the first day it came out and will do the same for this one. Go do the same.

SEINFELD: SEASONS 5/6 Collector's Gift Set (November 22) - The funniest show EVER comes out with another gift set. Last Christmas, seasons 1-3 were my only gift wishes and this Christmas is no different. All I want for Christmas is some Seinfeld! And not that there's anything wrong with that.

MR. AND MRS. SMITH (November 29) - A surprisingly great film that was just plain enjoyable this past June. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, despite ruining their names with their affair, have great chemistry and Vince Vaughn is one of the funniest guys in movies right now. Great film for men, women, and, well, that about covers it.

That's the stuff for today. Hope you enjoyed it. I would have but my boys lost. Dang Suns!

- - - No quote tonight. I'm pissed.