Friday, August 15, 2008

The End of an Era

An "era" can be defined in several different ways. I don't think that I know the true, actual definition, but I think I have one that applies here:

"A period of time where something amazing occurred relatively regularly and was observed by a regular audience of tens of people across the world."

The "era" I'm referring to in this instance is the existence of this here blog. Many (George, Tom, Mallory, to name a few) have come and gone in the world of blogging, and yet I have stayed strong up until the last couple months. What happens is by the end of the night, I'm just not ready to relay my innermost thoughts out into the internet world. Plus, I like keeping some secrets. It's kind of nice.

I'm not completely dismissing it altogether. You can expect a post right before the beginning of the upcoming NBA season in November for my annual Season Preview and when I get the urge to write some movie reviews, you can bet that they'll show up here. But you can go ahead and take me off your bookmarks. Because there won't be regular updating. . . as much as that truly saddens me deep down.

I can blame it on so many things. It could be work (where I still put in 38 hours a week, struggling to sell that second tie to Casual Joe) or school (which starts again in - gulp - ten days) or the gym (which I joined last week, and will begin attending 3-4 times a week once I return home from Maryland, where I type from now) or the time I spend with my girlfriend (contentedly no longer my fiance', Heather means more to me now than ever before and we work hard everyday to move closer to a time that we can spend more time together, even in a place that has both our names on the mailbox) or hanging with friends whenever that actually happens (loneliness is Public Enemy #1 for me right now at home, with everyone pretty much either in Los Angeles or in the surrounding areas - but when one shows up in the A.V. you better believe I'm all over it) or ANY NUMBER OF OTHER FACTORS OF MY LIFE. . .

But the blame (not necessarily a bad thing) is only on me, the original Rambler (and as long as I own the access to this site, I will always maintain that pseudonym) and my desire to put my fingers to a keyboard and produce journal entries for both my own pleasure and yours (I presume).

And now on this, my Third Anniversary (wow. . . three years), I shut it down. Like I said, there will come times when I post on here something special but then it will end up being just that: Special. And not expected. And certainly not regular (not that I have been either as of late).

So thanks for reading as always - you consistent readers know how much it meant that you would even take a second to read my Ramblings. All four of you : )

Take care as always and thanks for being a part of something special. . .

Until (much) later,



Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess you really did have something big for your 300th post! Well, I'll be sad that there will be no more normal posts, especially since the first special one you're thinking of is about basketball, which I have no interest in. You should still do an occasional movie list blog! List most anticipated movies in the fall, or best movies of the year... stuff like that. And I liked the Heather updates on this blog, too. You always had great stories about the two of you.

I'm sad to see you go T_T

Tom said...

Heh, looks like I'll have to actually start talking to you again...

goooooood girl said...
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