Tuesday, July 01, 2008


This is post number 299 in the history of A RAMBLER'S RAMBLING. . . I want number 300 to be a big deal, so I have decided to just preview what it will be and let you know that I just got back from a LEGENDARY banzai trip to Viva Las Vegas (prefix courtesy of hundreds of hours of marketing) with my good buddy Cy and I have tons of stories, memories, and money (well, actually, just $50, but for my first gambling experience, I'm stoked to leave with money that wasn't mine in the first place!) from my time there.

And all that will come very soon - -

Until then, while I was reading Bill Simmons' most recent magazine column, I came across one of the best lines ever about fandom and what it means to truly follow a team closely:

"We'll always find ways to care as much as we always did, if only because the day-to-day process of following a team is such an enormous part of our lives. Losing that passion would be like giving up morning coffee or not exercising anymore; a routine is a routine."


O, and we are T-Minus 16 days and counting to THE DARK KNIGHT. There are no other words to say except:

O yes!!!

See you soon with my Vegas memories : )

Until then,

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Jamy said...

I seem to get moderately lucky when I go to Vegas, but then I get a little too cocky and lose it all (that's only like $20 but still!).

I am excited for "The Dark Knight" as well...I like Christian Bale as Batman very much. And of course, Heath Ledger:(.