Saturday, May 09, 2009

Departures and Arrivals

Hello all, and welcome back.

The reason for my recent shortage of new posts (well, it's been a week and a half) is very simple. I have moved. I am presently typing from my completely furnished and ready to be viewed apartment. Anyone and everyone should let me know when they want to come see it!

Just gotta make sure I'm here though. . . I haven't been able to enjoy the new space as much as I would like because I have been so busy this last week. Want to know how? Here goes nothing. . . (oh and each topic I discuss will either be about a departure or an arrival - those of you who have read me in the past know that I always make sense of my titles!)

The Big Move (Arrival. . . obviously)

Heather and I are enjoying our 840 square feet of freedom. We even made our IKEA trip and got new stuff (lots of new stuff) in the form of a kitchen table, chairs for that table, an end table for our couch, two bedside tables, a couple lamps, and a big plant (that is her new "pet" until we get a more mobile one). We set up all of that last night and threw away all the cardboard box remains this morning and are all set up except for the pictures on the wall, which is always the last thing to do anyway. Everything fits and the complex continues to make me happy each day. We both said that working out will resume this week (and it will) and I can totally see an absolute blast of a summer approaching. I have finals this week and then I am out of school for nearly three months (!!!) so I can truly enjoy all that the new area has to offer me! Pictures are coming soon. . . I just have to take some!

Scrubs (Departure. . . sadly)

A brief note about what will go down as my favorite television show of all time (sorry, FRIENDS). What a great ending! The final hour was everything that the series was as a whole. Serious, but funny. Bittersweet. And in the end, it showed the characters exactly how I wanted them to be (e.g. Dr. Cox revealing his true feelings for J.D.). I'm going to miss new episodes and I hope that the rumors of it coming back in the form of an "interns" type show with a couple of the main characters returning is ok by me, but I hope they don't. Scrubs was about J.D. and the people that were around him. Without him, it just won't seem right. However, if Dr. Cox is on every episode, you can bet I will be turning in!

Reseda (Departure. . . YES!)

On Thursday, in my two hour window between classes, I went to my apartment in Reseda for the last time. I spent about an hour vacuuming and cleaning the kitchen tile floor and cleaning the bathroom and all the jazz that goes along with moving out of an apartment. I gave my keys back to my manager and said my good riddances (not goodbyes. . . those are reserved for places or people I will miss). It was a necessary evil, a place that I can look back on as my first place outside of home. I did it on my own for seven months and could have kept going, but it just wasn't safe and secure, and I kind of like those things to describe the place that I am living!

Spring Semester 2009 (Departure. . . finally!)

It is officially Finals Week (as it nears the midnight hour turning into Sunday) and I couldn't be happier about the end of a semester. It has been a stressful one, mainly because of all my personal drama and my increase in hours at work (an average of 42 instead of 36, plus a longer drive at five times a week adds up too). But right now, I'm thinking I have a guaranteed A in my Lab (only one unit though) as well as one other class (granted I get at least a B on the Final). I have two B's for sure in two other classes (although they could end up being A's, which would be awesome) and then I have one other class. The number to the class is 170, which means its my last G.E. class for my Major and it just means that it is filled with Freshmen and it is absolutely ridiculous. The teacher likes me and told me on Thursday that "I'll be fine" as long as I take a make-up quiz that is available online until Monday. I'm not sure what "fine" means but if it is at least a C, I will be content. Then I'm down to two more semesters and I will have graduated! Four years down, one to go.

Spring (Departure)

It is officially summer in Southern California as the weather has certainly turned to the warmer, getting up to just shy of triple digits this past week. I do have to admit though that I love the mornings and evenings here, you know, when it cools down to the 70s and you can just enjoy the weather instead of feel the weather? Yeah, that's why I live in California!

Summer Movie Season (Arrival)

With last week's WOLVERINE release (not gonna see it, even if you pay me), and this weekend's STAR TREK it is offically the Summer at the Box Office. I have only seen four movies this entire year (crazy, I know) and I have a pretty good batting average right now (really enjoyed TAKEN, dug WATCHMEN despite not knowing anything going in, absolutely loved I LOVE YOU, MAN and was bored to almost-sleep by ADVENTURELAND). As a note to you, these are my top 10 most anticipated movies of this Summer, in order of least to greatest (and my next post will be all about why they are where they are on that list - for now, enjoy the list!):

10. UP










And finally. . .

21 (Departure)

In one hour, I will be 22. (Well, officially, it's not until 9:57 p.m. on the 10th, but I say it works). I'm excited to not be 21 anymore, if only because now I can scoff when they check my ID. What?!?! I'm 22 dammit! Haha. . . Either way, it's another in the long list of big steps on my way to getting older and more established. And I am excited to get older. I know people tell me that one day I will regret wanting to get older, but that's fine. For now, I want to be older. Let it be. But more importantly, it's Mother's Day, so give your mom a hug and tell her you love her. Because without her, you don't exist, and that's just science : )

Well that's it for tonight. Gonna go eat a late-night dinner that Heather just made for me (benefit number 6,783 of living with her - she can cook!) and cuddle up with a movie until we go to sleep after the midnight hour (gotta stay up til my birthday!). Have a happy Sunday and a Mother's Day and I will see you all here again very soon. That you can count on!

Goodnight. . .


David said...

Awesome, glad you are excited about your new place. Also good luck on your finals. And Yeah I am eventually going to see wolverine, mainly because alex will have a fit if I don't. Good news it will be in the dollar theater. Bad News I will not get that hour or two of my life back. Oh, and lastly "Terminator Salvation" WOO! Looks good, I have been looking forward to this ever since Terminator 2....3 doesn't exist.

Jamy said...

Happy belated birthday.

Enjoy your new apartment! It's so exciting living together, in your own space. It's hard to go back home (like we had to) after that.

P.S. Ikea rocks.

Lindsay said...

Taken was awesome, loved that movie. Can't wait to see Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, and a few other random movies.

Why won't you see Wolverine?! It was great! except for a few details that werent accurate enough for me, it was way better than the original Xmen movies.