Saturday, June 14, 2008

Exceeding Expectations

I do realize that it has now been 50 days since my last REAL post here on my blog. I needed a break. I paused in the middle (well, almost middle) of my planned 21 TO 21 thing before my birthday for many reasons. School was closing down and I began to desire (more than usual) to do well in my classes. I had coasted to what I would figure to be two A's and two B's, which would be fine (an overall 3.4 GPA) but towards the end of the semester, I decided that that would not be good enough. I actually sought to complete an assignment on time and to the best extent possible. I had myself prepared for tests and my finals as well. And what occurred?

I got the best grades I have gotten since my freshman year in high school. I completed the semester with two A's and two A-'s, giving me a 3.85 GPA and pulling my overall college GPA to over 3.5, which is my goal over the FIVE years that I will spend in college. Yes, five. Through my advisement and my own planning, I have discovered that I will need to spend one more year in college to earn my Bachelor's Degree. This is caused by my change of major between my first semester at CSUN and the one I just completed as well as the transfer from AVC to CSUN that provided some classes the opportunity to not count towards my degree. In addition to that, I would much rather not take more than 12-14 units a semester and I refuse to take summer courses because I want to be a sane individual through my schooling. I just do better when I take less classes per semester (as evidenced by my full point increase from the previous semester to the one I just finished). And I enjoy my schooling more when I can devote more time to the classes I'm taking.

Beyond this, blogging was not high on the To-Do list.

But now, four weeks into my summer vacation, I'm just a working machine, spending 40 hours a week at the MW. And it is going well. Every one of my last three weeks there I have exceeded my "Weekly Goal" and the week that just ended had me selling over $6900, essentially tying my highest week ever. My sales are higher because (gasp!) I'm spending more time there! Shocking that I can actually sell - maybe that's why I'm there in the first place. I love that my total sales over this last month meet or exceed every one of my counterparts. I now feel completely adequate and ready to move into the "Slow Period" of the Summer knowing that I can sell up to or better than everyone else in that store. Just bring on the customers!

The only kicker is that I have not seen Heather in nearly two weeks. . .

And there's actually some news on that front as well, but that will have to come next time as I am heading to actually see that better half of mine. She just got home since she just finished her quarter and has one week off (her "Summer" so to speak). So tonight, that means we get to watch KUNG FU PANDA, which I think will be good. And if not, at least I get to see this in its real context:

O yes! SKADOOSH!!!

Anyway, I'm back. And I'm better than ever. Expect more frequent (well, I guess anything is more frequent than once ever 50 days!) posts and just bring on the comments (Seriously - I need them to keep up my desire to be on here!) and enjoy as always!

So here we go - - -

Until later,

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Tom said...

Stupid blogger...not you--I left a comment and it killed it. Sigh. Gimme some movie reviews and lunch sometime. I have your birthday present, which I actually bought on time, but have been so freakin' scatter-brained...